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  1. I have ten days won. Lament and be woeful.

  2. Vote or Die, Bichas

  3. just completed seven consecutive days of bikram yoga

  4. wants to know why robots always say 'I. Am. A. Robot.' Uh, duh. We know. You're all chrome-like and non-biological.

  5. Spencer Rice!?! Seriously? No way! You must be working for the evil Kenny! For the record, both are from Toronto, and are great guys to hang around in person. Their show is also hilarious.

  6. I believe you are now my nemesis.

  7. Bring it on, Ms. Mostly Harmless.

  8. You are just ridonkujealous.

  9. Chaotic Evil? Prepare to Be Vanquished.

  10. you're not gangsta. i know that you secretly love british techno rave music.

  11. The hat was pretty rad, yes, but people demanded that I bring back the schwank.

  12. It is true. I am irresistible. Even Bowie lays down before me.

  13. Your avatar gives me nightmares.

  14. I am offended that I am not already on your friends list.

  15. All Hail the Aspect Douche!

  16. Your avatar is pure win.

  17. Loving the black hair ... [licks lips slowly]

  18. Steve, you're at .12 per day!! You wild child!!

  19. You have been peeking at my profile again, Missy! If you're interested, just ask ;)

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