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  1. it rules how we have reached a place where over the top 80s dystopian satire is unrecognizable as such because it appears so normal, and are rapidly approaching the point where like, robocop seems quaint and naively optimistic
  2. yes i’m sure that’s it
  3. for those not aware, a little peek into one small way the nra uses its influence
  4. rubio gets ass handed to him by teens, decides to join the fun by owning himself on national tv in hope of scoring millennial vote lmao this is gold
  5. lmao, jesus fuck. going after the key pro-assad tankie vote in ohio
  6. holy shit, conservative twitter is just tripping over themselves to come up with the worst takes ever davis brooks: check out my op ed on making sure to treat gun nuts with respect gatewaypundit: hold my beer dinesh d’souza: you are both like little babies,
  7. sure, they weren’t always crazy, just terrified of the image of black radicals armed
  8. yeah, if there is one thing the trumpenized anti social nihilists can rally around its being spurned by a woman eta: plus, if you think these fucking chuds give a shit about any of that kind of stuff i’ve got a whole warehouses of bridges to sell you. these addled egg brains think most of the major mass shootings are false flag operations carried out by crisis actors, that fluoride in the water turns frogs gay, jack prilosec trying to cheat on his wife on bumble was some sort of hack, qanon, pizzagate, etc. the only thing that would even remotely move the needle is trump going on periscope live and claiming anime is for virgins and calling barron “little homey gay ass” for playing “games for babies”
  9. ooh, that actually really good, will run it up the flag pole
  10. ah, loving david brooks’ new oped: “the real victims of parkland are our norms and civil discourse”
  11. that’s a cutie
  12. they certainly aren’t doing any better
  13. this trump/romney relationship is a wonder to behold
  14. would like to petition the hive mind for some decent lady dog names ... something in the venn overlap of “people” names and something cool and not totally basic/normie. bonus points for references to badass genre characters/and or political radicals
  15. i wouldn’t dismiss the nra like that. they are no small reason people feel that way, and the influence runs in both directions