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    Me and my tinfoil half helm

    I suspect that real founder of house Stark was 13th commander of Nights watch. Or he was almost nobody bf he rose as commander of most powerful military organization in North during that time and married magically gifted woman and used those power sources to conquer many petty kingdoms. His descendants rewrote history to legitimate their own position as rulers. So Starks had no real connection to building of the wall or even original ringforts of Winterfell. I suspect that those ringforts were original home of Blackwoods. But Starks are descendants of people who conquered the North and much later build their castle over ruins of those ringforts.
  2. Loose Bolt

    Robb's plan

    On the other hand most defenders of KL were not real soldiers, but poorly trained thugs who had very good reasons to hate Lannisters. After all many of goldcloaks had lost their relatives or even had personal experiences what redcloaks did during sacking of KL. Or I am surprised that GC stay loyal and do not decide that "Kings Landing Remember" and rebel against Lannisters. The fact that the mother of king has tendency to tread anyone as filthy peasant and new king's hobbies include murdering babies and hunting people with crossbow would not make them very popular either. So it is a miracle that defenses of KL lasted long enough that armies of roses and lions could smash forces of Stannis.
  3. Loose Bolt

    Walder Frey during the Rebellion

    During Wo5K Tullys were already weak, Arryns were neutral and main enemy of Starks much closer than during the rebellion. Or Freys could get much better price for their support. In fact trying to make a deal with Ned that he could not refuse could have backfired. In fact during the rebellion "the alliance" could win the war without Freys. So they could simply ignore Twins.
  4. Loose Bolt

    Military Strengths and More!

    I wonder how northmen keep their horses alive during long winters? Or I assume that northern cavalrymen should be more common after long summers than long winters. In fact during long winters most horses will be eaten just to keep more people alive.
  5. Loose Bolt

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    I think that Vale is a king/queen maker. After all lords of Vale still has their armies at full power and have enough food to feed them. But only one who knows who they will support is mr Martin.
  6. Loose Bolt

    Weaker frey

    Another thing is that Lannisters are much richer and stronger than Tullies. For instance as a heir Tywin could call at arms a task force of 500 knights without help from bannermen of Lannisters and he could wipe out 2 rebelling houses with minimal support from junior houses. I am almost certain that Edmure could not do those things. Or Tullies had to be much more careful what they do and how they deal with own bannermen than Lannisters. In fact I suspect that even Kevan could outgun all forces available to lord of Riverrun without support from bannermen.
  7. Loose Bolt

    Small Questions v. 10105

    How common is crossbow in Westeros? After all low quality versions of that weapon could be "mass produced" so it should be available. Secondly it is much easier to use than long bow. Thirdly it would give an infantryman a chance against cavalry. Fourth it could be used in sieges. Fifth it could also used in hunting so even those peasants that could hunt without being accused of poaching could own a crossbow.
  8. Loose Bolt

    Size in miles, and population of the North

    Areas ruled by Karlstarks should have population at least 300.000 people (estimated population of Finland year 1500). Reason for that is lord Rickard came to WF with as many infantry and cavalry men that were available to king of Sweden in Finland year 1500 .
  9. Loose Bolt

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    I suspect that Dustins should be either 3rd or 4th strongest house in the North. Or they are stronger than Karlstarks and could even challenge Boltons. They could be even more ancient house than either Starks or Boltons (assuming they were Barrowkings). They control huge area of land, major population center, had their own allies and bannermen and powerful military including those Barrowknights.
  10. Loose Bolt

    Would it matter if Daenerys and Jon Snow were infertile?

    Election of Sealord seems to be very bloody process. Or next leader of Braavos had to survive a lot of assassination attemps. In Westeros candidates would have access to armies instead of armed gangs that VIPs in B are using, so any attemp to elect next king via election would almost certainly cause a war. Great Councils are an option, but they would work only either if all candidates accept their decisions or there is someone strong enough to enforce them. There has been 2 Great Councils first time J I was still ruling and second time Bloodraven, so no other candidate for crown were strong enough to challenge the inheritance of crown. Naturally a ruler could call a Great Council when (s)he is still ruling, but lords could change their minds when (s)he has passed away.
  11. Loose Bolt

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    I) He is a kinslayer. II) He is worshipping a firedemon and burning down septs and weirwoods.
  12. Loose Bolt

    Disscusion on the Golden Company

    If I were leader of Golden Company I would invade and sack Pentos. It is rich city without army and their main defense seems to be bribes.
  13. Loose Bolt

    Is unbroken Male descent important in Westeros?

    We know that 2 Red kings (Royce II & IV) sacked Winterfell, so it is possible that both times all adult male "Starks" died and likely even their male children and relatives who were in WF when it fell. So either "Stark" bloodline continued via some distant male relative or one sister or daughter of late King of Winter "married" relative of victorious Red king and that new lord of WF start calling himself a Stark.
  14. Loose Bolt

    Small Questions v. 10105

    What happened to those junior houses who were sworn to house Reyne? Or all those petty lords and landed knights who nominally served that wiped out house. Naturally assuming that there was any who survived that failed rebellion. A) They lost their lands and either died or were exiled by winners. B ) They could keep their lands if they renounced their old masters and knelt to new masters.
  15. Loose Bolt

    Robb did not want Theon

    En kyllä ymmärrä mitä tässä kirjoitetaan.