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  1. But the Faith has millions of followers and there are probably thousands of septs, septons and septas in Westeros. So really weakening the Faith and replacing it with something else in couple years should be very unlikely. In fact there is a possibility that Faith will use war against Army of Death as an excuse to wipe out "heretics" in areas they are strong. Or religious fanatics will claim that only the Faith could protect the realm and anybody who disagree with that is actually supporter of Others.
  2. There is a chance that he did not want to share his reward. After all if Cheese had died Blood could keep all the money they earned by doing that wet work.
  3. I don't think so. After all most people in Westeros are at least passively followers of 7 and for that reason the Faith is major player in the game. So "electing" a king who openly worships trees and is some kind of shaman/warlock would be very bad idea.
  4. Personally I hope that someone would sell Ghiscari at least some vowels. Or if those names included more vowels that would make reading about what happens in there much easier.
  5. We know that Storm's End has some defensive magic. After all that is a reason why Melisandre had to get beyond walls of SE to deliver her shadowbaby. So there is a chance that Blacks assumed that any dragon raid against that castle would be less effective than raid against Harrenhall. Or they suspected a possibility that defensive magic might be strong enough to make torching of SE a failure.
  6. Dragonlords tried to raid Hardhome and local skinchangers tried to take over their dragons. But wargs cannot control dragons. Instead they only broke connections between dragonlords and their dragons and made those angry and hostile toward anyone. So both invaders and locals were wiped out by those mad dragons.
  7. I assume that skinchangers cannot take over dragons. But they can block connection between dragonlord and his/her dragon and make dragons hostile to everybody. In fact that is one possibility what happened at Hardhome. Or dragonlords tried to raid that place but local skinchangers tried to take over their dragons and most people there were killed by angry dragons. That would explain why Valyrian Empire did not tried to conquer Westeros. After all trying to conquer continent where they could lose their dragons bc those become mad and hostile would have been very bad idea for dragonlords.
  8. Actually as a son of butcher Jonos was a nobody. After all in Westeros pedigree matters. So by trying to raise above his natural status in society Janos made suicide.
  9. I assume that most houses in Dorne knew about her health issues. Or how fragile Elia's health was and did not want to gamble with a possibility that her pregnancy would kill her. But very interesting question is why Aerys II ignored that fact about her poor health.
  10. In Westeros pedigree matters and in the North anyone with Stark blood is more equal than anyone without it. So son of butcher should have known his lower status and did not challenge his natural master. Or as member of master race Jon had right to execute a filthy peasant who dared to defy his authority.
  11. How many female dwarfs existed in Middle Earth? So answer to that question might explain why their race did not have any future. After all even Boltons had at least one female relative when dwarfs seemed to have no females at all
  12. All males of house Gardener died either at Field of Fire or very soon after that battle. But my question is what happened their female relatives? After all there should have been many of them still around unless something really weird happened to them.
  13. I assume that WW are only puppets of some kind of mastermind(s). Or their real leaders are controlling them like wargs/greense'ers do with their own "puppets". So only way to really eliminate Army of Death would be to wipe out those masterminds and their ability to control their slaves.
  14. I assume that people who has some kind of claim for that castle will try to secure their status as new lord of DF. But we do not know who those people are.
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