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Upcoming Cover Art V


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Is this one of those "We're so big, we don't even need a cool cover" situations? Are the names alone enough of a draw for people?

Possibly. Also, it's the same cover format as Warriors and they may be trying to maintain continuity for marketing purposes (also expect Rogues to have a similar cover format). They're from two different publishers, but it's not unusual to see this kind of cross-publisher branding (like how Dreamsongs in the UK from Gollancz had a very similar cover format to the ASoIaF novels from Voyager) for mega-selling authors, as it benefits all parties.

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Halloween: Magic, Mystery and the Macabre edited by Paula Guran (Prime Books)


Shades of Blue & Gray: Ghosts of the Civil War edited by Steve Berman (Prime Books)


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The Wolves of Midwinter by Anne Rice (Knopf)


The Last Man Standing by Davide Longo (Translated by Silvester Mazzarella) (MacLehose Press)


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Ex-Communication (Ex-Heroes #3) by Peter Clines (Del Rey)


Sky Pirates (The Chronicles of Light and Shadow #3) by Liesel Schwarz (Del Rey)

artwork by Nekro


This Strange Way of Dying by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

artwork by Sara K. Diesel


Dead North edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Exile Editions)

artwork by Simon Siwak


The Lays of Anuskaya trilogy by Bradley P. Beaulieu - new cover wraps :


plus interior artwork -





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The Raven's Shadow (Wild Hunt #3) by Elspeth Cooper (Gollancz) :

Final artwork by Dominic Harman

Front Cover - http://booksworn.com...hadow_cover.jpg

Full cover wrap - http://booksworn.com..._cover_full.jpg

Ascension: A Tangled Axon Novel by Jacqueline Koyanagi (Prime Books/Masque Books) :

Art by Scott Grimando


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UK cover art for Steven Erikson's The Devil Delivered and Other Tales.

God,what a horrible cover ! :ack: This from one of the largest book publishing companies in the world and an author whose books have sold millions of copies.

It seems lately that it's mostly the smaller publishers who are putting out some good cover art.

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From Jo Fletcher Books -

THE LANGUAGE OF DYING by Sarah Pinborough


Fearie Tales: Stories of the Grimm & Gruesome edited by STEPHEN JONES

art by Oscar-winning artist Alan Lee


The Scarlet Tides (The Moontide Quartet #2) by David Hair


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Marina by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)


Jupiter War (Owner Trilogy, #3) by Neal Asher (Tor UK)

Art by Jon Sullivan : Final cover


Salvage by Eric Brown (Infinity Plus Books)


Full wrap - http://keithbrooke.f...jpg?w=490&h=357

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