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  1. Mordred

    Poll on Greyscale

    Greyscale happens in damp and cold places. Shireen will spread the disease in the north.
  2. Mordred

    Danys the good guy?

    I think you mistake who the sociopath is. Arya is the sociopath. There is nothing wrong with Dany's ambition to take back the kingdom that her family built. It is no different if a Stark wanted to take back Winterfell. Sure, the Targaryens lost but the rightful king escaped and was crowned, King Viserys. Daenerys is his heir. If you want to argue right of conquest taking away property then we need to consider that the Starks rebelled and lost. It doesn't matter how the Starks lost, they lost, and they lost badly. Eddard already gave a public confession to treason. Dany has as much claim to the seven kingdoms as the Starks have to Winterfell.
  3. Mordred

    Justin Massey

    No. Someone else will make a better offer. Magister or someone else will meet him and give him an offer that Stannis can't beat.
  4. Mordred

    Daenerys and the number 3

    This is a joke. Daenerys is one of smartest teenagers in the books. Jon is not even average. Remember the poem-like refrain throughout the books, "you know nothing jon snow" is very accurate.
  5. Mordred

    Daenerys and the number 3

    If you can believe the R+L=D, three virgin Kingsguard all died at the Tower of Joy to herald her birth. I personally think that was just happenstance to have three Kingsguard there because there is only seven and the rest were doing other things. Still, if I recall correctly, Preston Jacobs has a theory around RLD. Aegon is the one who was born at the tower. I'm not on board the RLJ or the RLD train. Some other dude got Lyanna pregnant. Brandon is the choice for good drama.
  6. Mordred

    Daenerys and the number 3

    The number 3 has been significant in the eastern plot of the story because it is important to Daenerys. One only need look at examples to get an idea. 3 dragons 3 bloodriders 3 fires 3 hand maids 3 husbands Daenerys is the third living child from Aerys and Rhaella Child of 3. She is the direct descendant of Visenya, Aegon, and Rhaenys. She comes from the house with 3 dragons on its flag. She speaks 3 languages 3 slaver cities Can you think of any other time when the number 3 was significant for Daenerys?
  7. Is it still being developed?
  8. Mordred

    Sam in basic training

    Martin was put in non-combat duty during the war. There should be an option to serve your country (night watch in this case) besides fighting on the battle field. For example, Sam can make arrows and repair weapons. I see no reason to put Sam through basic combat training if he's never going to see any fighting. But unfortunately, the old bear took Sam into combat on the other side of the wall. That was wrong because they took him out of training and then they take him on a ranging.
  9. Mordred

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    What if Jon was smart? What if Sansa had any sense? What if Tyrion can slam dunk? Beauty is just one facet of the complicated character that is Daenerys Targaryen. She is a natural leader and proven when she kept her weak khalasar together through the Red Waste. Courage? She has plenty. She is very intelligent and proven when she consistently outmaneuvers her enemies. She rescued 8 thousand plus unsullied from Kraznys Mo Naklos using the best strategy ever employed in the novels. She wrote the book on The Art of War II. Her beauty adds to the depth of her character and one of her personal traits that make her special. It's a mistake to assume that people only respect Daenerys because of her beauty. She is hero material right from the beginning. She found a way to survive the Dothraki and win the affections of her horselord husband. She brought the dragons back from extinction. She rescued 8 thousand abused unsullied from their sadistic master. This fourteen year old girl lent her strength to her people and got them across the desert. She bested the warlocks of Qarth and outsmarted them in their own palace. So when Missandei calls, " The Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men. The Mother of Dragons. Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. Breaker of Chains" those are titles clearly deserved.
  10. I guess you don't believe in the Southron Conspiracy. I do.
  11. Robert didn't want to break up the kingdom. He wanted to rule the kingdom.
  12. Mordred

    Meereen and the Great Skahazadhan

    Great Egyptian pyramid with terraces for gardens.
  13. Mordred

    Shouldnt great houses have numerous wards?

    Many wards or many hostages? Some wards are not there by choice.
  14. Mordred

    The identity of the Knight of the Laughing Tree

    The laughing tree sigil shows a sense of humor. That's not in keeping with Ned's personality. He's not Mr. Merry. Howland or Lyanna.
  15. Mordred

    Narrative Wise, Did Robb Need to be a King?

    Stannis will never be able to prove that unless Cersei and Jaime make a full confession. Ned's words won't be forthcoming. The only other witness is an angry boy who can't walk.