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I found this image in Google Images. Not a very good one but I'm sure much better ones will come out soon. Jaqen is the badass in the hood.

Hmm, yep that's probably him. Rorge seems to be lacking something though and it aint a nose!

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The last scene was running along so good untill they had the blackout. What the hell? They're ok with having gold melting in five seconds but need a whole night to hatch dragons? Really underwhelming in an episode where the cinematic flow was otherwise the best in the season (I'm talking about great music, about fluid scene transitions, about epic Mormont voiceover).

Other than that it was a great transitional episode, setting up characters to their arcs in the next seasons. Some scenes really gave me shivers, as I knew what anticipated them.

I would give it a 9

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Another 8 from me.

Great acting for the most part, but perhaps the woman playing Mirri Maz Duur could have added just a touch more feeling to her lines.

Kind of like the idea already proposed here, that Pycelle, Littlefinger and, of course, Varys are all great players and a lot more ... involved, in schemes to come, than they let the rest of the court believe. Nicely done.

But come on, Ros? Involved in every tiny bit of scheming, listening, plotting ...? Damn, she knows more than Littlefinger, and he knows a lot. Perhaps she'll end up on the Iron Throne?

OK, a bit harsh, I know, but she's doing some fast climbing up the schemers' ladder, I'd say. Just wondering what they'll make of her character, that's all.

Michelle Fairley's doing av great job portraying Lady Catelyn, again, it must be said. And Maisie Williams ... fantastic. Arya/Arry, cool, great, and ...

... we met Hot Pie (Varmpaj in Swedish, a literal translation).

I'm still wondering, though, how a person not having read the book(s) finds this first season. Fun and cool, surely, but what about coherence and consistency and clarity - did she/he understand the plot, the tale, the story? Like most readers, I guess I compared the tv-season with the book, perhaps a bit too much, and too often.

All in all, a good first season. Looking forward to the A Clash of Kings-season.

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This episode was utterly fantastic IMO. From the first blood-dripping scene to the final screech, I loved it.

I was wondering whether they would show a shot of the immediate aftermath of Ned's beheading, and how they'd go about it. Imust say I liked it alot, with the bloodied swords and blurred shot of his head being displayed. I do wish they hadn't given shots of the Septa and Ned's heads on spikes, but then I'm a bit of a sook when it comes to rotting bodies. Joffery is performing admirably as an enraging little bastard that I love to hate! <_< Really liked Yoren/Arya and Arry/Gendry scenes. Yay for Hot Pie, Rorge, Biter and Jaqen!

The scenes of Bran, Cat and Robb were really moving too. Felt my eyes go watery when I saw Robb hitting the tree over and over, and the anguish on Maester Luwin and Robb's faces when they recieved the news was heartbreaking. Probably my favourite scenes of the episode, tbh. Sansa's scenes with Joffery were very good too, I'm glad we finally see some proper character development for her, in her defiance to Joffery and I liked her interactions with The Hound, those have been sorely missed since the series began.

LOL @ Lancel-bum! :stunned: Heh, was kinda hoping he'd keep his hat on the whole time!

Tywin and Tyrion's exchange was fantastic too. I'm really liking both actors portrayal of their characters, though I can't remember if book-Tywin was ever so complimentory to Tyrion? The pouring his wine for him was a nice touch! I don't quite know what to make of Shae yet, but so far I find her fine.

Jorah as always is absolutly fantastic. Looks awesome in his armour, and I noticed him limping a bit too. I felt so bad for Dany when she woke and saw Drogo for the first time. Although I know it led to the birth of Drogon and co.,it still sucked to see her world fall away from her! When she euthanised him, my eyes watered. Must have gotten some dust in them or something <_< Her speech was great and so was her 'rebirth' as Queen of Dragons. Rhaegal did a good job of protecting his mother's decency haha!

King of The North - this part of the episode was very, very good. Probably my third favourite bit , just behind Cat/Robb and Bran/Luwin's reactions to Ned and the birth of the Dragons. The addition of Theon's vow was very nice, and I think it's a very good setup to what's to come. I wonder whether they're going to change the Iron Island storyline a bit, with Theon being less willing to go through with his father's plans.

The Wall - these were decent, but not really outstanding. Not to say I didn't like any of it, indeed the Old Bear's speech and Jon's 'intervention' from his friends was very nice to watch.

Pycelle's monologue was a bit tedious and unedded IMO though I reckon it gave a bit of history to the non-reading audience, a bit like Bran's exposition to Osha. Vag-washing was a little...unneeded...but honestly I don't mind Roz as much as others seem to hate her. I don't really know what purpose she holds in the series yet except to be the token T&A and expositional pillow-talk, but we'll see how she develops as the series progresses. This particular scene could have been cut/shortened IMO, as it doesnt seem to do much except give us the maester's opinion of Joff as king.

Littlefinger and Varys' little chats are fast becoming a favourite part for me. I love their verbal duels, each trying to probe the other for weaknesses and their backhanded snipes at one another.

Other things of note

  1. Wow! Both a Rickon AND Shaggy sighting! Send a raven to Missing Persons!
  2. Dragons! Hurrah!
  3. The three-eyed Crow FINALLY gets some explaination. Hope they decide to expand it's role beyond recycling the same clip 3 times
  4. DRAGONS!!!!

All up, a solid 9.5

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Not a 10.

9+ again. (following critiques are 100% of the minute nitpick variety) Didn't like Cat bashing Jaime's head with a rock, even if it was in the book, just seemed out of place. Loved they had "no men like me", liked the conversation.

didn't need Roz's T&A to get the point across. fine with them tying the various threads together with Roz (and seeing whether she is truly Vary's little bird or truly LF's in the end) but let's see her act and not just her ass.

Umber is supposed to have a monstrous great sword - got the Hound carrying one for no reason, why can't Umber have his?

missed hearing the crack of the eggs - really was looking for the before the fade to black reveal.

whether they sound it or not, for me those are nits...the way Sansa looked, the redness in her face, the first show of her growing a real spine....awesome.

Arya/Yoren - ironically, one of the few things my wife remembered about Yoren from the books that she commented on last night "I thought he was gross and bent over?" liked how they handled it, the editing of when things happened did feel off.

can't wait to see how they pace the LF/Lysa murder and who/how they have it done

loved the dragons cry at the end. really really well done over all.

haven't given any individual episode a ten, but for judging the series...even as good as it has been, the sum is more than it's parts. 10/10 for season 1.

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i have my issues with this episode, and others, but on the whole there probably has not been a more faithful adaption of a book to film than Game of Thrones.

Bravo HBO, D&D, GRRM, and everyone else who helped make this happen.

A fantastic conclusion to a fantastic first season--I trust there will many more to come.

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What the hell? They're ok with having gold melting in five seconds but need a whole night to hatch dragons?

I'd bet a lot of money on the reason being that the dragons look really shit when trying to render them with the light from a fire and darkness all around.

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Liked the dragons. They look cool. Would have been good if Dany's hair had burnt off though. Minor thing though...

Sick of seeing Ros. It's not even funny now. Can't they pay some other girl to take her clothes off and stand in the background?

Pycelle scene was alright but went on too long.

Sansa's actress finally showing signs of improvement. Throughout the season I found her a bit wooden. I know she's trying to seem all prim and proper, like a lady at court - but the moments she's expected to unleash her sadness and grief didn't convince me.

Joffrey's actor is nailing his character perfectly. Kudos.

Arya scenes - awesome. Actress is perfect. Guy they got playing Yoren is class too.

Shae's feigned innocent coyness seems to have been replaced with 'girl power' fieriness. Fair enough.

King in the North bit was mint. Like the actor they have for Greatjon Umber a lot.

Littlefinger and Varys banter scene... Not as good as the earlier one. The conversation went nowhere and provided no foreshadowing to anything or any real exposition. They respect each other? ... Blah, went on too long. I suppose such is necessary in a TV adaptation to keep audiences aware of the dynamics.

More direwolves = good.

Rickon's actor delivered his lines well enough.

Mirri Maz Duur... Actress delivered the lines a bit too flatly. The one time we as an audience get to truly understand her motives for f**king Dany and Drogo over and it's just explained so matter of factly.

Jorah - cool as ever. Actor is top notch.

Night's watch actors are all great. Kit Harington is Jon Snow. Guy they got playing Sam is also mint. Old Bear speech was epic.

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Great ending to the season. The only negative things I could say are nitpicks and I'm definitely not going down that route.

The final scene with Dany and her dragons was really nice and it was one of the things I was "worried" might not work as well when you actually see it instead of just imagining it.

I like the acting of Robb more and more so it feels comforting that he'll be able to carry the Stark banner well in the future. Overall all the reactions to Eddard's death were acted really well and definitely stirred up emotions for me. A great way to continue on the ending of the last episode. Both the Mormonts keep standing out as well in the acting department.

We readers can also find a ton of small details to enjoy as always. One thing that stuck out particularly to me was how the look Tyrion gave when Tywin answered the question why he was sending him to King's Landing with "you're my son". As a reader I found it fit very well with the thoughts Tyrion have at that moment, as he realizes Tywin has given up on Jaime.

There's lots of good things but I guess it's enough to view back on the entire season and realize that it's been a great success. They have managed to set a new standard for fantasy on TV, just as the LotR trilogy changed how everyone viewed fantasy on film. If anything should be lifted out above the rest I'd have to pick the cast which has done a great job and could have carried the show go great heights even if it only looked half as good.

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Just gave it a 6. Perhaps I've been too harsh and it deserved a 7. But IMHO, no more.

The acting was great as usual and the script consistent. My main problem, I think, was with the direction. Opposite to how last week Alan Tylor was able to make ned's beheading a greater moment that in the books themselves, some scenes that were amazing in the books were disminished here. In particular, the "King in the North" scene didn't have the needed epic feel, and I couldn't help but being disappointed with the closing scenes. The worse thing was how it seemed like everyone had gone to sleep while Dany was "not burining" in this tiny pyre. :thumbsdown:

This finale failed in the places I expected more from it.

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Hmm, yep that's probably him. Rorge seems to be lacking something though and it aint a nose!

I got a better look when I paused it. That red line on Rorge's nose is a gash. He has a hole in his nose which you can see on a better angle. Biter's teeth are filed down to points. They are hard to see because they are brown and almost blend in with his face.

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Mirri Maz Duur... Actress delivered the lines a bit too flatly. The one time we as an audience get to truly understand her motives for f**king Dany and Drogo over and it's just explained so matter of factly.

Isn't that the whole point? She's being very clear with that she basically did to Drogo what was done to her, i.e. she had everything taken away and only life itself remained, which is nothing without the rest. The point seemed to me that without any purpose left there's no emotion, she was as good as dead already.

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The TV show is so much better than I ever thought it could be. Fantastic work the spirit of the show really showed through. I really thought doing a visual media of this series was basically impossible because it was too long for a film and the budget would have to be too high for a TV series but they have managed to make it work.

Fantastic job I cannto wait for the DVDs to be released so I can buy it and see all the extra features.

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My second 10, after "Baelor". I will say this right at the start. HBO has gone beyond the impossible and brought AGoT to life.

I squealed at the NW's wagon leaving KL, and glimpses of Rorge, Biter and Jaqen. "WHY? WHY KEEP HIM HOODED? WRY!?"

Tears were tearfully shed during the King in the North and Drogo's death scenes, and the aftermath of the funeral pyre. Season two is truly born out of fire and blood.

Who knew Pycelle was so limber? I could do without Roz, but it's nice to see that Varys and LF aren't the only players who know the rules of the game. Either that, or Pycelle must have lead weights sewn into the seams of his robes, the way he struggles.

Jon's night ride and Mormont's morning after were stunning. The Old Bear's monologue during the setting out from Castle Black is a wonderful prelude to the Great Ranging. Season two will be explosive.

The only improvements I could see to up the tension, have the khalasar try to rescue Dany from the fire, or cluster more tightly around her for the final scene. Having them that spread out when Jorah steps up makes them look like they're all asleep and not gazing in abject wonder at the first living dragons in 200 years. Second, move King in the North to the penultimate scene, as it should be. It gives the entire episode to build up to fruition. Other than those, I commend D&D for their vision, Alan for his direction, and GRRM for this world we came to love in the first place.

Mother of Dragons!

King in the North!

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