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  1. Crazydog7

    R,I.P. Thread

    It was great that he got to live to be the grand old man of Science Fiction. He was a man, take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again.”
  2. Crazydog7

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    A lot of things spring to mind with the events of the last week A. Somewhat surprised Trump just hasn’t declared martial law (although I guess the week isn’t over yet) B. God it never fucking changes when a Republican wins all they do is crow about an incredible mandate from heaven they have been given but when they lose it has to have been voter fraud. Guys get some new material. At least now the Democrats have the potential for some real victories and not just the symbolic ones we have been consoling ourselves with for two years. On a nonpolitical note I am more then a little disgusted with myself right now mass shootings have become so commonplace in this country its like waiting for a new Netflix season to drop. The banality and regularity of it all is the most horrifying part.
  3. Crazydog7

    US Politics: In Through the Out Door

    I guess I never realized how badly the deck was stacked because as a Liberal in South Carolina I am used to losing by a 60/40 margin how the hell do you win the popular vote of the various senate races by almost 11 million votes and still not control the senate?
  4. Crazydog7

    US Politics: In Through the Out Door

    I’m still sort of in shock. After 14 years of voting in South Carolina my vote for Joe Cunningham actually mattered. Never would have happened if the Republican running against him hadn’t been so heavily in favor of off shore drilling.
  5. Crazydog7

    U.S. Politics: One Wave, Two Waves, Red Waves, Blue Waves

    Its threads like this that make me glad I voted early.
  6. Crazydog7

    My friend is gay and ashemd. How do I help?

    I was 31 before I came out and speaking for myself even when life completely sucks now I would rather have gone through the complex emotional process and be alive then be what I was before closeted and miserable. I don’t want to make this thread about myself but as far as hating yourself for homosexual impulses while it may seem cowardly on the surface gay people (men and women) grew up in the same world everyone else did where being gay was (at best) a source of humor something to laugh at. I’m of two minds about this yes he sounds like he needs mental health support of some kind but if he isn’t interested in moving to help himself there isn’t a lot you can do. I’m sorry his dad is such a toxic jackass because that seems to be the cause of much of this based on your short description.
  7. Well we will keep an open mind about the release date but as a man once said. An open mind is like to an open wound. Vulnerable to poison. Liable to fester. Apt to give its owner only pain.” Seriously though I can't believe it has been 6 years since Red Country came out. Where did the time go?
  8. Crazydog7

    U.S. Politics: One Wave, Two Waves, Red Waves, Blue Waves

    Gives him a chance to do his two favorite things 1. Talk big 2. Send other people out to do his dirty work.
  9. Crazydog7

    U.S. Politics: One Wave, Two Waves, Red Waves, Blue Waves

    1. The thing I am legitimately afraid of is will my vote even be counted this time? I have already voted one of the few things South Carolina actually does right is early voting but maybe there should be such a thing as email confirmation that you voted. 2. I continue to have my mind blown by the mainstreaming and legitimizing of Antisemitism by voices within the Republican party that seem to be being paid attention to more with each passing day. It wasn’t so long ago the Evangelical right in this country LOVED Jews (well that really isn’t true but they did need them in Jerusalem in possession of the temple mount so they could be converted by Jesus when he came back) Antisemitism is in a sense the world’s first conspiracy theory and in a more civilized and enlightened society would be kept on the shelf next to that guy with the crazy hair from Ancient Aliens and the Elvis is alive people but it has always gotten people killed and that is not artistic license it literally gets people killed. It makes no sense because like all conspiracy theories it only makes sense if you don’t think about it for too long. How can you be a parasite with no culture of your own and simultaneously run all the banks? How can you contribute nothing and control everything? Switch it up change it around the same old crap has been peddled since at least 1050 and probably before that.
  10. Crazydog7

    U.S. Politics: Covfefe Boys

    When I think of John McCain the image that leaps to mind is the 2000 Presidential Primary in South Carolina I was a Sophomore in High School and just starting to take an interest in political matters. Went to school one morning and got home to find a crudely drawn, misspelled pamphlet in our mailbox that claimed among other idiotic things that McCain’s Vietnamese adopted children were actually the product of an illicit relationship between John and a black woman. This claim was so and stupid and idiotic that even I at 15 years of age was able to see how stupid and idiotic it was. My Grandfather was living with us at the time saw the pamphlet laughed and said “mark my words grandson this will be what pushes that idiot Bush over the top” People forget that before he won the South Carolina primary the political aspirations of Bush 43 were a joke. I like to think there is a parallel universe out there were McCain fought a little on the dirty side and was able to send him packing back to Texas. That was the day I learned the two golden rules of American politics 1. Always trust the Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory 2. Never underestimate the ability of idiots to believe stupid things.
  11. Crazydog7

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    More of a comment that I can't keep up with the political bullshit in this country on a day to day basis anymore.
  12. Crazydog7

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    Oh shit here we go again.
  13. Crazydog7

    U. S Politics: I know why the caged babe screams.

    Well I have heard that once you go Brownshirt you never go back.
  14. Crazydog7

    U. S Politics: I know why the caged babe screams.

    Because it reinforces the old Republican Bullshit theory of black=poor=lazy which in any other context would be a logical fallacy that I would have hoped by the 21st century would have gone the way of the perpetually drunk Irishmen. The only person I can think of who would have demonstrated from a lecture on the virtue of hard honest work would be that affluenza kid. Show me a political figure 9 times out of 10 a Republican who is blathering on about the virtue of "hard work" and I will show you an asshole who inherited his money from his dad.
  15. Crazydog7

    RIP Harlan Ellison

    Last year I found a signed Harlan Ellison best garage sale find ever. I was so glad this this got its own thread. They are going to have to have an archivist or a team go through his rabbit warren of a house. They will be finding stories and articles he wrote for years. Anyone who hasn't listened to any of the On the Road with Ellison collections is really missing out. Also don't forget the documentary from a few years ago. My first exposure to him was back when he used to do those rants at the end of Scifi Buzz a million years ago. Certainly the angry old man of Science Fiction and I don't think we will see his like again.