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  1. Loose Bolt

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Arryns of Gulltown are similar. Or they are rich and that is very much only thing we know about them.
  2. Lannisport is major city maybe including 5-10 % of population of Westerlands and it almost certainly is economically even more important. So as long as Lannisters control both Rock and Lannisport none of their bannermen could successfully challenge them without support from another kingdom. Actually I assume that Lannisters are strongest of major houses compared to their bannermen and Tullys weakest. Actually T are so "weak" house that they will stay in power only as long as they are supported by another great house(s). For instance Tywin had personal army of 500 knights as a heir and Edmure could not call at arms so many without support of bannermen of his house. Imho I think that even late Kevan's couple hundred knights could have overrun anything that Edmure could have mobilized from troops sworn just to Riverrun.
  3. Loose Bolt

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Skagos seems to be large island and it also is surrounded with many smaller islands. About 100 years ago they rebelled against Starks and even killed some. Besides now they are also very close to Others so it is possible that they could have problem of hostile Jesuses . Or I would like to see if sea can stop others from going there and rising dead. So I would want to find out what is happening and what has happened there.
  4. Loose Bolt

    Regarding Planetos

    3 years is over 1000 days (naturally assuming that year of Planetos is as long as ours) and also assuming that a dragon would fly about 100 miles per day then she and her dragon flied at least 100.000 miles. So I can see 3 options. Either A) Sothyros is really over 50.000 miles long and Planetos is some kind of Super Earth. B ) There are some kind of space and time anomaly included. C) She just lied. Each would have their own problems included. A) Would mean that Planetos should have really massive gravity. Naturally assuming that natural laws of real our world work in that world. B) and C) would mean that we would still know nothing about "real" Sothyros.
  5. Loose Bolt

    Valentine's Day special: Flowers or Heads?

    Queen Cersei would like to see loose Tyrion's head.
  6. Loose Bolt

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Bolton and Dustin. Actually I am so curious about those houses that in my version of Westeros Dustin words are "We will bury you !"
  7. Loose Bolt

    Regarding Planetos

    Could Jaenara Belaerys and her dragon spend that 3 years inside of some kind of space and time anomaly instead of really flying south? After all we know that seasons of Westeros are weird by "magical reasons" and so it is possible that those reasons would cause space and time anomalies somewhere. If I am correct she spend those 3 years just flying circles until she somehow found her way out of that anomaly. So it is possible that her experience won't actually tell anything how large Sothyros actually is :(
  8. Loose Bolt

    George hates hero worship

    In Westeros some people are more equal than others. In this case a person with Stark blood So Jon can get away all those things mentioned in quote. Or he is not equal than some "peasants".
  9. I assume that combined forces of Bolton, Dustin and Manderly would have been stronger than anything all other houses of north had. So Starks stayed in power only as long as most of their bannermen were loyal to them and did not unite against them. Or Starks could have wiped out any house in the north but coalition of major houses could have beaten them.
  10. Loose Bolt

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Why Starks had not tried to take New Gift back under their control?
  11. Loose Bolt

    The Night’s Watch and the Gift(s) don’t make sense

    I assume that Starks would not like anybody creating new houses in their backyard in the area that they had a potential claim. Or I am surprised that house Stark had not taken new gift back after last dragon died. After all that area has became useless for anybody and they should have surplus of people and especially potential nobles who would want to "own" land.
  12. Loose Bolt

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    I suspect that if IB really had to choose between profits and interests of Braavos their answer would be "Fuck Braavos!" Or basically I believe in saying what happens when money talks.
  13. Siege of Dreadfort lasted 2 years. Unlike Boltons Manderlys has access to harbor so as long Starks do not build a navy White Harbor could get supplies via sea route. So in theory house M would have a chance to rebel successfully against Starks.
  14. Loose Bolt

    Dorne and Maesters...post Aegon

    I assume that people who can read and count are rare and so are healers. Maesters also seems to have monopoly of long range communication that does not include sending someone to carry out message personally. Or maesters are simply very useful to have around. I assume that dornish could hire people from Essos instead of M, but doing that would cause similar problems unless Dorne found their own university.
  15. Loose Bolt

    Robin Arryn's fostering

    Actually running castle is steward's job. So house Poole.