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    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

    Here a drinking game I like to play pick one aspect of the Star Wars films that really annoys you but you have to clearly state why. My own personal favorite? The Rule of Two is stupid it makes no sense from a tactical standpoint. I mean what if both Sith are crossing the street at the same time and they both get hit by the same space bus? It doesn't make alot of sense. At least other franchises are honest about being stupid cinaplex fun its only Star Wars that does this cultural mythology homer's odyssey crap. No one is going to be sitting on the internet in 20 years arguing about the cultural impact of the John Wick Films.
  2. Crazydog7

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

    billy dee williams is in it and he was wonderful (82 years old good for him). Beyond that there isn't really alot I can say In terms of Star Wars material that is out there now just find some way to watch the Mandelorians its much better. It wasn't good it wasn't bad it was just....a movie. I went into this with my expectations pretty low and still feel disappointed. I know I am probably being hard headed about this but this reminds me to much of when Revenge of the Sith came out. People were willing to forgive alot simply because it wasn't as bad as Clone Wars or Phantom. I do have sympathy for anyone who has to do a Star Wars movie now or later its like the Marvel films even though the villians are much more interesting the "good" guys have to win personally I think a movie that ended with Rey ascending the throne and turning to the Dark Side would have been much more interesting.
  3. Crazydog7

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    There is always tomorrow or the day after that.
  4. Crazydog7

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    The thing that no one outside of this board has ever talked about are the number of judicial appointments Trump got to make in 4 years. All those people that got confirmed at an unprecedented rate. Trumps "legacy" such as it is could be with us for 20 years potentially. As much as I hate to admit it I think Trump is going to get a 2nd term. It is beyond horrifying that we are a year from the election and the 15 Democrats who are running are still arguing about trivial details like who supports (or not) the right of federal prisoners to get gender reassignment surgery.
  5. Crazydog7

    Star Trek: Picard

    Man the years have not been kind Riker you should have taken Q's deal eternal youth in the continuum doesn't sound so bad.
  6. Crazydog7

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    Peaky Blinders as much as I love the show dear god can't these people just walk someplace without a soundtrack? I can never hear the dialog on the screen because of the loud music.
  7. As much as I hate to agree with Bayaz about anything remember that line in the Heroes where he says "The north has always been short of good material" So yeah I don't know where he is going with Stour I mean who knew there was a stereotypical northern warrior who looks like he could make Scale seem like an intellectual no ability to plan or think tactically no wonder he pisses his father off. Bond villain type stuff that really hamstrung the story.
  8. I do like that Shivers is now working for the Dog Man after all that time doing black work first for Dow and then for Calder. And Leo's mom managed to own every scene she was in. I was watching I Cladius and she kept reminding me of Augustus's wife. Old by this point in the story but she didn't fuck around. I have no doubt that Crawl was dead by this point in the story but it was funny as hell to see that Hardbread was still alive.
  9. No just a capitalist although to be fair not much difference between them and an eater. The scene with Leo at the Capital was interesting. Good to see that certain nobles of the kingdom aren't as house broken as the first of the Magi likes to think they are. And in a rare moment of (almost) empathy from Bayaz he was the only one that took Rikke at her word when she spoke of the long eye.
  10. As much as I liked the book (and I did) I think its more of problem with modern times and how things are marketed more then anything else. Everything has to turn into game of thrones....by which I mean the poorly written later seasons. The scene where Scale got killed (but also "wonderful" which sucked) but I guess that was the point of "The Heroes" when you die in this world its short and brutal "back to the mud" indeed. It was funny to see Calder totally and utterly speechless. Its a shame the circumstances were so tragic. The death Jezal was rushed (Why kill him now?) I wanted him to tell the First of the Magi to go fuck himself one more time. The "duel" between Leo and Stour Remind me of when I am RPing via text and we have a long and intricate scenario going but things are getting a little sedentary so someone throws a bomb to move the plot forward. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth much like the ending of Last Argument of Kings did.
  11. Got my book a day early and am about 150 pages in. I will say that as much as I like the chapters of people related to the ones we already know oh and the Gurkish Empire has collapsed....well that came out of left field. I hope Ferro Malljinn had something to do with it. Leo Orso Glokta's daughter and Rikkes I don't think the farmer just returned from the wars in Stryia or the woman recruited by the breakers really add much. This may change but my overall impression so far is Stour Nightfall is a real jerk and its kind of funny that the impression of everyone else even his own father is "Stour Nightfall is a real jerk" but WTF is the point of it all then? Oh and Stranger Come Knocking is dead which is a shame as Black Dow said the man was madder then a grass helmet and would have been a source of much comedy. I mean its good that Wonderful and Cul Shivers are still alive but they seem to have added nothing to the story yet besides giving me a chance to go...oh I know those people. But the best part so far is our old friend the cripple and his absolute instance that his daughter have NO DEALINGS with V&B. I love that whatever his faults sand dan glokta loves his family and will try to keep them out of the First of the Magi's bullshit. Considering the setting he is probably not going to successful.
  12. Yes the girl who was Superior Pike's "Daughter" who incidentally is now the last survivor of that little group and is the only one who knows what really happened to Crown Prince spoiled man child. Damn I wish I could read it now but I preordered my copy on Amazon almost 6 months ago. Anyway there seems to be something of a first name crisis in the Union
  13. Well thats ironic I thought his daughter would be named Cardotti. Please God I hope Brother Longfoot is dead I hope that sometime in this book or the next two it is confirmed and I hope he was slowly tortured over the course of several years. Seriously fuck that guy.