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  1. Mordred

    Which book has the best final chapter?

    Book 1. A Game of Thrones.
  2. Jon Arryn started that war. He should have done as he was commanded and executed Robert and Ned. Their families were plotting to take down the Targaryen monarchy. Which make them the villains in my view.
  3. The land was also peaceful during the reign of Aerys and the economy was thriving. He left a full treasury. Robert squandered all of that money and borrowed some more.
  4. Mordred

    There must Always be a Stark at Winterfell

    The words have meaning but it doesn't have to mean they can't take a vacation from their vigil.
  5. Mordred

    There must Always be a Stark at Winterfell

    Are you kidding? Bran had a vision of his ancestors cutting a man's throat to feed his blood to the weirwood.
  6. The bastard children with nothing to inherit come to take what's theirs. Winter is their time to rule.
  7. Mance Rayder. He's a collection of unadmirable character traits.
  8. Mordred

    There must Always be a Stark at Winterfell

    To feed the Weirwood tree. The Starks feed humans to the grotesgue tree in Winterfell. The iron swords keep the spirits of the ancient kings of winter confined to their tombs. It's a ward. The Starks do not burn their dead. They entomb them. Perhaps waiting for the day when the White Walkers will come again and resurrect them. Summer only saw rising smoke. His frame of reference will come from nature. A rising smoke is flying. The only thing that rises is something flying.
  9. Mordred

    Predicting the Future of Characters

    Justin Massey will double-cross Stannis. He goes over to Cersei and swears himself to Joffrey. He takes the gold and Stannis is still responsible for paying it. Asha, Aurane, and Theon will fight with Euron. Theon will survive because he's the only interesting person in Westeros. Lancel, Shadrich, High Sparrow, Daven, Lothar, the Sand Snakes, and Black Walder will be killed by the Others. Only a few will survive through the winter. The Starks will die and the ones who still have dogs will warg their animals. They will be the last to die in the north. Hizdarh, Daario, and Jhago will be executed by the harpies. Missandei, Greyworm, Belwas, Jorah, Brown Ben Plumm, Symon Stripeback, Tattered Prince, and the rest of the Targaryen army will accompany Daenerys Targaryen during her campaign against slavery. Tyrion will be executed for treason but not until the last book. Penny will mourn him and move on. Victarion will die in Meereen. The Green Grace will be exposed. Shes the harpy. She gets executed for terrorism. This is out there but chances are good for Missandei to ride one of the dragons. The third rider will be a Dothraki.
  10. Mordred

    What happened to the Dragons between riders?

    The author of F&B (I do not mean George but rather the fictional historian) never knew. Cannibal and Sheepstealer were already nesting on Dragonstone before the Targaryens took the island. The Targaryen dragons hatched on their own and the exact dob may not be known precisely. The eggs were fresh and they hatched without need for a human to make a sacrifice.
  11. Mordred

    Name the Parents

    Illyrio + Serra = Aegon Mopatis-Blackfyre King Aerys + Queen Rhaella = Daenerys Tywin + Joanna = Tyrion Mance + Lyanna = Jon Oberyn + a Dayne lady = Darkstar
  12. Mordred

    Will Jon be Dany's heir