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  1. The more I think about it, the more I get convinced that the execution of Tarlys don't make sense for any of the characters. Randyll: I would have appreciated more if it was an acceptance that he had done wrong by choosing the wrong side and betraying everything he believed on in order to become Warden of the South, and so causing so many deaths which result in nothing for him. A bit like the last moments of Ser Allistar Thorn. But here, he looked like he was in love with Queen Cersei, which makes no sense in whatever direction you look at. And even there, when he saw Dickon joining him, it made sense to change his mind. After all, Eddard Stark betrayed his honor to save Sansa, and Eddard was 10 times the man Randyll is. Dickon: why, just why? Sure, his dad might have made the wrong choice and decided to live (and die) with it, but Dickon why? Daenerys: she didn't even try to make him change his mind. She didn't even play the loyalty card (Tarly was a Targaryan loyalist during the war). And with Baratheon brothers, Tywin and Ned dead (and JonCon cut from the show), he is the best general in Westeros. Considering that Daenerys is on desperate need of a general (Daario was superb but she left him in Essos), she could have moved heaven and earth to convince Tarly to join her. It is easy in the battle for the Iron Throne, but in a war between equals (at best), she needs all the assets she can get. Tyrion: at least he tried, but probably could have tried harder. Writers: at this stage, only the warriors matter, so I do not get why they killed Tarly (and the actor seemed to be doing a very good job). It is time to chop of the likes of Littlefinger, Varys and other politicians, not the likes of Tarly. It was a lose-lose situation for everyone, and they still went for it. Is the Night King the only rational person in the show?
  2. Pretty sure in the books, it will be shown that he got married with Lyanna but he didn't annul his marriage with Elia Martell. Targs practiced polygamy, but this hasn't been shown in the show, so the writers decided to make it easier for the show watchers to understand. Also, not sure that the annulment would make the other two children bastards, it would just be a divorce between Rhaegar and Elia. Anyway, Aegon being cut from the show makes again this less complicated than it is in the books. Calling Jon Aegon after he already had a kid called Aegon doesn't make much sense, unless somehow the prophecy requires the prince who has been promised to be called Aegon, and so Rhaegar maximized his chances by calling both of them with the same name.
  3. Wow, good catch. Never thought about it, but it makes perfect sense.
  4. There were so many in this episode: - May I switch sides -- after Missandrei talks about how great Dany is - Fewer -- a reference to Stannis correcting him a long time ago. - Flee you idiot, you fucking idiot -- you can see Tyrion being between two fires there - Dickon, ha ha ha -- Bronn being Bronn - Dracarys -- nough said.
  5. 60k Lannisters? How on Earth that is possible? During the war of five kings, Tywin had under his command 35k soldiers, while a cousin of him was assembling an another army. But Lannisters suffered several losses against Robb (and even Edmure), and they later fought in Kinglanding too. There shouldn't be many Lannisters left. 10k is probably too low, but there is no way that they are near 60k. I mean, the most they can have is 50k, but not after all these wars. As far as I am aware, the strength of numbers is: North: theoretically can go up to 35k, but during the war they had slightly more than 20k. Now, there should be less (I mean fewer) than 10k. Riverlands: around 30k, but during the war there were just 10-15k. They are as decimated as the North. West: 50k, during the war around 35-40k, now there should be 20-25k. Vale: as much as the North, and they haven't fought, so they can have 20-35k. Kingslanding: 6k gold cloaks and probably another 10-15k other soldiers from the lords nearby. Reach: 70k, but a lot of them were killed in Blackwater and the battle at Highgarden, but still they should have 40-50k. Stormlands: around 20-30k, most of them were killed under Stannis, so expect less than half of it. Dorne: see Vale.
  6. Scene of Jaime giving the gold to Bronn was just outside of Highgarden, the scene where Dany attacked was apparently near Kingslanding. You can expect 1 week or so to have happened between the scenes. Tarly clearly said that the gold reached Kingslanding.
  7. Golden Company is 10k strong in the books (half of them follow Aegon). Even if they make it twice as big, and all of them are bought by Cersei, it still won't be superior to Daenerys' Dothraki, let alone the three nuclear weapons she has.
  8. Which is horseshit. He is one of the most honorable man in Westeros. Killing the Mad King while he was planning to literally burn alive half a million of people is easily the most honorable act someone has ever done in Westeros. Give me a Jaime everyday instead of the brainwashed zombies like the other legendary Kingsguard (I am looking at you, Ser Arthur).
  9. Third best overall episode IMO, after Rains of Castamere and Winds of Winter.
  10. 'He really was a cunt' 'Not at all what I intended' The worst one: 'Does she like it rough or gentle'
  11. On the first page, there was a poster who posted almost verbatim the leaked script (the one back from November, not the final one) as his predictions. I mean, what is exactly the point of that?
  12. If we get Stormlight 4 within 2020, and Stormlight 5 within 2023, it would be awesome.
  13. Warbreaker - Gosh, this was awful. Arguably the worst piece of shit I have ever read (and I have read Queen of Fire from Anthony Ryan). Terrible writing (like real terrible even for pre-Stormlight Sanderson's standards), the most unfunny humor I have ever seen, and absolutely no redeeming quality.And how on Earth, 'certain parts of her anatomy' for 'her tits' passed an editor?Rating: -infinite out of 5
  14. Finished the Unholy Consult. Need definitely something lighter after this, so started Sanderson's Warbreaker.
  15. Just finished The Red Queen's War trilogy last night. While it wasn't as good as The Broken Empire (and Jalan isn't Jorg) it was a decent read, with a lot of good moment. In addition, it clarified some of the events of the original trilogy, and the highlight was when Jalan talked with Jorg. I think that there is another book set in the same world (a collection of short stories) that I am eventually going to read.