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  1. Rewatching Daredevil Season 1 mainly 'cause it seems Born Again will be closer to it in tone and I won't have to feel too much pangs of longing for the Netflix series when it finally arrives .  Also, Bullseye.

    I've seen contradictory reports as to whether Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson will be back -and if they are, it will be in a limited capacity(?).  

    I guess it might be too much to hope Marci will be back as well but I am hoping nonetheless ('cause I keep thinking of her in those pumps).

    Seeing Kingpin again in  DD S1, and the somewhat altered version in Hawkeye, and the one in Echo , I find myself a bit tired of him but what the hell, he's still better than some of the fingers of the Hand.

    That reminds me, I wouldn't mind seeing Madam Gao again.

  2. 11 hours ago, hauberk said:

    Giffen had such an impact on my comic habits.  His work with Paul Levitz, cemented my love of the Legion of Superheroes (and my disdain for most of the reboots to follow (looking at you Bendis and Waid). 

    Super bummed by this.



    How he broke into comics is almost as funny as his writing.

    There was a small part of me that was hoping that he would reunite with Tom and Mary Bierbaum on LSH.

  3. Just finished Justified City Primeval

    Thought it was alright but it just ain't the same without Harlan and the rest of them  folk.

    (Yeah,  I know who appeared at the end, whose bit was more entertaining than all the episodes with the homicidal rock-star wanna-be combined.)

  4. 1 hour ago, Jaxom 1974 said:

    MCU Hawkeye seems a little more rooted in the Ultimate Hawkeye, but tinged with a dash of actual humanity...but that's my impression. 

    The Fraction 616 Hawkeye though...that's actually some really fine writing. I thought it was a fantastic take on the character, giving him some much needed context that might have been present in the past, but never really explored. 

    I wouldn't mind a live-action Kate Bishop vs Madame Masque :box: 

  5. Very belatedly reading Hawkeye: The Saga of Barton and Bishop  by Matt Fraction and David Aja.

    So this is where the Tracksuit Mafia came from? And Pizza Dog?

    While I grew to appreciate  MCU Clint Barton more because of the tv series, I'm sure he might have been more memorable in the Avengers movies if he'd been portrayed as a ne'er-do-well who cares like he was in Fraction's graphic novel.

  6. 1 hour ago, sifth said:

    In the original story, Thawne has some technical babel, about how breaking the speed barrier causes changes in the timeline, ever so slightly, but enough to throw things out of wack.

    Yeah, in the animated version, Eobard (I betcha it's that name that caused him to go whacko :P ) called it um..."time wave"? "Time bomb"? Whatev.

    Actually,  the original timeline was the one where Barry's mom wasn't killed (before Geoff Johns decided DC didn't have enough characters with parental issues) butI'm not gonna follow that train of thought.

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