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  1. Shieeet, I was hoping for a late 2018 release, but it seems that we will be lucky if we get it on 2019.
  2. Hi Egwene! I wished for the negotiations to fail and Rand to totally annihilate them, but it didn't happen. Tuon was batshit crazy though, found her very funny in a perverted way. I mostly hated him because everyone was sucking his cock and 'oh, how amazing he is' despite that he didn't show really amazing things during the story, and his debates weren't particularly impressive but yeah, everyone in the books loved him. The definition of 'tell, do not show' which really should not happen in the books.
  3. Elaida from The Wheel of Time. Zero redeeming qualities.
  4. She has twitted in the past: "In my case, if we've never interacted and I've blocked you, it's b/c my friends blocked you. I have 13K followers. But I'm picky like that."
  5. Way of Kings was brilliant IMO, but gosh, Words of Radiance and especially Oathbringer could have used some editing. Oathbringer in particular shouldn't have been longer than 500-600 pages, considering that half of the book is pretty much useless anyway. It reminded me a lot of books 7 - 11 in The Wheel of Time where kinda nothing really important happens until the climax, which typically is quite good.
  6. Is there some story behind this?
  7. I fear so, and I hate it. Either make it clear that she is dead, or give her a heroic death. I think that they should have just left Vader kill her in the finale of the second season.
  8. Screw the previous post, Rukh is here. I imagined him a bit different, but happy to see him in the story. The more characters from Heir, the better.
  9. 6 episodes in and not liking this season at all. Nice thing is that this is the final season. I might be in the minority but I never got attracted to Ezra and co like I did to Ahsoka in the Clone Wars. Which brings the question, why she hasn't returned yet?
  10. Not every question, but there should be some answers for the proto-molecule creators and what destroyed them. The entire story was created on that. If not, I would feel a bit cheated. Like when I finished watching Lost.
  11. I haven't read much science-fiction, but anyway: Hyperion Cantos - by far my favorite sci-fi novels. The first one is one of the best books I've ever read, and the fourth one might have the best climax I have ever read, while being a great book too. The second book is very good, thought the third one is a bit boring. The Expanse - quite good but not great IMO, with some pointless acts, and for most part, not much depth in characters until the fifth book or so. It has potential though, and I still feel that we have just touched the surface of the stories. Dune - first book is brilliant, second one is quite good, after that it becomes a bit shit. Ender's Game - loved the first and to some degree the second book. The third one was bollocks, haven't read the others. That's it...unless we count the Star Wars book, in which case The Thrawn trilogy is absolutely magnificent, probably the only sci-fi novels I have in pair with Hyperion, and Darth Bane trilogy is quite good too.
  12. I am really hoping that they are done with the Solar system and the wars between humans. So far we have had just one book outside of the Solar system, and with only three books remaining, I hope that the authors take the more difficult route on exploring other planets and actually start giving some answers for the proto-molecule, its masters and what killed them. I would be disappointed if the mysteries aren't resolved.
  13. Finished Oathbriner. I am totally disappointed and think that it was a step down from the previous books. For a start, it should have been 400-600 pages long, not 1200 with the first 2/3 of the books being totally pointless bar Dalinar's memories. The ending was nice, and the twists were as good as ever (though they are starting becoming predictable), but it sounds more and more like Wheel of Time middle books when nothing happens until the climax of the story.Oh, and I love Lift. For once, Sanderson has created a really funny character. Odium was nowhere as terrifying as I thought he would be. He even looked to me as a cheap copy of Ruin. Saying that, I think that this is the first Cosmer book that is actually starting to connect different stories. For most part, until now the Cosmere has just been some Easter Eggs in the shape of Hoid, but now things have started getting connected. Most likely there will be things that we won't know for decades, but at times this felt more as a part of a greater story rather than just Stormlight Archive.
  14. Everyone here would love to see an adaptation of it, but I doubt it can happen. It is a very harsh world when even the most unimaginable things happen, and when the No God will most likely win. A TV show like that is doomed too fail, IMO.
  15. I don't have a 5/5 book this year (yet!). Best book I've read this year? I think it is a toss up between the final Fitz book and The Ender's games. In total I have 5 books (out of 32) I gave 4/5 in goodreads this year.