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  1. Went again with 26 (once every couple of weeks) and have already read 7. Last year did the same challenge and ended with 36 instead, which seems to be just about right for me. 52 that I did the previous two years was quite hard on me, so going for a softer target.
  2. Totally hated it. It started so well with Kanan's sacrifice, but after that it was shit IMO. Twice they played the animals ex machina card. Once might have been okay, but twice, it is just too much. What pissed me off mostly was that yet again we don't get an ending for Ezra or Ahsoka. Being honest, I never cared as much for Rebels original characters, but just skipping over Ezra was too stupid. Same about Thrawn and Ahsoka. Main protagonist of the show, arguably main protagonist of the other cartoon show and probably the most famous EU character just didn't participate in the war for whatever reasons. Expect them to get back in some form, and this is becoming ridiculous now. A story should have an ending, not leave everything open for some other potential story in the future. My love for Star Wars is rapidly changing to hate. Since Disney bought the franchise, I have only bad words about it.
  3. Having finished Codex Alera (disappointed with the final two books, after the heights of books 3 and 4), I started this weekend reading The Dagger and the Coin. It seems more complex than anything I've read by Abraham so far (LPQ and the Expanse). Liking the beginning of it.
  4. In the third book of Codex Alera now. Read half of it or so and it looks better than the first two.
  5. Nah, all the movie will be shot, but only 2/3 of it will be released.
  6. Anyone played 'Finding Paradise'? Played it yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. It probably ain't as good as 'To the Moon' but it is still a very cute enjoyable game, and I recommend it highly.
  7. It has already been confirmed that the new trilogy won't be an another Skywalker saga, and it will be set in an another unexplored time. I was hoping that they will do an Old Republic trilogy, but after watching this movie, God, I hope that doesn't happen. They might be good movies, but will be totally different to what we know from the Old Republic. Essentially, Revan won't go dark, Kreia will save the universe, and Exar Kun will kill Darth Vitiate. Or something similar that makes no sense from the established lore.
  8. It could work like that, I guess. It just doesn't feel too much Star Wars-y though. In fact, this film did a very good job on shitting on pretty much every part of the Star Wars lore. From making original trilogy totally irrelevant, to Rey being Anakin/Luke++ (as powerful as them but without any training), Ren almost killing Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, and so on. So year, making Snoke a nobody, I guess works in this new Star Wars lore where nothing is consistent.
  9. He was shown to be too strong for him to be a former Inquisitor. I have decided that he is Darth Plagueis and still I am staying with that. Johnson did a marvelous job on trolling the fans with Snoke identity. The music in the throne room is the same as the music in Revenge of the Sith when Palps is talking about Plagueis. Physically, they look similar. Johnson also said 'that even if Snoke gave a 30 second speech saying that he is Darth Plagueis, Rey would have just said 'who'.' I think that eventually we will have a book about Snoke's origin, but in this movie, the main point was to make the ground for Rey and Ren, so revealing Snoke's origin, wouldn't have changed anything about the characters.
  10. Am I the only one who would have preferred Snoke and Luke killing each other after a badass duel (similar to the duel between Yoda and Palps) rather than a punk killing them? Otherwise, it was a fine movie but makes every other Star Wars movie irrelevant, a bit like them not existing.
  11. Finished Persepolis Rising. It is the best book after Nemesis Games and probably Caliban's War. The three decade jump was necessary, but I felt that the characters looked exactly the same as they were 3 decades ago, which IMO isn't a sign of good writing. It almost looked that nothing has changed. How is the deal with people's age? They looked physically fit, especially Bobbie and Amos who should be in their sixties. Alex should be eighty or so, but his age didn't seem a problem. Do humans live significantly longer and are far fitter than they are now? If so, how did Frank Johnson died from a heart attack last book? Didn't he had medicine like the rest of people? It would be very interesting to see how will the time jump affect the TV show. I miss Avasarela. She is my favorite character and her role was so small on this. On the other hand, this was the only role she could have had in the book. I like where this is going. Always wanted for this to end with a clash against the destroyers of the proto-molecule masters, and it looks that the final two books will be all about that. The Duarte-Holden epilogue was really great. Talking about Holden, I am hoping that he will have a bigger role in the next book. Duarte doesn't look that bad. We still don't know much of him, but he looks more like a benevolent dictator who is doing all of this to save humanity (of course, the costs on doing that are terrible), rather than a power-hungry tyrant like the antagonist of the last two books. Of course, him actually unleashing/helping Inaros which resulted in a few billion deaths taints his character, but we will see how things go. If this was the only way to save humanity, then it is an interesting moral dilemma. Singh was the typical scared little man who is in a position way higher than he should be, and who does wrong after wrong decision. It is probably the type of characters I despise most, and really overused in fantasy/sci-fi saga. A fit ending for Clarissa.
  12. Shieeet, I was hoping for a late 2018 release, but it seems that we will be lucky if we get it on 2019.
  13. Hi Egwene! I wished for the negotiations to fail and Rand to totally annihilate them, but it didn't happen. Tuon was batshit crazy though, found her very funny in a perverted way. I mostly hated him because everyone was sucking his cock and 'oh, how amazing he is' despite that he didn't show really amazing things during the story, and his debates weren't particularly impressive but yeah, everyone in the books loved him. The definition of 'tell, do not show' which really should not happen in the books.
  14. Elaida from The Wheel of Time. Zero redeeming qualities.
  15. She has twitted in the past: "In my case, if we've never interacted and I've blocked you, it's b/c my friends blocked you. I have 13K followers. But I'm picky like that."