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  1. Mobilize royal fleet just to make sure that nobody can sail into/from Vale without royal permission. Support loyalists in Vale to make sure that rebellion dies in Gulltown. If that city falls to rebels burn it down with wildfire. So potential leaders of rebellion should be either dead or without access to their own heartlands. Start making deals with potential loyalists. After all as long Ned and Bobby are not in North or Stormlands their bannermen and potential allies like Tullys might not be very active. In fact if some of their power hungry vassals might think that they had good chances of rebelling against their own overlords some of them might even start their own campaigns. That should keep Benjen and Stannis busy enough so they cannot support rebels in Vale.....
  2. Would Lyanna even had an opportunity to learn jousting? After all if lordling would had made someone pregnant that would have not been a great problem. In case of male Stark even a crossbow wedding would have been unlikely. But if Lyanna had returned to WF a bastard in her belly that would have been huge scandal. So I assume that she did have very few times when she was not watched by somebody. Or she should have always been surrounded by ladies, servants and guards. I am also sure that most of them reported to her father anything she did and so I find very unlikely that Lyanna would have enough free time to learn jousting.
  3. When Roose was younger he seemed really like about women who looked like Lyanna A Dance with Dragons - Reek III
  4. Another massive problem for any new kingdom in Essos are Dothraki khalasars. Or any new kingdom would have become target for raids by those.
  5. To me greatest problem is that Gendel and Gorne lived thousands of years ago and so any wights of that era should have turned to dust long time ago.
  6. Words and lion symbology might have originally belong to house Casterly but Lannisters "stole" those like they did to Casterly Rock. Or new lords of the Rock kept using symbols and words of their predecessors.
  7. If Roose knows that Dany has 3 dragons there is a chance that his plans include an idea about turning his cloak and becoming her "loyal" subject. After all if Dany comes to Westeros soon enough and he would kneel to her b4 another northern houses do that he might become her Warder of the North and so anyone who would resist his rule of the North would have to worry about possibility of becoming target of nasty flying flamethrowers.
  8. Actually Tyrells might not have liked idea about kneeling to a king who had married a Florent. Or I suspect that they would have supported any king as long that king was NOT Stannis. So by supporting his older brother Renly would have lost most of his army and without Tyrells combined armies of house Baratheon might not have been enough to win Wot4K.
  9. Dany could become better ruler if she decides to forget Westeros and keep ruling Meereen. But if she leaves that city anything she had done will disappear. Bc everything she had done is not enough to really change how the world works and so without her and dragons some power hungry warlords and usurpers would unmade anything good she had done. Or there is a chance that Dany leaves behind similar bloodbath than USA did when USA "liberated" Iraq but did not have any real plans what they should do after Saddam and his government were eliminated. Or at least government of USA did not have enough political will or resources of carrying those out. So Iraq became a failed state. So I assume that Dany would have to choose between Meereen and Westeros.
  10. Why there was no bride from Vale for Elbert? After all securing his own power base would have been more useful to him than any marriage with someone outside of Vale. Or I assume that his own support and resources were very limited and so gaining support from some major Vale house would have helped him securing his position as a next overlord of Vale if he somehow outlived Jon Arryn and JA had died without having a son.
  11. We do not know who is heir of house Dustin. So I assume that main motivation of Ryswells of supporting Roose is that they would want to have their own candidate as next lord of Barrowtown. So as long as he has nominal support of Iron Throne they would stay loyal to Roose.
  12. Actually heroic Roose B executed a traitor who had rebelled against Iron Throne and all those people who supported his rebellion were filthy rebels so they were outlaws or anyone could kill them without any legal consequences. Besides nowadays Roose is Warder of the North in the name of Tommen I so anyone who would dare to rise his hand against him would be a criminal. There is also a possibility that armies of houses Bolton and Frey will win Battle for the Dawn. Or Roose could be a hero who saves the world:)
  13. I assume that major reason why nobles had to fight in Westeros is that anyone without blue blood is an idiot who cannot even take a leak without asking permission for that from someone with better pedigree. But that also makes possible Starks ability to rule land area size of Europe with staff including maester, castellan, steward and garrison of 200 men. Another possible explanation for that only 2000 losses in that battle is that all of them were nobles and army of Westerlands actually lost more men. But nobody cared how many commoners died and so that number was not written down by anybody. Or history in Westeros is written for nobles and so anybody who is not one are not usually written about in history books.
  14. Just in theory some super ninjas could practically lobotomize USA by killing 2000 people. Both sitting and elected (vice)presidents 4, senators 100, congress(man/woman) 435, Supreme Court 9, Governors 50, 5 Territorial governors and about 1400 another VIPs in USA.
  15. If among those 2000 casualties were enough nobles like members of major houses and landed knights then it would make sense that why westerlanders lost their will and ability to fight anymore. After all some people are always more equal than others and so losing too many members of their ruling class might have been terrible lost for that kingdom.
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