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  1. Loose Bolt

    Should Martin have ended the War of Five Kings?

    Personally I am surprised that almost nobody who 1) first fights a duel with heir of house Stark 2) claims that he had slept with both wives of ruling heads of houses Stark and Arryn 3) is lover of wife of HotK and could be real father of next lord Arryn 4) is stealing from the crown and almost certainly also making a lot of people hating him by his other economical scams 5) has tendency to make people hate him 6) is a weakling is still alive. After all if some petty noble would disappear or had nasty accident no VIP would really care.
  2. Loose Bolt

    Boltons vs Manderlys'

    Manderlys has a city and silver mines. Besides unlike medieval taxes and rents custom revenues are paid with gold or silver so they could also hire more mercenaries. After all if I were one I would like my wages paid either gold or silver. There is also a possibility that their lands are also more fertile, bc those will be frozen later during winters and melt sooner during springs. Or peasants of Manderlys should be able to use their fields longer during years than their northern colleques farming lands of house Bolton. Thanks to their harbor they could also feed much larger population than Boltons. So I suspect that Manderlys have much stronger economy, population and military than Boltons.
  3. Loose Bolt

    Small Questions v. 10106

    I assume that there are still a lot of men left, but those do not have armors, weapons or necessary training. For instance in "Finland" year 1500 only about 1 of thousand was a cavalry man and less than 1% were soldiers. Or during that time estimated population of 300.000 people could call at arms only 300 cavalry men and 2450 infantry.
  4. Loose Bolt

    Queries about dragons

    Nettles rode Sheepstealer and only real proof about her Valyrian blood was that she was a dragonrider. After all as a short brown-skinned girl with black hair and brown eyes she did not look like a dragon lady. So there is a possility that someone could became a dragonrider with minimal amount of Valyrian genes.
  5. As long as most effective weapon system includes pony riding tin can with long stick chances of any kind of democracy will be very low. In our world firearms made heavy cavalrymen obsolete and so in the long run whole feodal system did not work any more. So to really change political system in Westeros they would need something like black powder. In fact I had a crazy idea that Euron somehow had gained ability to build and use cannons and rockets.
  6. Loose Bolt

    Would Robert have been a better Lord than King?

    Another thing is that Robert B had 2 choices either he became king or he died. After all when ruling king wants your head you either somehow remove that king from power or you die. In theory he could have exiled himself but then he would have lost Stormlands.
  7. Loose Bolt

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    Why Aerys II trusted Varys enough to hire him? After all I am certain that he would not have hired a Blackfyre
  8. Loose Bolt

    Strangest Possible Ending

    Everything was just a weird dream caused by some mushrooms.
  9. Loose Bolt

    Dothraki belief in how long ago Man was created

    Dothraki as a people could not challenge Valyrian empire. For instance if they tried to raid Essaria as long as dragonlords were still around that colony of the empire would have called help and those raiders would have had a date with dragon(s). So I assume that ancestors of Dothraki became what they are now only couple hundred years ago. Or I assume that they are rather new people compared to other peoples in Essos.
  10. Loose Bolt

    Inhabitants of Cities of the Bloodless Men

    I suspect that people living in there are albinos. Or they lack pigment in their skins. But knowing Martin they more likely are vampires.
  11. I would build my castle including a spell that turns any hostile dragon to aardvark.
  12. Loose Bolt

    Small Questions v. 10106

    But there were people among task force Cassel who survived that battle and Boltons did not really hide the fact that they did it, so I assume that there should have been at least rumors what has happened. After all late castellan of WF had with him men from many houses.
  13. Loose Bolt

    Small Questions v. 10106

    How soon Red Wedding happened after sucking and burning of Winterfell? After all if Robb had known that Boltons had desecrated his home he should been more suspicious.
  14. Loose Bolt

    Small Questions v. 10106

    It is mentioned in the books that as a king Robert was interested in anything else than ruling his kingdom, so all that governing had to be done by somebody else. My first choice as a person who made those decisions would be Jon Arryn but team Lannister, Varys and later Littlefinger would have tried to gain as much power as they could get. So I wonder how much power Jon Arryn really had?
  15. Loose Bolt

    Syrio Forel

    I am almost certain that maesters do not like magic using death cult like FM. So I assume that they would like very much if all those assassins would disappear.