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  1. Well we already know
  2. Well if that was Gilgaol and not Ajokli or if they're even separate gods. If they are separate gods, then I think the mere fact that God that appeared was able to recognize Kellhus as the thing nearest the eschaton, which none of the other gods could do, favors the idea that Ajokli was the one that appeared to Celmomas rather than Gilgaol.
  3. Ya, Kalbear's analogy is to think of Bakkerworld as a book, but I was thinking diorama might be a better example. The Gods see all of Creation as fixed without any Time. They're looking down on a diorama, but a really messy 4D one to the human perspective. At any rate, they think they see the totality of Creation, but Creation actually exists outside the diorama they see as well. But the Gods don't understand this because the Diorama fills the entirety of their vision - they don't comprehend the 'edges' to it - if they scan their eyes all the way to the left it pops up on the right like a globe or the map on EU4. But there are edges, and the No-God is that edge and Kelmomas is the No-God.
  4. Don't forget his walk-through-air and ground explodes ability. That would probably collapse all possible entrances to the Halls beyond excavation capabilities.
  5. Skipped to 1 and 2 to judge the entire list. TWoK and Name of the Wind. lol. Pleb list from someone either with no taste or doesn't read enough fantasy.
  6. Just finished Grey Sister berry good too. Random speculation, comments and questions and such
  7. A Slow Regard of Silent Things joke thread title would be good, but can we consider something involving dragons and opioid epidemics?
  8. Everything's been done!
  9. I wouldn't be pissed off, it would be amazing to watch (in my mind's eye I suppose) a floating baby destroy hordes of Sranc and Bashrag. And this time around we could get a proper DBZ fight between the DunShae and Baby Kellhus. All the fights ending against the Consult being anticlimax was one of my disappointments with TUC. Not unexpected when they're all tiers below Kellhus, but Bakker should've maybe maneuvered it so Kellhus wasn't the first guy into the Ark? Could've gotten Saccarees in there to fight Aurang and Mek or something. Theorycrafting: Can Baby Kellhus actually fly? Sorcerers walk on the echo of the ground in the air, so I don't think actually Baby Kellhus could, unless BK understood gravitation as a physical concept and knew how to directly interface with it magically. Perhaps the Quya could lend him a flying walker?
  10. Random aside, is your avatar a random anime grill or is it Griffith? I literally can't tell. And on that note, Griffith's for everyone who survived Griffith's rape-army, life in his kingdom is pretty good. I wonder how the DunShae would rule post-everyone-but-144k-dudes society. Free healthcare?
  11. Only because we outsmarted him.
  12. Are you aware of the term Baby Kellhus?
  13. Do you old people know what copypastas are :ooooooooooo The "to be fair" comment is the pasta. I don't know if it was ever written as a serious comment or whether it was written as a satire from the get-go, but it's been posted to death on Reddit whenever Rick and Morty is brought up because of the insufferable fans.
  14. just read red sister, berry good i must say but man, having Fist of the North Star-style absurdly huge muscle-men was something I had in my own personal i'll-write-it-someday fantasy novel. Now, having absurdly giant muscley men will just look like I'm copying the Gerant!
  15. Because he was possessed by Ajokli and wasn't thinking logically :o. Because otherwise, yeah it doesn't make any sense does it? Or maybe he's taking some sort of existentialist viewpoint here or whatever, he knows the Consult is going to win and it's all meaningless and the rational thing would be to join the Consult. But existentialism is all about how logic and rationality are lame and dumb and inevitably lead to nihilism, right? So, Kellhus is doing the whole do not go gently into the night routine. Since Bakker's a philosophy nerd, I wouldn't discount it. Also Wert, I feel like I'm reading part of one of those old Forgotten Realm campaign setting books. Where's the rest of the maps and monsters and stats :O.