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  1. He's seeing a new doctor, he might be back sooner.
  2. I can do 9:30, it's going to be a shitty day at work Wednesday but I'll live.
  3. What is the start time? I can start as early as 7:30ish.
  4. Yankees and RedSox is London is probably happening.
  5. I'd prefer a Saturday night but could do it if we absolutely had to.
  6. I'm starting to think this was a plan by Bud Selig to have a successor so shitty he looks good by comparison.
  7. I'm willing to tolerate NPB style ties after 12 and 15 depending on league but not this shit.
  8. My only concern about a weeknight is having to wake up the next morning.
  9. my first choice is Saturday afternoon
  10. If Bird can make it through the spring healthy I imagine he would be there. Lind was a great signing, I'm shocked he didn't get a better offer elsewhere.
  11. I prefer Saturday.
  12. I hope not either, becoming desensitized to it is the worst.
  13. I think they show Archer in a hospital bed in a coma.
  14. When my mother was growing up in Borough Park the Hasidim would ask about them periodically. One of the Priests at my parish liked to go out and walk when he was serving a parish upstate and would get together with some young Hasidic gentlemen who would pepper him with all sorts of questions about Catholicism and Christianity in general. They begged him not to tell the rabbi though.
  15. I had no idea the Orthodox didn't do ashes until last week. I don't mind answering if people ask because they really want to know.