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  1. It is a well-known interview. Clegane's Pup is not as well-informed as he thinks he is. Obviously.
  2. If you don't like it, don't respond.
  3. Why was Marwyn accepted by the order in the first place if he couldn't be trusted? Political connections?
  4. He's of the same mold that made Maegor and Tywin. His campaign against drugs could become the model for how other nations combat drugs and terrorism.
  5. Mordred

    End game predictions for all the characters?

    And it might come down to this. GRRM will make the ending plausible. This is plausible.
  6. Mordred

    Dyanastic Rule. Khal Drogo and Mance Rayder

    Hereditary rulership has its issues but it can avoid bloodshed with each transition. Every reign will end but it doesn't have to automatically result in a war for succession. This is where hereditary rulership helps. What Drogo ultimately had in mind is anybody's guess. Mance Rayder perhaps wanted to claim the north for the wildlings.
  7. Mordred

    What to ask GRRM?

    Ask him about President Carter. What about Carter's presidency was considered a failure? What makes him think Carter is the most moral man to hold the office in his time? Isn't Kennedy the more moral man to hold the presidency?
  8. Our favorite author has expressed on more than one interview that he believes Jimmy Carter was truly a good man. However, he has also said of Carter that he was not a good president. What does the author consider a failure of the Carter presidency? Was it the failed hostage rescue mission? Pls. Admins, do not delete this post. It has real politics but I believe the answer will shed some light on our author's ideas.
  9. Mordred

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    He is a man of wealth. I don't think he's as liberal as many of his fans think he is. He's not a hippy. I see him being more of a moderate. Maybe so, but it does often come across that way.
  10. Mordred

    Theories on Magic in Westeros

    Magic is a natural resource like petroleum. Sure some families have talents they pass on. The talent is recessive and that is why it has generally died out. The Targaryen bond with their dragons is one such inherited talent. Planned marriages to enhance the chances of producing children with this ability is practiced to keep the talent alive. I see no reason why the talent for skin changing is any different. That is why the ability may be strong in Craster's children. It may be unexpressed in Craster but the talent could be strong in his kids. The Others find this skill useful because they can control their wights with it. Magic in general has elemental properties. Fire, ice, water, earth, etc. The ability to tap this resource is by no means exclusive to ice and fire. There are different ways to tap this power. It is not proven that life must be sacrificed to produce magic. Thoros woke up Beric without needing to burn anyone. I think this is one of the tragic lies and it led to the unnecessary killings of many.
  11. Mordred

    Reznak mo Reznak

    And Reznak also suggested that the murders were caused by lowborn scum. Everyone knows this is bull. It was Reznak who protested the strongest when Skahaz suggested killing the cup bearers. Reznak is the seneschal from Quaithe's message. This guy is working for the harpy and he's a political enemy of the Mo Kandaqs.
  12. Just remember how Tyrion treated Jon during the ride to the wall. He wasn't exactly nice. He purposely said a lot of hurtful things to get at the boy.
  13. How many bastards these men have? It doesn't matter because bastards do not count. Lancel and his side gets the rock before these kids.
  14. We should be criticizing Viserys for abusing his sister. Hating on Robert for the way he treated all women. Bashing Jaime for the way he treats his children. Walder Frey for belittling his bastards. Hoster for forcing his daughter to abort her baby. The Umber men should be crucified for continuing to screw young brides. Why aren't we? I don't know. Are there more men in this forum? People might excuse Robert because it's their culture of the time. Having first go at brides is northern culture for the Umber men. Well, should we not extend the same understanding to Catelyn? I mean, it is their custom to look down on bastards. This bastard is a real threat to her own children's inheritance because Ned is bf with the king. What if Ned lost his head one day and asked the king to legit Jon Snow to Jon Stark? Hoster Tully and many lords would put his foot down before bringing a bastard under his roof. If that thinking affected Catelyn it's due to culture and Jon's unusual circumstances. Catelyn is not alone in having this attitude. Bring a bastard into a modern nuclear family and see how the wife reacts.
  15. The Watch is like the 8th kingdom but with more autonomy. They enjoy the right to govern themselves. Most kings respected this need because it is necessary if the Watch is to continue its function. The Watch must remain neutral. A friend to all and an enemy towards none. The Watch should not take part in the political affairs of the realm. Most kings did not drag the Watch into his political games. Stannis was wrong to drag them into his war for the throne. He should leave them out of it no matter how badly he needed more men. The king has not authority over the internal affairs of the Watch. The king's law provides some support for the watch. A runaway like Gared is beheaded by the subjects of the realm because of the king's law. A king cannot go to the wall and demand more men for his war. That is a breach of neutrality. But not all kings are ethical. Some will bend and even break ethics if it served their purpose. The law at the wall and the king's laws do not have to conflict. The king has a duty to execute deserters and oath breakers. The watch provides a valuable service by keeping out the troublemakers who refused to obey the king's laws. Thus the watch helps to preserve order in the kingdom. But the watch has a duty to give equal protection to everyone in the kingdom, regardless of their political faction. They protect the king's political enemies as well as they protect the king's friends. Their laws benefit one another but the watch is not a creature of the king. The watch has a special relationship with the king because it maintains neutrality.