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  1. Those last two episodes of the season were really very, very good. Great TV.
  2. What did Lan do in the books that made him toxic? Being/seeming emotionless may not be endearing but it's not toxic, surely.
  3. Yes, I think this is very clearly the implication. It's not about looks.
  4. IFR has identified the weaknesses of the episode but overall I thought it was a pretty strong showing. The Tower stuff was good but it's really odd how little we see of Rand (granted, I only say that because I know he's the Dragon from these threads, if I did not know that I suppose it wouldn't bother me at all)
  5. How does the world scale (roughly)? Europe? Eurasia?
  6. I agree with you and I'm not from ANZ so can't be that.
  7. It looks like trash. I look forward to it.
  8. I agree with the gist of your argument but to me there is a distinct difference between how the two shows handle it. In The Expanse the diversity does not feel like diversity if that makes any sense. It just feels right and proper there. I just never think about it while watching the show. I do not think that's the case with WOT where it feels a bit forced, clunky and for the sake of it. Which makes me notice it.
  9. I did think that about the graves but then I figured they were so very shallow that maybe it was for a reason (that wasn't explained, mind you). I also agree on Loial. It was like time travelling back to a network show from the 90s. I will continue to watch because, overall, I think it is alright. In a 6 out 10 kind of way. But they have made some choices that, in my mind, needlessly cheapens the show.
  10. Decent episode overall but a few thing grates: The Whitecloaks still look ridicolous in their silly uniforms and they are impossible to take seriously. Also, I can't believe a large band of Whitecloaks operate in the open within spitting distance from Aes Sedai HQ. The Egwene/Perrin/Tinker-arc does nothing for me. I think due to the Tinkers seeming oh so earnest about everything. Maybe it works in the books but on screen they are insufferable. Whoever is guilty of writing all the Tinker dialogue should be sent to remedial class. Even though I thought the time spent with the Warders were well executed, it was a lot of time. I thought Lan would be a supporting character based on the first few episodes but maybe I am mistaken in that belief and he plays a much more central role? I can't speak to book Nynaeve but I like the character in the show. Still none the wiser about Rand or Mat, especially the former. Blank slate, pretty much, five episodes into an eight episode season. Miss Thom. Would like to see more of Aes Sedai politics. And I'd like them to make it grown-up and not too simple and rushed. Loial? Blimey.
  11. Better organized and much quicker on the ball. And Ramsey's kid brother, also at Villa, is supposed to be an even bigger talent.
  12. I am pleased I have now finished the season. Like LP, I find it difficult to stop watching mid-season even when I actively dislike what I am seeing. The final episode was no better than what has preceded it. Certainly Jared Harris cannot save it and all the issues with the pacing, tone, storytelling, weak actors/characters were just as frustrating. I will, however, concede that my earlier, somewhat flippant, observation that Lee Pace just plays Lee Pace was both premature and incorrect. The only storyline of any interest in this show has actually been the Empire-arc (how ironic) and Lee Pace is its saving grace.
  13. I liked it but I wasn't blown away. It felt like a really earnest attempt at filming quite a difficult novel (it's fantastic - one of my favorites of recent years). The show needed to be grimmer, more elemental. Colin Farrell does a good job but Draxter in the series is nothing like the presence he is in the novel.
  14. I, too, was somehow sure it was an eight episode season and was determined to see it through. Not sure I have the strength for another three.
  15. Yeah, that's how interpreted it as well.
  16. Fair enough. The dangers of drawing conclusions based on limited data.
  17. Thank you. I did word that poorly. I thougth the use of bombs could have been done more effectively. It's a quibble anyway and it did not detract from the film. I suppose I'm just curious as it is likely explored more in the book.
  18. I enjoyed the film much more than I expected to. It was very good. Then again, I have never read the book so no notions going in, good or bad. The one thing that did strike me as peculiar was just the weapons technology overall. Or the lack of it to be more precise. I had it explained to me in the previous thread, knives and stab weapons are used because anything moving faster will be caught by the personal shield. So the drone that killed Atreides Sr. succeeded because it continued to hammer away at the shield after initially being caught? If so, why is that approach not carried over to projectile weapons at large? And why no bombs of any kind? A bunker buster would surely overcome personal shields. Given how extremely skilled and inventive humankind is at developing weapons, in Dune it comes across as really rather unsophisticated. Maybe even to the extent it feels like a bit of a fudge, just to be able to tell/show hand-to-hand combat and all the associated themes associated with that. PS. Yes, I do want know why lasguns are not used more though I suppose I get the principle from your other post.
  19. Terrible show in every way except visually. Worst of all is its dialogue because it is so consistently appalling but the Anacreons come close; they look and talk as if it is a spoof of the worst kind of low-brow sci-fi. Then that absolutely ridicolous armor... the whole thing is laughable. The only story-arc I have the slightest interest in is the emperors (though Lee Pace playing Joe MacMillan makes me think Lee Pace is simply being Lee Pace).
  20. I'd agree it's visually very impressive. But the storytelling is not so this is starting to feel like just another example of ambient tv. What a missed opportunity.
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    I have the same problem still and it's really quite annoying. I have tried with Opera (Adblock) and Firefox (ABP) and have whitelisted entire domain/site to no avail.
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