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  1. But he is Tywin's legacy. Or if Tommen keeps his crown Tywin will win the game of thrones. So Martells cannot win the game if Tommen survives.
  2. Ironborn invasion to North. After all their main motivation of doing anything is to gain as much wealth and sex slaves as possible. So invading poor land including very few available women is very bad idea. Besides they should know that they cannot keep their conquered lands anyway. Because during long winter northern Sunset Sea will froze and so any IB still in the North during winter would has to leave the North b4 that happens.
  3. Dany is a troll. After all her father both looked and behaved like a one and her brother tried to outtroll their father by pissing off Baratheons, Martells and Starks. But unfortunately to Rhaegar Aerys II kept his status as a master troll by killing Lord Stark and his heir and making sure that only great house that stayed loyal to him by their own will was House Tyrell.
  4. Actually Arya will find that she is force sensitive and becomes Sith lady and Darth Nymeria will slaughter all her enemies and everybody she does not like.
  5. Samsa Stark and Sakura Haruno (Naruto). Both of them are teenage girls who fell in love with violent boy who does not love them. Both of them and some people near them will also suffer consequences of that.
  6. I assume that partly rule of cool and partly bc certain players in main series (like Baratheons and Lannisters) had to survive the Dance. For instance if Rhaenyra would have nuked Storms End as soon as she found out that Baratheons supported "usurper" and made sure that everybody would know that she and her dragons would do the same to all property of any "traitors". Or she would have burned down Lannisterport and Old Town if Hightowers and Lannisters had supported another candidate for Iron Throne. The Dance would have included only one battle. Because Aegon II and his brother would have either had to launch air raid to Dragonstone and hope that they could kill enough hostile dragons and their riders or they would have lost everything bc their supporters almost certainly would not have dared to openly support him as long Rhaenyra had ability to carry out that threat. Or if both Blacks and Greens had been smarter the Dance would have been shorter and most victims of that would have been dragons and their riders and some unlucky people who just happened to be either in Storms End or Dragonstone when dragons danced. But story about the Dance would have been shorter and less cool.
  7. I suspect that Ghost used Bridge of Skulls.
  8. Almost whole lifetime of Rhaegar Westeros has been ruled by a man who both looked and behaved like a troll. So R tried to outtroll his father.
  9. In my head canon Rhaegar gained ToJ as dowry when he married Elia and major reason why he went there with Lyanna was that he wanted to make both Martells and Starks hate him.
  10. In his duel with Sasaki Kojiro Miyamoto Musashi killed his opponent with improvised wooden sword that he carved from an oar when he was travelling to that duel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miyamoto_Musashi
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Höðr Or Hodor is actually Great Other.
  12. Swamp ninja used kunai, shuriken and ninjutsu when he assassinated AD.
  13. Actually he was last rider of Balerion. Or he was dragonrider but his dragon died.
  14. Another interesting question is. How often Faceless Men go native/rogue? For instance when Roose B raped that poor woman that angry woman could have hired a professional to kill Lord Bolton. But that FM could have decided to stay as lord of Dreadfort. When he had killed and taken Roose's face. Or there would be huge lure for FM to kill somebody else and take their identity as their own.
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