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  1. Mordred

    Would Robert have been a better Lord than King?

    Yes. A man who doesn't want to be king will be terrible at it. He might bankrupt the Stormlands but the damage will be limited to his own people. He will do less harm in a lesser position of power.
  2. Mordred

    Bowen's next decision

    Jon looks like a Stark male. Ramsay would know that look. The long face is a dead give away.
  3. Mordred

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    That's not proven. It is a nice theory but very far from proven. Young Griff can be anybody who had the right look. He's not filler material, true born or not. Most of the action from here on out will take place in Essos, South of Westeros, and the Wall. Daenerys is the protagonists in Essos. Stannis and Jon are the main people at the Wall. The South needs its own hero. Enter Young Griff. Each protagonists will fight her or his battle.
  4. Mordred

    The Doom Of Valyria mystery

    The Targaryens brought long periods of peace. Enough for the common people to get some breathing room from the ceaseless quarreling of the high lords. They built King's Landing, Sept of Baelor, and the roads.
  5. Mordred

    The Doom Of Valyria mystery

    History gives life and realism. It's not always there because it has something to do with the future. Though I think in this case it does. It's a reminder that even a city that has stood for thousands of years can perish. A stray meteor can end life as we know it. Ice and cold will kill the people of Westeros.
  6. Mordred

    The Doom Of Valyria mystery

    And the maesters do not have a lot of information when it involves the history of Essos. Most maesters have never left Westeros.
  7. Mordred

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    The immortality given by the ice walkers is eternal suffering and arguably a severe form of slavery. Slavery is already severe but to also steal the soul, that's even worse.
  8. Mordred

    Could you have predicted ADWD events?

    Theon has more than nine lives and he spent it all. He's still alive because his is the role of redemption. I don't know how but he will redeem himself. Tyrion is an example of a plan going sideways. Illyrio sent him to the Bay to serve Queen Daenerys but his thirst for revenge takes him on a different path. He will go to Westeros with his new company of mercenaries without any help from Daenerys. He will get roasted if he is one of the treasons. Aegon brings the Blackfyres back into the story even if he is not. People will question whether he is and that will become a big part of the story. Aegon took Jon's place in the plot. He's the replacement. I don't think Jon is coming back. Tales of DE invested too much time in the Blackfyres for them to have no part in this game. Even dead they still cause trouble. I did not foresee Jon's stabbing but I knew he would do something stupid. This harkens back to the day they found the dogs and the stag. The stag and the wolf together bring both families down. Jon's midnight escape as early as Game of Thrones should have set off the alarms in the reader's head. I expected he was going to break his vows and desert the Wall. I don't rightly know what it means for the next book. It's entertaining to guess. I don't see the harm in it.
  9. Mordred

    The Doom Of Valyria mystery

    The Wall is too small to represent Valyria. What's happening in Westeros will parallel the events that transpired in Valyria. And who knows when and where else this social drama caused the end to a people. It all started with Robert's rebellion and made worse by the Starks and the Lannisters when they started the war of the five kings. The Targaryens have managed to keep the land whole despite all of the problems caused by the Blackfyres. The Baratheons and the Starks managed to bring the land to ruin in a matter of 15-16 years.
  10. Mordred

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    Ice does kill. Ice is not done with you after you die. Ice corrupts and turns the dead into automatons to carry out their war against the living. The Starks preserve their dead and keep them hanging around. That can't be good. It's like the Egyptians preserving the dead except in this instance there is no need for mummification. The cold slows down the decay as if those dead bodies are expecting their gods, the Others, to bring them back to life. What the Starks promised or what they did in the past to earn this second life must have been good for the Others. Life as a wight isn't going to be fun but maybe the Starks get special treatment. They get transformed into the Others for their devotion to the White Walkers.
  11. Mordred

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    Death is still bad. Life is good. I mean we are supposed to want to live. I can present forth the argument that nothing in the universe matter if life did not exist. The question we are presented in the story is the value of all life versus human life. The struggle within those in positions of power to judge who should live and die is a fundamental question. George established already that he is not against all war. War means killing. Daenerys is the closest to hero figure in these novels. She is not as flawed as Jon, Robb, Jaime, Robert, Rhaegar, and Aerys. You are wrong about your assessment of Daenerys and Jon. Jon is the less balanced of the two. He had a simple job at the wall and he could not accomplish that work. Look, if he can't manage a small group like the people at the wall, he sure as hell is not going to be able to lead a multi-racial, multi-ethnic army against the Others. Daenerys, on the other hand, has her own khalazar and she has liberated more than a quarter million former slaves. She speaks many languages and knows how to lead. She showed great leadership at the Red Waste. She is much better at leading than Jon, Robb, and Rhaegar. If Jon can't win Slynt over he sure as hell ain't gonna win over too many people outside of the north.
  12. Mordred

    The naming of dragons

    I like this idea. Drogon will help her take control of the khalasars from the khals. Rhaegal helps her take over Westeros, which is what Rhaegar wanted to do but failed. King Viserys inherited the throne but failed to take the kingdom. Viserion will help her do that.
  13. Mordred

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    George RR Martin hasn't created the story with this level of depth. But yeah. Empathy and charity are more moral choices than a pre-emptive strike for self-defense.
  14. Mordred

    The Others "inside" man

    Pete outperformed many possible insiders except Jon. Jon was in the best position to help defend the Wall against the Others but his obsession with Arya and his desire to avenge the Starks badly compromised his dedication to his duties.
  15. Mordred

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    Howland Reed will have pretty low credibility.