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  1. Bastard of Boston

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 9: Returning to the Fold

    Yeah, they'll likely say it's not the most successful film that wins, but the "best" most successful film. If Black Panther wins, I hope the cast goes on stage and barks at the academy, M'Baku style.
  2. Bastard of Boston

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 9: Returning to the Fold

    So, the Oscars created a new category called "Best Popular Film" because they REALLY don't want to give any of these comic book movies recognition, so they'll make up a "separate, but equal" category. How ridiculously tone deaf, when you consider this was done likely because of Black Panther's undeniable impact.
  3. Bastard of Boston

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Aquaman trailer!
  4. Bastard of Boston

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    SHAZAM! trailer!
  5. Bastard of Boston

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 9: Returning to the Fold

    Regardless of whether or not Gunn should've been fired, the outcome is indicative of a pretty haphazard method of accountability. It seems this was only done because someone decided to make his old comments trend. The right is weaponizing the morality of the left. As shitty as Gunn might be, I hate that there are worse people than him behind this movement to get him fired.
  6. Bastard of Boston

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 9: Returning to the Fold

    Wow. James Gunn was fired. https://deadline.com/2018/07/james-gunn-fired-guardians-of-the-galaxy-disney-offensive-tweets-1202430392/ The Guardians films were never my favorite, but I know they rank high among MCU fans. This is a big blow. That said, I'm interested to see who they get to replace him.
  7. Bastard of Boston

    Titans -- a DC Universe Series

    I forgot to include that the monthly price for the DC Universe streaming service -- as this show will only feature on DC's own streaming service -- will be $7.99. Or you can spring for the full year for $74.99. Stargirl was added as the fourth live action show to feature as original content -- Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol are the other shows. No doubt, they'll also throw in older shows like Smallville and Lois and Clark. This is in addition to a new season of Young Justice and a Harley Quinn cartoon. There will also be "curated" comics, similar to Marvel Unlimited, but as the "curated" description implies, more...limited.
  8. Bastard of Boston

    Titans -- a DC Universe Series

    Hm. So, do I need to watch Teen Titans GO! before I watch this? Or would I be good just starting here?
  9. Bastard of Boston

    Ant-Man and the Wasp and the Spoilers

    I can't help but love Paul Rudd in everything, doing anything. I put him on the level of Robert Downey, Jr. I think they're both always worth the price of admission -- even if the film isn't particularly strong. RDJ saved two sketchy Iron Man films. And I walked away from this one feeling similarly underwhelmed by the package, but appreciating the charm. I actually feel a little...guilty about how disappointed I was. Only Paul Rudd can make you feel like an asshole for having a critical opinion of a movie. For a film that had a bunch of competing storylines, it felt sparse, barely held together by two or three dangling threads. I was hoping that the movie would double down on legacy, giving us much more of the search for Janet Van Dyne, while also showing us lots of dueling scenes featuring the two different eras of Ant-Man and the Wasp. Unfortunately, Michelle Pfeiffer barely left a fingerprint on anything. Her casting was such big news and seemed so appropriate, only to culminate in dust...see what I did there? The Sonny Burch character was someone we've seen before...and seen done better before. Laurence Fishburne was even more wasted than Michelle. Ghost had the makings of a compelling villain, but the film stopped just short of making me care about her. The way her arc was resolved in (literally) the most hand wavy way possible exemplified my frustration with the movie -- nothing seemed particularly thought through or interesting. I know we all wanted something light after how heavy Infinity War was, but this one melted like cotton candy in your mouth. Tasted pretty sweet, but didn't satisfy the hunger. I'm so smooth.
  10. Bastard of Boston

    Cloak & Dagger on (dramatic pause) Freeform *Spoilers*

    ^ Curious about what you think now that the show is incorporating more and more of the setting. I know nothing about New Orleans, so it's hard to know whether I should be impressed with their efforts. That said, I just finished episode 4, and I'm still completely on board with this show. We finally get some meaty interactions between the two leads, and I like the chemistry. Also, first appearance of Cloak's cloak!
  11. As the most voracious of voracious superhero fans, even I'm burned out by the quantity of comic-based TV shows on the air right now. I'll still devour the movies, but I'm absolutely numb when it comes to the shows...the CW finally broke me. That said, I went into Cloak and Dagger with eyes of the glazed variety. I have fond memories of the character from the 90s, though, so I had to give this one a shot. I enjoyed the hell out of this. It's on Freeform, which I didn't even know was a thing before this show was announced, so I think it'll be hard for many to find -- it's offered on Hulu, though. Overall, I thought the show was shot really well. I'm a lapsed Catholic, but I'm still fascinated by Catholic imagery, and there's a lot of that. It befits the characters' origin, though. I thought the two leads were solid and the fresh take on the characters is interesting. That said, the setting is supposed to be New Orleans, and that didn't come across at all. I still appreciate the fact that they're basing the show out of the standard superhero bubble. It's one to watch. Thankfully, it's a short season, too.
  12. Bastard of Boston

    Deadpool 2 (SpoilyourbreechesstupidautofillAway)

    It was fine. Very funny. It was absolutely what I expected it to be. I suppose that can be interpreted as a slight, and maybe it is -- it was something I'm absolutely fine with never seeing again, even though I enjoyed myself. I don't think it broke much new ground, compared to the original. And in that sense, if I'm going to re-watch a Deadpool movie, it will be the one which came out of nowhere. There was a recklessness to that first film which this one lacked. Killing Vanessa was bold, but I didn't feel like they did anything interesting with it. Deadpool snapped out of the funk relatively uneventfully. For a franchise which is hilariously self-aware, there wasn't one much-needed joke about how cliche those afterlife scenes were. I don't know. This movie kind of cemented the fact that I'm fine with Deadpool being the most notable casualty of this Fox deal. I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to see this X-Force movie. That post-credits scene was the best we've seen, though. Hilariously, as funny as it was, it even does a lot of heavy lifting for FoX-Men continuity. Suddenly, all of the inconsistencies in the X-Men films can be blamed on Deadpool. It's ingenious. Played for laughs, but "fixes" everything.
  13. Gotta say, I did a double take with that Thanos bomb tonight. I loved it. Regardless of the movies and their typical treatment of the TV properties, it seems the estrangement was becoming more and more of a thing on the TV side, too. Has it been several years since we got an episode tying into a movie? I mean besides an easter egg. Significant development -- if Thanos is attacking Earth during this episode, the show can't not somehow deal with the aftermath next season -- if there is one.
  14. Bastard of Boston

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    One possibility is Thanos sees himself as benevolent and fair. Maybe the reason he didn't kill anyone he didn't have to was due to him leaving it up to his rapture. I think Thanos' motivations were almost religious. He killed Gamora, but that was for his "greater good." There's Heimdall and Loki, but both were on the ship with the other massacred Asgardians. They were part of the half that was "supposed" to die. The only other person he intended to kill was Tony, and you could argue it was out of character for Thanos, as he was frustrated at that point and needed to impress upon the heroes that he wasn't going to play around for much longer. Nobody's perfect. Ironically enough, as much of a murderer Thanos is, he has a strict code in how he goes about it.
  15. Bastard of Boston

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    RE: Why did the heroes struggle so much when they had stones of their own? One of the themes explored in the Doctor Strange movie, and I think here too, is the idea that magic has a price. It's even a theme within the recent Doctor Strange run by Jason Aaron. In it, Aaron brilliantly addressed the problematic idea that magic can fix anything by introducing a price for the user. Sometimes the user simply doesn't have the budget to afford the price of the magic used -- the more effective a spell is, the more detrimental effect on the user or a proxy. In the solo Doc Strange film, The Ancient One lost Mordo's loyalty when he discovered that she was channeling dark magic, and this was the only way she managed to stay alive so long. Strange was scolded by Wong when he played with time -- and Strange's acts were limited to small areas, not the time stream as a whole. Even Thanos' trick to bring Vision back was, again, limited to Vision. Everything else was progressing in real time, it's just Vision was rewound and inserted back into the regular flow of time. I think it's fair to say the reason why the heroes simply didn't employ the stones they had was due to the potential cost of using the magic. Sure, Thanos had no qualms about using the stones, but he was also fine with sacrificing his daughter and half the universe. It's like having a nuke. Your enemy may have a nuke, and they're willing to drop it on you, but unless you have the same taste for the destruction that would cause, you'd keep the nuke in your back pocket and find less effective ways to deal with the enemy. In a way, Strange already utilized the stone by looking at all the potential futures, anyway. A more passive way of putting it to use, without actually effecting the timeline. Vision had the Mind Stone, but it was established that the stone is what's contributing to his sentience. He didn't even understand it. You could argue Vision can't use the stone because the stone is already occupying a specific function. And, continuing the idea of the potential price of wielding the stones, I truly believe we're going to see this price paid next year. Some of the OG Avengers are going to need to make the ultimate sacrifice to reset the universe. There's a reason why all these stones were kept separate and hidden. The Novas and the Collector had no intention of using either of the stones they were holding for a reason. Even the Space Stone was, you could argue, was kept contained in the Cube to dilute its sheer power. Same with the Mind Stone, which was in Loki's staff. Again, another way to contain the raw power of the stone. You know you love a movie when you're completely ready to discuss all this nerdy shit to explain away any holes.