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  1. He had his suspicions but lacked solid proof. The book of Baratheon family history is not proof. It is evidence.
  2. A city as large as Asshai built as a campus for magic! The population in Essos must have been very large to support that. Something happened to force the numbers down.
  3. I am asking myself what is considered well-written characters. What makes a character 3 dimensional? A character must be fleshed out to be in consideration. They cannot be included simply because they are interesting. You are not asking for Most Interesting. Those conditions would leave out interesting but hollow characters like Drogo, Roose, Oberyn, Bronn, Skahaz, and Hizdahr. We know next to nothing about their past. A solid character has a past and a future. This person is someone who we get to know. We know what they want. Lastly, the character is someone who provokes deep feelings in the readers. I think these would meet my criteria. Theon is a loser and we know why. We know what he's yearning for and how it led him to Ramsay's kennels. How much torture can a man take and still be a man. Jorah the finest example of what a gray character is. When he loves, he loves deeply and completely. Barristan is a man with a lot of regrets. He gets his chance to set things right with Dany. Daenerys is a wonderful character. We know not only her backstory but her family's. She is going through an amazing journey. This is what fantasy is all about. Daenerys is the antidote to the boredom from the too common boy heroes of lesser novels. Jon is the angry boy with a chip on his shoulders. Remember what I said about provoking strong feelings. I don't like Jon. That is saying it politely. But the fact that he annoys the hell out of me means he meets the criteria. Walder is the way he is because his father almost lost the family fortune. He is careful because his father's recklessness almost lost them the bridge. Any fair reader can understand and sympathize with him for being mad at the Starks. What he did may be terrible but we know why he did it. I want to have more pages of Walder material in the last two volumes.
  4. The sons of the harpy will not all be killed but they will be greatly reduced in population, their wealth reduced, and will be suppressed. The slaves will be free and they will become the majority. The Free People of Meereen will get to decide on how to govern themselves. They will stumble along the way like every people had to. But the important thing is they are free. It is no small accomplishment to free a half-million slaves. Anybody who does that has done a great service to humanity and should rightly be considered a heroine in Dany's case. Dany the Moses could choose to march the ones who want to leave out of Meereen and build a new city. Like the biblical exodus. The ones who stay behind can enforce the law against slavery. Making slaves free gives them an opportunity. It does not mean the liberator has to hand feed them and solve all of their problems. The people will have to make their own choices. Some of those choices will be terrible. That is part of growing pains. They will pay for the consequences of those bad decisions and will hopefully learn over the years.
  5. How do you think the Great Lords gained dominance over their mini-kingdoms? By conquest. By brute force and murder. The Starks slaughtered the warg king's family and forced his daughters to marry theirs. That is not different at all. And the Starks would have used the strongest and most brutal of weapons at their disposal to defeat the other lords in the north.
  6. Rhaegar was never, not at any time, a king. Daenerys is the direct heir of King Aerys II and King Viserys III. Rhaegar has been kicked out of the picture. She does not have to claim a Rhaegar anything. Rhaegar does not count towards anything that she will need.
  7. There were many heroes who fought to preserve life besides Azor Ahai. Each of them had to have had an effective weapon against the Others. Queen Daenerys has her dragons, her Lightbringers, which she hatched from stone. Paid for by the blood of her beloved husband, Khal Drogo. Dawn is as good a choice as any to be another Lightbringer-like weapon. After all, only a few will get to ride dragons. The rest must make do with edged weapons. It would not surprise me one bit if Ned Dayne has to stick it in Arya's chest to make it more effective.
  8. There were people with uncommon neurological profiles in the middle ages. The diagnosis were not available to them back then. Stannis, if I had to pick something, could be narcissist. Might even be a sociopath.
  9. This one is more mainstream. His previous works, like The Stone City and Tuf Voyaging are not going to be choice reading material for the average consumer of fiction. They are strange. A lot of people who could enjoy Game of Thrones were not drawn to his books if they were basing their opinion of him from his early stories. Readers like that never gave this a chance. This is actually his most mainstream work.
  10. I am sure people who are different were around back then. They were just not diagnosed as such. They were seen as the eccentrics in fortunate cases. People with disturbing unbidden thoughts would have attracted attention. Anxious would have been seen as the nervous types.
  11. Stannis is very inflexible. Is he written as an OCD character? I don't know. The person who may be autistic is Patchface when it comes to what he is now. Autism doesn't happen due to drowning but he behaves similar to someone with autism. I have assisted in the care of two autistic boys in the past.
  12. It is the option which is the most likely. The White Walkers are good at this. Jon will become an Ice Wight
  13. The White Walkers are in the vicinity. It will be they who will resurrect Jon. They are good at recycling dead bodies.
  14. Robert, Jon Arryn, Ned, Jon, Balon, and Robb are gone. We just need to roast Littlefinger and Cersei.
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