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  1. Loose Bolt

    Why Was Robb Such An Awful Diplomat?

    Robb had very bad cards. Or Tywin could call at arms as many men as Starks and Tullys together and many of his men were better armed and trained than Robb's men. Besides R could not really offer anything that another big players wanted and so his diplomacy failed.
  2. Loose Bolt

    Small Questions v. 10106

    There should be massive demand of learned (wo?)men in free cities. The Citadel simply cannot train all those people who are needed to run massive trade networks that exist in Essos. So my question is who are teaching people how to read, write, count, navigate and make maps in Essos? Or are there any "universities" or schools in Essos?
  3. Actually Robert gained IT bc he had huge hammer and so he did not need any lizards to wipe out his enemies. Or in Westeros might makes right and only way Targs could get IT back is via reconquest. After all in a way wars are mean how gods tell people who is right and who is wrong. And so winners are favored by gods and losers are not.
  4. Loose Bolt

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    Who had duty of maintaining of those roads when J I died? Actually northmen are still loyal to Starks. Naturally assuming that there would be available adult male Stark. Westermen to Lannisters and Valemen to Arryns. In fact I assume that most people living in Westeros are more loyal to their lords than to dude that happens to be king. So kings stay in power only as long as enough lords stay loyal to them. Besides kings don't even have any means to rule without lords. Or kings do have very few civil servants that are directly loyal to them and practical enforcing the law outside King's Landing is carried out by local lords. Kings do not even have standing army. So I still think that 7 kingdoms are not real nation.
  5. Loose Bolt

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    Who is making sure that those roads are usable? For instance Romans had specially elected civil servants for maintaining their roads and other critical infrastructure like bridges and aqueducts and naturally rather effective machine to collect taxes to pay that. When last dragon died there were no real means to make sure that royal laws are enforced and kingdoms were not really one even during rule of J I. After all lords could keep ruling their own fiefs as they wished. Naturally assuming that they did that without rocking the boat too much. For instance Boltons seemed to ignore law about against raping brides over 200 years without any legal problems. And I am sure that they were not only lords who had tendency to ignore inconvenient laws.
  6. Loose Bolt

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    He build some roads. But king J forget to make sure that someone would maintain those. J I also passed some new laws, but there were no means to really enforce those and so most people don't even know about them or just ignore those laws.
  7. Loose Bolt

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    Without either standing army or available horde of well trained and loyal bureaucrats Aegon could only use old system and just hope that those nobles stay loyal to him and his successors.
  8. Loose Bolt

    Dany's three betrayals

    To me treason for blood means kinslaying and I even saw very terrible nightmare about how Dany was killed by her nephew.
  9. Loose Bolt

    Euron will commit Dany's treason for blood.

    But to my knowledge Euron is NOT relative of Dany. So he should not be able to carry out treason for blood against Dany. Naturally I could have misunderstood meaning of "treason for blood". Or I assume that means kinslaying.
  10. Loose Bolt

    Euron will commit Dany's treason for blood.

    Bloodstone Emperor was a kinslayer. So I think that treason for blood should be impossible for Euron. Or I assume that only relative of Dany could be able to do that.
  11. Varys died when he was a child.
  12. Loose Bolt

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Hightowers are one of the richest houses in Westeros and they control lands via their bannermen that has population at least a million. So how strong fleet they have? How many men they could call at arms?
  13. Loose Bolt

    Best and worst motto?

    "Our Blades Are Sharp" very clearly tells something about house Bolton. But taking "Awake! Awake!" literally would mean that members of house Swyft could never sleep or they just have a tendency taking naps even they should not do that :)
  14. I assume that dragons can exist only as long as there are enough stuff what makes magic possible available. Or if there are dragons spells of alchemists, witches, warlocks, greensee'ers and wargs would be much stronger. That would make Westeros totally different and possible wars would be fought as often between hired magic users as men at arms.
  15. Loose Bolt

    Abundance of Maesters

    I suspect that long winters could wipe out even most noble houses. For instance there was a volcano winter in Finland 1866-68. Or volcano in Iceland => less sunlight in Finland and temperatures were very low => not enough food => about 200 k people died either by famine, elements or diseases. Actually reason why "only" so few people died during those years was that during that time Finland was part of Imperial Russia and so those people who lived near harbors or railway stations had very good chances of surviving. But most people who either lived too far of those or did not have some kind of access to enough food died. Or during long winters trains and steam powered steel ships are literally vital. In Westeros winters could last longer than that volcano winter in Finland and they are not part of huge empire with ability to upkeep law and order and huge bread baskets in southern Russia, Poland and Ukraine. They also do not have icebreakers so most of their sea lines could not stay open during those long winters and also their ability to move supplies during winters should be rather limited. So mortality among areas affected by long winters should be huge and if famine is bad enough even nobles will be killed either by that or diseases. Another thing is possible rebellions and criminal actions by hungry and desperate people. Or I assume that after long and harsh winters there would be less people and very few surviving noble houses. It is even possible that some great houses would lost control of their own bannermen and so at least some of ancient kingdoms will become battleground between many very petty kings.