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  1. Very common sentiment. I've always thought the First Apocalypse done straight - and without the excessively purple prose - would be a fun read. Give the PoV to someone dumb like Nau-Cayuti who has 0 introspection and knows nothing about philosophy and just let it ride. You could even switch to Seswatha after Nau-Cayuti dies and the No-God is summoned, since presumably, Seswatha is too occupied with saving humanity to wonder about the human condition all the time.
  2. Previous years when the TV show would restart, I would be compelled to reread the books and refresh notablog constantly to relive my anguish, my degradation. For the past two years, though, that compulsion has not visited me. That dolor passed into the gloom...
  3. Didn't like it. The Hand was too weak. Its leaders were weak and its members were weak. Did the Punisher machine-gun down all the intimidating ninjas in the Hand in DD S2?
  4. Has GRRM ever confirmed Planetos orbits its sun? Or is even a planet?
  5. Because Malazan is trash.* *after Midnight Tides
  6. Yatwer is pro-caste and anti-social mobility, but she's also a female(?)-aspected goddess.
  7. Why isn't he condemning the Ordeal* for the violence at the recent rally in Golgotterath? *The alt-right would prefer the Ordeal, right? Despite Kellhus' weakening of patriarchy by letting women inherit and giving slaves more rights, the Consult has a pro-science, pro-illegal immigration, pro-LGBT agenda.
  8. Narcissism is a powerful insulator against psychic wounds.
  9. Here's a thought experiment: You show Trump the Inverse Fire. Does he opt for repentance or for exterminating humanity? Honestly, he probably thinks he could make a deal, wouldn't he? So he would take the Kellhus route (or what we thought was the Kellhus route before Bakker said Kellhus wasn't even aware...). Wait... Ajokli probably loves Trump.
  10. It was a convention in London, Ontario for some Bakker fans. Madness advertised it on his forums and reddit. I thought about going, but it's like, I knew there wouldn't be that many people so it wouldn't be as interesting as it could be, but if everyone has the same thoughts as me then it's never gonna get going... But I'm lazy so.... Maybe next year there'll be a hundred people and cosplays! Then I'll go! I'm sure I could pull off a stellar Achamian.
  11. Is it though? The Fanim world view is that the Gods are just demons and that Heaven and God exist outside the Outside and that being a pious Fanim, you can escape the Outside and enter Heaven, with the Outside, heavens and hells included, all are Hell. So in practical terms they try to replicate the Nonmen's desire to achieve Oblivion by escaping the Outside under false pretenses (that paradise rather than oblivion awaits them).
  12. Kellhus bounced into Mimara's baby.
  13. Just because you're dead doesn't mean you're not a baby!
  14. Gill as in fish gills, ga as in gasp, ol as in old. Nil as in nil, gic rhymes with sick, as as in as except the s is unvoiced. Su as in sue, ju like jewish, ro like salmon roe, and it like it. I'm not sure whether the ' in the Nonman is meant to be a phoneme. It's often used to represent the glottal stop in languages that have glottal spots.
  15. The common criticism that the series has no likeable characters never resonated with me since I've never really disliked any character in the manner I dislike Catelyn. The only character I really liked was Conphas. But the fact I don't like any of the characters has never harmed my enjoyment of the series, since the explosions and monsters and stuff are entertaining on their own.