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  1. Yes. It is very odd that neither North, Reach or Westerlands had ever had a ruler during last couple thousand years who had decided to use final solution to finally eliminate that threat. Or any of those 3 kingdoms should have been strong enough to wipe out IB if they really wanted to do so.
  2. Ironborn had raided the North thousands of years and last time during Ned's lifetime. So if I were their ruler I would have build 2 navies (one for each coasts). But northmen do not have a navy even they would have access to lot of timber and huge potential men power. So they should be able to build more powerful navy than Greyjoys. But I assume the real reason why the North do not have a navy is the PLOT. Or the allmighty author wanted successful IB invasion to the North and strong Northern navy at Sunset Sea would had made that very unlikely.
  3. Actually all armies in Westeros have to take all food and other supplies they need from civilians bc they do not really have working supply lines. So during rebellion Ned might not been happy about idea that his troops are raiding farms and towns. But he had to allow it or he would not had any available troops.
  4. Sometimes those sigils include false information. For instance it seems to me that Tywin sometimes was more fox than lion. Or he used tricks to solve his problems. Like he outfoxed Reynard (not the the fox) by drowning surviving Reynes, sacked KL and slaughtered all Targs he could and got rid of northern pretender by using Boltons and Freys as his enforcers.
  5. But many of his supporters want to gain land as a reward for their service. So there should be many noblemen in Westeros who would suspect that land would be taken from them and their heirs. Or I assume that there will be many lords who are not very happy about returning of Targs. After all those lordlings who had gained lands that were previously hold by supporters of Targs or Blackfyres have very strong reasons to support any king who is neither one of those.
  6. Could reason why GC has so few cavalry be siege warfare? Or most of their missions include either defending or overtaking fortifications. In those kind operations cavalry would be less useful than infantry. But that my theory had huge problem. All those elephants.
  7. It seems that alchemists have some relatives among goldcloaks. Or troops of father of queen Cercei sacked Kings Landing and killed and raped a lot their relatives and made them much poorer by stealing and burning down their property. After that queen mother and king Joffrey had PR operation including killing babies and hunting people with crossbow. But members of city watch does not seem to mind about those little things and Lannister government does not seem to have any problems about loyalty of watchmen.
  8. How openly slavers operate in Essos? For instance Dany and her brother seemed to travel around without any guards since they were kicked out by servants of their late guardian. Both seemed to be potentially very valuable merchandise for any slaver who would have captured them. So if kidnapping people for slaves is common phenomenon around "free cities" then it would be great miracle why Dany and Viserys did not find themselves as sex slaves.
  9. Widow and heir of Alexander the Great were assassinated and his empire was divided between his generals very soon after his death. Or his career as a leader lasted only 12 years. Ironically only as long as certain dictator who ruled Germany 1933-1945.
  10. Baratheons could have been minor noble house sworn to Targs. Or they were Valyrian version of houses Castel and Poole.
  11. It is very odd that winners did not try to take control of those iron mines just to make sure that IB really pay their "debts". Or left behind some tax collectors and other agents in Iron Islands. Besides most warships of about 100 ships in Iron Fleet are larger and so much more expensive to both build and maintain than average longship. So that fleet is major investment.
  12. Greyjoys has been able to rebuild their fleets in less than 10 years. Or it seems that Ironborn could keep enough resources for that and so anything they paid to victors would have to be minimal sum compared to amount of cash they could have paid.
  13. You might be right. But I liked the WoT. I also like military Scifi written by authors like David Weber and Jack Campbell. In their books the script is clear. Or there are good and bad guys and in the end good people win. So I like simple books.
  14. EU does not have either any kind of armed forces or even police forces and so rulers of that hippie collective cannot do what president Lincoln did when some states tried to leave the Union. Or if those in power had any kind of means to make British reconsider their idea about leaving EU they would almost certainly would have released their hounds of war. What I tried to say above is that EU model would have been too weak to work in Westeros. In fact I am not sure how long EU itself will survive in real world.
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