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GoT Youtube vids - Part 2


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The Not Literally comedy group has posted its first "Ask Westeros" skit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgESW5m7Pcw Here are a few of my favourite bits.

Renly: Well, if your brother misses your birthday---every single one of them---it's very possible he's just a fat old drunk who might end up getting gutted by a wild boar and dying of a hideous infection, so it won't even matter.

Stannis: Not that we're bitter.

Renly: Of course not.

Khal Drogo: Dothraki respects all ponies. Applejack tramples weaker horses. Rarity takes what is hers. Pinkie Pie commands the mighty party cannon. Fluttershy makes beasts kneel, trembling. Twilight Sparkle has great command over her dragon. I respect that. No Dothraki horse can defeat Rainbow Dash. Friendship is magic. It is known.

Renly: Is my crown on straight?

Stannis: It's straight enough.

Renly: That's what my coat of arms says.

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Cool vid 'The Dragon's Daughter.' A friend of mine said she's more impressed with Dany in this 3 minute video than she has been through 5 books and 3 tv series. I agree!


The artist 'Melody Sheep' is phenomenal. I highly recommend checking out some of the other work on that channel - 'Children of Africa' in particular.

This Dragon's Daughter mix has finally knocked "Smells Like Westeros Spirit' from top spot for me.


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