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  1. Mordred

    Stone men appreciation thread

    Shireen and Connington will spread the disease. Stone Men versus Snow Men.
  2. Mordred

    Minor Characters And Their Endings

    1. Goes back with Tyrion to confront Cersei. 2. Not good for this little one. Val is out to kill her. 3. She goes to the citadel and raise hell about their admissions policy. 4. Stays behind to rule Meereen on Dany's behalf while she rescues Aegon. 5. I am 50/50, he or Thorne become the next commander.
  3. Mordred

    Minor Characters And Their Endings

    Not today.
  4. Aegon possessed no claim to the small kingdoms of Westeros. The Hoares are ironborn and had no claim to the Riverlands. The Starks had no claim to sea dragon point. Renly had a claim but behind his brother. Joffrey and the Lannisters have no claim. Nothing stopped these people from ruling or trying to rule. Could it be that claim means little and it is a matter of military power? I now believe it is. We have debated claims among ourselves but the people in the text may have a better grasp of what it means. Prince Viserys knew he needed an army to take back his kingdom. He was not fool enough to believe he can show up and the Baratheons would step aside for his superior claim. Power is more important. Someone with enough power can dispense with claims. Visenya, Aegon, and Rhaenys did something like that. The High Sparrow has the most power in Westeros now if we accept the idea behind the riddle from Varys. The people put this man in power. He was chosen by the largest demographic, the working class. The working class support the ruling class. The Lannisters remain in power despite the opinion of the lowborn masses. Their ability to hold on to that power is tenuous if someone comes along who can win the people over.
  5. Bran's ancestor fed blood to the trees. I am doubtful if it was a one off event.
  6. Do you think they were expecting them to come back, Egyptian style? They were not on the level of tech as the ancient Egyptian mummification but the cold slows down decay. Kings of Winter may mean more than people think it does. Like the Others are Starks? The Starks become the Others?
  7. It had to be a natural formation. An underground cave that was there before the castle was built. Excavation on that scale in a land that freezes for significant parts of the year is no easy task. The builders built on top of the cave and made use of it to store their dead.
  8. Mordred

    Poll: 10 actions of asoiaf

    yes no no yes no no no yes yes yes
  9. Mordred

    What happened to the Targaryen slaves?

    The Targaryens gave up many Valyrian practices and customs. Some which could have brought them increased wealth and power. Just to list a few: Forging of Valyrian steel weapons. Slavery Polygamy Valyrian gods Valyria had become like Sodom and Gomorrah. Aenar tried to save as many as he could and his warning fell on deaf ears. The Targaryens wanted to leave Valyria behind to create a better world. And naturally to save themselves. Aenar brought slaves with him to Dragonstone because he wanted to save them from the doom. He could have sold them for profit but he chose to take them to safety with his own family. He could not leave them behind to die. Giving them freedom was not an option because the other families would simply capture them perhaps send them to the mines. Aenar did the right thing. He wanted to give up slavery but could not simply release the ones his family had owned. He took them to Dragonstone and the Targaryens cared for them until they lived their natural lives. They were not replaced. So the Targaryens gave up slavery and it ended for good when the last one died.
  10. Based on the stories of Old Nan and the fact that the Others accepted his sacrifice. Which I believe were his own children. The Others seem particular about who they take. Craster was very likely descended from Stark blood. I believe there is a connection between the Night's King, the Starks, and the Crasters. I subscribe to the YouTube program linked below. The host presented an interesting opinion on the matter. Ideas of Ice and Fire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShAZMy7gvI8
  11. Mordred

    Poll on Greyscale

    Greyscale happens in damp and cold places. Shireen will spread the disease in the north.
  12. Mordred

    Danys the good guy?

    I think you mistake who the sociopath is. Arya is the sociopath. There is nothing wrong with Dany's ambition to take back the kingdom that her family built. It is no different if a Stark wanted to take back Winterfell. Sure, the Targaryens lost but the rightful king escaped and was crowned, King Viserys. Daenerys is his heir. If you want to argue right of conquest taking away property then we need to consider that the Starks rebelled and lost. It doesn't matter how the Starks lost, they lost, and they lost badly. Eddard already gave a public confession to treason. Dany has as much claim to the seven kingdoms as the Starks have to Winterfell.
  13. Mordred

    Justin Massey

    No. Someone else will make a better offer. Magister or someone else will meet him and give him an offer that Stannis can't beat.
  14. Mordred

    Daenerys and the number 3

    This is a joke. Daenerys is one of smartest teenagers in the books. Jon is not even average. Remember the poem-like refrain throughout the books, "you know nothing jon snow" is very accurate.
  15. Mordred

    Daenerys and the number 3

    If you can believe the R+L=D, three virgin Kingsguard all died at the Tower of Joy to herald her birth. I personally think that was just happenstance to have three Kingsguard there because there is only seven and the rest were doing other things. Still, if I recall correctly, Preston Jacobs has a theory around RLD. Aegon is the one who was born at the tower. I'm not on board the RLJ or the RLD train. Some other dude got Lyanna pregnant. Brandon is the choice for good drama.