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Which characters will be killed in TWOW?

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KL: Tommen,  Myrcella,  Alaya, Chataya, Mace,  Loras,  margarey,  High Sparrow, Lancel.

Riverlands:  brienne, Rollin and the kuds she will have (I think the are twins)  and many freys. 

North:  Bowan Marsh, mance,  Ramsay, roose,  theon, gilly 's baby, Shireen, jojen ( I think that jojen already died).

The Vale: Robert arryn. 

And of course, Aeron and Jon con. It's likely more people will die, but I don't have idea about other characters. 

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in the north:

Stannis, Ramsey, Roose, Walda, one of the umbers and maybe Shireen, her mother, melisandre and rickon


Harry (in the tourney) or sweetrobin (somehow) and maybe littlefinger (outsmarted by sansa)


Tommen (poisoned), lancel (trial by combat), robert strong High sparrow and faith militant maybe Myrcella (or Rosamund as myrcella), cersei, and some tyrells


JonCon. (greyscale)


Areo hotah, balon swann (both killed by Darkstar and obara)


Hizdhar (killed by victarion)

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