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  1. Loose Bolt

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Dothraki do not produce anything and their main business seems to be selling "protection". Who produces arakhs for Dothraki? Where weapons of D are made?
  2. As long as Harrenhal has access to Gods Eye any traditional siege should fail. After all garrison could use boats move supplies or troops into or from HH. Or anyone hostile to HH should have a navy to take control of that lake. Besides I would be surprised if HH does not have their own navy of fishing boats.
  3. Loose Bolt

    Rhaegar & the Three Heads

    Unless that 3rd child needed special blood or his/her bastardy would not have been a problem. Rhaegar could have slept with any peasant or even minor noble girl without it having caused any great problems. After all royal bastards are not rare. Besides I assume that crown prince would have had many volunteers who had wanted to carry his children. Or at least relatives of those girls or women would have been happy to help Rhaegar in his breeding project.
  4. Loose Bolt

    How did certain families get Valyrian steel?

    We know that Mormonts have long history of fighting against Ironborn. So it is possible that there was a lucky pirate who gained a Valyrian steel sword by raiding a Valyrian ship. But either he or one of his less lucky descendants lost that sword when he tried to raid Bear Island. So I assume that Mormonts paid iron price instead of golden one.
  5. Loose Bolt

    The Schism of the First Men

    I suspect that many of wildlings are descendants of people who run from area ruled by Starks for one reason or other. For instance surviving supporters of losers in wars that Starks won might have decided to run north instead of kneeling to victorious Starks. Another group could be people whose lord was either greedy or just incompetent. For instance here in Finland in "good old times" many peasants lost their farms bc they could not pay their taxes or rents and so their lands were given to someone else. I assume that most lords would do same thing to any of their crofters who cannot pay his taxes or rent and so those and their families would have to leave their homes.
  6. Loose Bolt

    Why don't the Kingsguard go full Praetorian Guard?

    But Robb Stark was traitor or rebel. So very interesting question is that why one should stay loyal to a man who had broken his own vows. Besides there is a possibility that as a lord of Dreadfort Roose had at least some demand of loyalty to Iron Throne and by slaying a pretender he just proved his loyalty to his legitimate master.
  7. Loose Bolt

    Why don't the Kingsguard go full Praetorian Guard?

    Actually by killing rebel king Roose protected lives and property of his subjects. After all I think that a lord should take care interests of people who had sworn to him. Or keep fighting in losing side of war would not have very good idea. So in a weird way lord Bolton is a good lord.
  8. Loose Bolt

    Strategic marriage for Catelyn

    I suspect that if Roose had married Catelyn he would have got divorce same way that Ramsay Snow did. Or I would not have sold life insurance for Cat if she had married lord Bolton..
  9. It seems that one could do that if one just has special custom made scabbard. This video shows version made by Shadiversity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EWi2DnDoaI
  10. Loose Bolt

    I hate Roose Bolton

    Lord Bolton may be amoral. But he is one of best players of the game in Westeros. After all he is one of very few lords in the North that still has almost full army and assuming that granaries of Dreadfort are full he may even keep himself and some of his men fed very long time. Naturally assuming that he will be smart enough to keep gates and walls of Winterfell well guarded and closed and send unnecessary or unreliable people away to safe some food then he will just have to wait long enough that anyone outside WF will either die or goes away. Or he should have enough food in WF to outlast anyone outside of castle. That man has almost wiped out Starks and really weakened most of his potential enemies. So instead of weak I would call him very smart man. Just now Roose Bolton has 2 very strong castles and he should have enough food to outlast his potential enemies. So his chances of success should be very good. Actually unless someone has dragons or Others get through the wall as long as Roose stays in WF and do not do anything stupid like open the gates of WF his position seems very strong. IMHO Roose has used other players as much those had used him and I do not think that he has been really loyal to anyone except himself and so I assume that he is real player instead of tool. Besides if lord Bolton survives siege of WF he could always run to Dreadfort and just wait who wins the game and if that winner would be powerful enough to became a danger to him he could made a deal with that person. After all there is always demand of competent governors in Westeros.
  11. Loose Bolt

    Why didn't Rhaella leave Dragonstone?

    She was waiting all those replicants that Tyrell corporation promised to deliver. But Tyrells rather knelt to new management than keep fighting for Targs.
  12. Loose Bolt

    I hate Roose Bolton

    Yes. Red Kings will be back in business.
  13. Loose Bolt

    I hate Roose Bolton

    Among Northern warriors who invaded Riverlands those who were loyal to Roose Bolton had best chances to survive. I assume that may be 9 of 10 of them are still alive. When most of Stark loyalists are dead So I assume that that lord Bolton had done something right.
  14. Loose Bolt

    Which minor spin-off story would you like to see?

    I assume that most valuable possession of Starks was Winterfell and so Boltons could not have sacked WF without wiping out all defenders of that castle almost certainly including most available male Starks. Or I think that sackings of WF means that Boltons totally won those wars. Besides Starks themselves destroyed many houses by killing all males of those houses and it would be odd if Boltons would have been more merciful than Starks. Thirdly major reason why bannermen follow their lieges is or else option. So if nominal ruler is either weakling or coward then that ruler would have huge problems of gaining any support. Or if any male Stark survived sacking of WF by hiding or running away then that man should have had very bad reputation and he should have huge problems of rising new army to fight against Boltons. Besides I assume that many of surviving bannermen of house Stark would have been mostly interested in their own survival and so they would almost certainly kneeled to victorious Red Kings.