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  1. It seems to me that major reason why most houses that lived in HH died out was politics not curse. For instance many Hands of King came from those houses and it was that job that caused their extinction and in case of Lothstons real cause might have been fact that Mad Danelle was agent of Bloodraven. After all it was she who helped putting down 2nd Blackfyre Rebellion. In fact during that Tullys are not even mentioned though they were overlords of Riverlands. So I assume that those extinct houses just were collateral damage of game of thrones.
  2. We know that A Game of Thrones - Catelyn II and Robb was born in Riverrrun. So I assume that Luwin came with Catelyn from Riverrun after previous maester of Winterfell either died or left that castle. We also know that there was no sept and almost certainly none septas in there either b4 Catelyn become Lady of WF=> Septa Mordane might have also came from RR. After all it would be odd if Ned and Cat would allow someone they did not trust to have access to their children. So I assume that Cat already knew Mordane b4 she was hired.
  3. I assume that Peake Uprising might be somehow connected to end of House Lothston. Or it either caused enough problems for Iron Throne that Peakes thought that they would have had a chance to win their rebellion or they thought that King Maekar would wipe out their house next and so they thought that they would lost their lands and lives anyway and just decided to go out with a bang.
  4. But I am almost sure that she is not real hedge knight. After all by outliving her father she would inherit an island, small army almost certainly including at least some knights and even some warships.
  5. There is a chance that Barrow Kings had some control over death. Or they could rise and control wights and keep their humanity if someone turned themselves as a wight. So it is possible that Coldhands had inherited that ability. Actually it is possible that queen of Night's King was a daughter of Barrow King who had seduced commander of NW to gain his and his men support to Barrowtown in their war against Winterfell and CH was their descendant. Or he could have been descendant of daughter of last BK who married a Stark.
  6. Harry the Ham. After all he was real AA Reborn. But unfortunately he died long time ago and so all humans in Planetos are doomed unless HtH will reborn again.
  7. Iron Bank would not be very happy if all of their potential customers are zombies who will not pay their debts. Besides victorious WWs will not pay those either. So giving money to NW is very good investment for IB.
  8. Maidenpool has busy harbor and so can directly trade with Essos and other kingdoms of Westeros via Bay of Crabs. So House Mooton should be richer and more powerful than House Frey which is landlocked and do not own any major harbor.
  9. During sieges RR was surrounded by water so in theory people in there should have been able to fish at least some food for themselves. Besides unless Lannisters either build dams or had enough manned boats controlling all water routes from/to Riverrun at least some people should have been able to bypass those besiegers during nights by using boats.
  10. Actually Communist countries are not really paradises and usually those are ruled by very small elite and most people has very few actual rights. Or they some way are similar than Westeros. For instance in China or North Korea average dude has as many political rights than any peasant living lands ruled by House Bolton.
  11. I suspect that real creators of the wall were WW who made that for same reason than Children used Hammers of Water. Or their idea was to stop First Men going too far to north and original purpose of Night Watch was to be a border guards whose job was to make sure than humans stay out of land controlled by Others. Besides Night's King was last commander of NW who was still loyal to original purpose of NW.
  12. Someone had just kidnapped goodbrother of king, brother of queen and uncle of next king. So as a loyal subject of a king Tywin had right to start special operation to unnazify Riverlands
  13. She had to wait until Arryn, Baratheon, Stark and Tully coalition ended. After all it was those houses that made Robert king. If she made her move when that alliance was active not even Tywin could have saved her. Naturally assuming that she was either too stupid or unlucky that leaders of that coalition would find out that she was a traitor by having incest babies and murdering her husband.
  14. If she somehow outlives Roose, his wife and Ramsay she as a last member of House Bolton should inherit Dreadfort. So there is a chance that Jeyne will become very rich and powerful. But totally another thing is would that make her happy and keep her safe.
  15. Yes. But I assume that spies of Littlefinger and Varys would warn their masters if Dany comes via Narrow Sea and either one of them could hire at least some warships to engage and sink some of her ships if either one of those players thought that stopping her coming to Westeros or weakening her army would be a good idea.
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