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  1. Chapman grimaced after throwing the final pitch and pulled up lame after covering first base last night.
  2. Chapman tried his best to fuck that up, thank God Hicks can throw.
  3. Airwolf and Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 are two of my favorite shows.
  4. The HR Derby fucked up his swing and he's probably not going to get it back before the end of the season. I'm not shocked about Sanchez either, he lost his prospect status for awhile because of it.
  5. All of those things are important and I agree that Gray is better than Lynn but he comes with the same set of health concerns that Tanaka has.
  6. Even though Gray is under contract for a few more seasons I think I would prefer Lance Lynn.
  7. I'm so pumped that he's still with the team. I would have called you a liar if you told me back in 2009 that he'd still be with the them in 2017.
  8. I read something called the Southern Victory series by Harry Turtledove and the premise is that the South wins the war and they keep their slaves into the 1880's and then they rig the system after they're freed so that they are essentially still slaves and a major part of the story is a socialist uprising in 1916 during World War I while the Confederacy is fighting the USA. While I'm not sure the series would be suitable for adaptation I do know it would be better than this.
  9. They show him infecting the pilot and the spread is indeed post credits.
  10. In the first one the James Franco's assistant got infected during a test of a more aggressive strain of the drug. The canister broke or something and it got in his face. And he passed it on to his neighbor who was a pilot or something and it spread at the airport.
  11. According to Bleacher Report they still might try and acquire Yonder Alonso.
  12. Polo yes. I'm not sure what good starters/great starters are even available. Most of them are already with contenders and they aren't likely to part with them what does that leave? Number four starters with a bloated ERA? I'd prefer to see them see what Chance Adams has got rather than trade a chip. Robertson and Kahnle solve a big problem with the bullpen, I'm not sure I'd call either one game changing but it's a price I'm willing to pay to see them have one less worry.
  13. I think they took Frazier just to keep him from Boston. The piece that bothers me the most is Ian Clarkin, with Judge getting it together and Red Thunder taking his place in the outfield there is no room for Rutherford, especially if they splash and go for Harper so at least they were able to turn him into something. And Soto wasn't a top 50 anyway. The only other option I've heard about at first was Lucas Duda and I can understand preferring not to do business with the Mets.
  14. Well I can see how it gets to slavery, devolved humans go to the apes for protection in exchange for work and it goes downhill from there. They were in suspended animation in the Original and kind of overslept and because they were moving close to the speed of light nearly 2000 years had passed on Earth.
  15. In the first one, right before Caeser tells Malfoy no there was something on the news about the Icarus being lost. I would love for them to do a fourth one when the ship finds it's way back to Earth. But I would prefer it be similar to the book where the Apes live in a manner comparable to humans rather than a more primitive setting.