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  1. Did Brandon Stark rape Ashara Dayne? I don't know of any hints towards this but I heard Tony Teflon of Teflon TV say he believes he did so in this link (54:35). Any thoughts/theories please?
  2. My idea would be that Euron and Cersei ally, and to stop them he would kill her as well as Euron That said, I do think the above may also be likely. GRRM loves to mix prophecy with characters' own perspectives of things, and Danaerys is associated with fire and white with her silver-gold hair. I'm not sure it will be Jaime or Tyrion, as this would be too obvious, though I suppose it would make more narrative sense than Aeron killing Cersei by extension of stopping Euron (if the Crow's Eye and Cersei ally)...
  3. Do you think Aeron "Damphair" Greyjoy could be the valonqar? 'The Forsaken' chapter GRRM read from The Winds of Winter with its description of Aeron's visions, including Euron Greyjoy sitting on the Iron Throne and 'Beside him stood a shadow in woman’s form, long and tall and terrible, her hands alive with pale white fire. Dwarves capered for their amusement, male and female, naked and misshapen, locked in carnal embrace, biting and tearing at each other as Euron and his mate laughed and laughed and laughed…' has led to speculation that Cersei Lannister will ally or even marry Euron and she is the female figure the shadow in Aeron's shade of the evening-induced vision represents... Looking back at a quote in AFFC about part of Maggy the Frog's prophecy to Cersei, 'And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.' I put the words that stood out to me thinking about this in bold. Cersei's tears will have drowned her, like the Ironborn's religious initiation. The shadow in woman's form is described as tall, we know she can be terrible, and I believe Cersei is described as tall somewhere in the books (can anyone help me find this?) and the shadow's hands are 'alive with pale white fire', a fire described the same way as Cersei's throat (pale white) in the prophecy. I believe Aeron, and not Victarion or Daenerys, will kill Euron in revenge for his sexual molestation by Euron as child, that suffered by his late brother Urrigon, the murders of family members by Euron including Balon and some of his brothers and all of the other torments Euron has inflicted on his family and particularly Aeron. Could Aeron also be the valonqar ("little brother") prophesized to kill Cersei? He would have to somehow escape being lashed to the prow of the Silence, for starters. I have heard a theory that the shadow in woman's form could be Shiera Seastar, though I don't know the detail of it to speculate on that theory.
  4. Donal Noye stopping Mag the Mighty. Ned saying he was a traitor against Joffrey, believing his "confession" would save his daughters.
  5. "I have made more mistakes than you can possibly imagine," Ned said, "but that was not one of them." There's a difference between wanting the Iron Throne and actually having to 'sit' it. Winning the Iron Throne would be a big mistake. Robert won it and hated the role. He was terrible at it too. Not many Targaryens did well as, or enjoyed being, monarch. Wise Maester Aemon knew the score.
  6. There is no proof I've seen that Torment is Valyrian Steel. The only mention I've found so far is on a fansite of the TV show,, so may have been made up by the show writers or have another name or no name in GRRM's mind. The name is badass. It makes me think of the torment a storm can bring. According to the section on Orys Baratheon he took it from Argilac Durrandon after he slew him in the battle for Storm's End. If more references to Torment could be found would help to confirm if the sword is canon.
  7. Thanks for the link, shall take a look!
  8. Daenerys or Sansa: who do you think would make a better queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and why?
  9. If we accept Dark Sister isn't Longclaw, do you think Longclaw is the sword formerly known as Orys Baratheon's sword (Torment?)?
  10. Do you think Blackfyre could be Longclaw or swapped for Longclaw? Blackfyre is a bastard sword, as it's a hand-and-a-half sword, which I think is the same thing... I think possible though something tells me Illyrio Mopatis has tracked down Blackfyre in Essos for his son Aegon.
  11. I'm not forgetting Jorah had Longclaw and left it at Bear Island before Maege returned it to Jeor. Was talking about the possibility that Dark Sister was taken to the Wall by Bloodraven and found by the Night's Watch after his disappearance or left at Castle Black by him. Then Dark Sister was damaged during the wight attack and Jeor passed it off as Longclaw while keeping the real Longclaw hidden. I know it is more logical to take the sword Jeor gifts Jon as the original Longclaw at face value. I have this feeling though from the section in the books where he does it doesn't feel completely right. It may be coincidence that Jeor appoints Jon his steward and to paraphrase Sam is grooming Jon for command. Or maybe not. Maybe he and/or Maester Aemon knew Jon's real parentage and his supposed importance in the battle against the Others. It may be my desire for the whereabouts of the two most famous Targaryen swords to be revealed in the books, but I'm not 100% convinced yet the sword Jeor gave Jon is the original Longclaw.
  12. Was Longclaw originally a Valyrian steel blade other than House Mormont’s ancestral sword? I know Longclaw is a bastard sword (hand-and-a-half sword, which the sword Blackfyre is meant to be also) and Dark Sister supposed to be a longsword (one-handed sword), but something about the books makes me think it could have somehow have originally been Dark Sister, at least partly. Bear (XD) with me here: My theory, based much on my imagination, is that Bloodraven took Dark Sister with him when he was sent to the Wall. After disappearing on a ranging when he was Lord Commander, Bloodraven became the three-eyed crow and lived in a cave beyond the Wall. The sword was recovered by Night’s Watch rangers on a mission to find Bloodraven. They took it to the Lord Commander at the time the rangers found the sword, who kept it at Castle Black. Bloodraven looked through time via weirnet, and, knowing Jon Snow was Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark’s son and was going to join the Night’s Watch, he then instructed Jeor Mormont to give Jon Dark Sister. Bloodraven felt that as he wasn’t getting any younger and had seen Jon Snow had a destiny to lead people in defence against the attacks by the Others during the new Long Night, Jon would have greater use of the sword, being Valyrian steel and thus effective against the Others. I might be reading too much into it. It seems appropriate, a Targaryen blade refashioned as a Stark one. Jon was raised a Stark, and so the blade linking back to his Targaryen heritage yet outwardly displaying a white direwolf head with garnet eyes, resembling Ghost, and reflecting his Stark heritage, would encapsulate his dual ancestry. Plus, I imagine dragons to have long claws as well as direwolves. I think Bloodraven asked Mormont via his raven or some other method (weirwood tree?) to have it fashioned so that it was unrecognisable as Dark Sister, and to wait for an appropriate pretext to gift Jon the sword. Dark Sister was the one damaged by the fire during the wight attack (its pommel melted and the crossguard and grip burned) and not the real Longclaw. Jeor Mormont kept Longclaw hidden, his House’s ancestral Valyrian steel blade, after Jon saved his life from the wight attack, and presented Dark Sister to Jon in its place as both a thank you for saving him from the wight attack and in order to give him Dark Sister without suspicion from other people and Jon himself. What doesn’t add up is the difference in size between the Longclaw and Dark Sister swords (though no one in the books has commented on seeing Dark Sister for years) … perhaps Dark Sister was in fact a bastard sword, or reforged while at Castle Black with other Valyrian steel? This I think would weaken the blade though. I believe the sword Blackfyre is in Illyrio Mopatis’ “safekeeping”, for his son Aegon, who is a Blackfyre through his mother Serra’s ancestry and not the son of Rhaegar and Elia. So don’t believe Longclaw was originally Blackfyre. What do you think, is Longclaw House Mormont’s ancestral sword, Dark Sister in disguise or another well-known Valyrian steel blade?
  13. @Macgregor of the North I personally think it's Lyanna. Believe the case for Howland being tKotLT over Ned would get my vote after her, but when I first read the story I didn't think it was Howland, Ned, Benjen or anyone other than Lyanna. It fits my view of Lyanna's personality, how she would stand up again for her father's bannerman and how she and Rhaegar met. Imo showing how Lyanna would first fight off Howland's attackers with a tourney sword and then enter the lists as a mystery knight makes me think GRRM wanted her to do and be good at two things (fighting with a sword and jousting) that men in the world of ice and fire did and women very rarely or were discouraged or shamed for doing or even wanting to do. Even though the squires I think had no weapons nor possibly interest in fighting a well-known lord's daughter, I recall, perhaps inaccurately, that Lyanna's skill with a sword in sparring with her brothers was noted somewhere in the books. Though ofc GRRM could confirm tKotLT in future books as someone else and then I'll have to re-read for the clues it was another character...
  14. In the 2006 link saw Ran's post mentioning speculation about Lyanna possibly having ridden at rings: 'It has been speculated, however, that her skill as a horsewoman (noted by Harwin in ASoS) may in part may be due to having trained at riding at rings, and perhaps even the quintain.' Here's a link to the full post: I wonder if Elio (Ran) and Linda asked GRRM about this then the 3 of them decided to put in the line about Lyanna being 'practised at riding at rings' in the app? Merely speculating I agree with Little Scribe of Naath that if Ran would confirm GRRM's decision/approval of Lyanna's skill/practice at rings being canon, it would really add weight to the argument that Lyanna could have been tKotLT, for we would have a detail that would make us think she had confidence from relevant practice (jousting against an opponent aside) to joust at the tourney on Howland's behalf. Not that Lyanna sounds like a person who lacks confidence. Then again, as much as GRRM seems to ground the books in a great amount of medieval tradition and reflects many, many historical realities in the books from culture to historical events and figures, I want to make clear, the books being fiction (obviously) negates the arguments that Lyanna would not have enough skill and experience to beat the three knights in the lists.
  15. It may be me seeing things, but in this fanfilm of the Tower of Joy faithful to the books that Elio posted in April, is that a cheeky shot of a shield with a laughing tree in the background within the Tower of Joy itself?