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  1. He's almost certainly earned himself a contract for next season.
  2. The memory is almost gone.
  3. Release the kraken!
  4. When the second group of prospects arrives and anything less than going 173-0 is seen as failure things get boring.
  5. I'm enjoying this Yankee team more than any since 96'.
  6. Things are getting interesting in the Bronx.
  7. They absolutely did. There is a place on Jerome Avenue that they probably get it from.
  8. I was wondering that too. I've heard him compared to Pedro Cerrano.
  9. I was listening to this when he homered.
  10. Hail Todfather!
  11. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are a sup-group of Klingons who have temporarily seized power.
  12. I really enjoyed last night but I think Saru is kind of a dick and
  13. Oh they absolutely have no business being there in the first place and I take some comfort in that. Cashman needs to add the missing pieces in the off-season. If he doesn't and they regress the season was a waste. He should be but maybe Hinch wants to have some protection for Reddick and Springer.