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  1. Cashman works some black magic but you're probably right. Fulmer will cost.
  2. That was a great team.
  3. How many of you guys post here on the regular? Three or so?
  4. And hopefully a healthy Bird.
  5. What he's going to do wonders for Judge and Bird especially.
  6. One of those injuries was getting hit in the face with a pitch. As long as they don't give him a blank check when he opts out I'm cool.
  7. I can't blame him for that. The sports media here is merciless.
  8. I didn't realize the Angels played in a small market. Good for him, I wish him the best.
  9. I think the Sox, Yankees and everyone else dodged a bullet here. He seems like he is going to have a hard time fitting in the clubhouse with most teams.
  10. The Padres are pretty boring too. I wish him success wherever he goes but hope the Yankees beat him. He seems like he wants to be THE guy and not part of a team.
  11. So the Yankees are out of the running for Otani. The Giants are a name that have come up.
  12. I guess it would be. They would be stupid not to do it if he waives the no trade clause.
  13. The $64,000 question is will the Giants agree to pick up 250 of the remaining 295 he's owed?
  14. I'm Type-1 as well and my insurance covered a 90 supply at a time and at one point I had 4 months worth easy. I was doing so well I couldn't use it fast enough. If society broke down anybody with Type-1 would be fucked PDQ.
  15. I didn't watch until the episode dropped online for April Fool's. I was hooked after that.