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Just because they're not exact it doesn't mean that there wasn't some influence. It's not all or nothing. GRRM said that his influences aren't a 1 to 1 relation. The Dothraki aren't exact copies of the Mongols, nor is the Red Wedding an exact copy of the Black Dinner.

It's possible that GRRM gave a few of Hughes's characteristics to Aerys while drawing on other things for other parts of Aerys's background, physical appearance, and psychological profile.

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Oberyn and Mountain = Jörmungandr and Thor during Ragnarök

Thor slays the giant serpent/snake but can only move eight more steps before he drowns/dies of Jörmungandr's poison.

This is really stretching the bounds of what could constitute an homage. Just about the only similarity between the two events was the mention of poison in both cases.

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The Battles of the Trident and Whispering Wood remind me of the Battle of Chancellorsville. In both battles, an outnumbered army (Robb's army, the Army of Northern Virginia) divided its forces, relied on feints to distract from bulk of the army as it manuevered to attack (Bolton, McLaws and Anderson), and ambushed and crushed the surprise enemy (capture of Jaime, Jackson's turning movement). In both battles, skillful strategy overcame sheer strength of arms.

I know GRRM is an avid reader of medieval history, not the American Civil War, but whether Chancellorsville was the inspiration or not, it cannot be denied that it does fit.

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Tyrion Lannister: Jeffery Hudson


  1. Hudson was appointed Captain of Horse by Queen Henrietta Maria.
  2. He was proud of this, and when William Crofts mocked him, he killed him in a duel.
  3. Following this, he was exiled from England. Duels had been outlawed by France, and the Queen needed no war with them after their recent Civil War.
  4. After which he was enslaved by pirates.
  5. Following being freed, he was imprisoned for being a "Roman Catholick".
  6. 2 years after, he died in complete mystery.

  1. Tyrion Lannister was made Hand of the King and fought at Blackwater and made the chain of Constantinople King's Landing
  2. Following provocation, he killed Tywin Lannister.
  3. He was also accused of killing Joffrey Lannister, and fled the country
  4. Following which, Tyrion was enslaved for a short time.
  5. ???Will Tyrion's Lannister background impede any attempt at returning to Westeros???
  6. ???Mystery???

Edit: I would reveal The Mountain... but that might spoil the books for you.

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Saw a historical parallel in the princess and the queen. When the riots started in kings landing, the maester gives several reasons for its start. Among them are a Baker being killed, a little girl being killed, and the throwing of rocks.

To me this is very similar to the Boston massacre. Armed soldiers and civilians in a confined area. And something as small as a snowball starting a huge event. With debate on what truly started it.

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"You don't hit bullseye every time, but if you're having sex without condom, you can't actually prevent conception. Well, you could use withdraw method, but often man don't want to ruin a pleasure by pulling out (that even happens unintentionally) so that method fails."

The Vendor set himself on fire, not really thesame scenerio.

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Someone's probably brought this up already but I always thought Dany's inner monologues are really similar to Scarlett O'Hara's pov in Gone with the Wind. They both have a similar catchphrase about not looking back which they use to empower their actions. Both of them have to prevail through challenging circumstances that require them to do assertive actions for survival and later on self-profit. And, last and most annoyingly, they are attracted to 'bad boy' types like Rhett and Daario and constantly discount their moral similarities to them.

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Tyrion's dream of Valhalla

When Tyrion is recovering after the Battle of Blackwater, before he becomes conscious he has confused dreams which seem based on memories of being removed from the battlefield.

But after he has woken a couple of times; worked out that they must have won the battle; and had a dose of milk of the poppy he has a pleasant dream about the rewards of victory which is very reminiscent of the dead who die in battle being feasted at Valhalla.

The dream includes three people who will be dead before too long: Marillion, Tywin and Shae, together with Tyrion and Jaime. Tywin has a smile (the only time we see him smile is as a corpse) while Shae is teasing him and calling him her giant of Lannister.

This time he dreamed he was at a feast, a victory feast at some great hall. He had a high seat on the dais, and men were raising their goblets and hailing him as hero. Marillion was there, the singer who'd journeyed with them through the Mountains of the Moon. He played his wood harp and sang of the Imp's daring deeds. Even his father was smiling with approval. When the song was over, Jaime rose from his place, commanded Tyrion to kneel, and touched him first on one side and then on the other with his golden sword, and he rose up a knight. Shae was waiting to embrace him. She took him by his hand, laughing and teasing, calling him her giant of Lannister.

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