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  1. Bastard of Boston

    Crisis on Infinite Earths (CW Arrowverse massive crossover)

    The shows are all just as terrible as ever, but there's a certain charm to these event crossovers. For example, Crisis is certainly not well-written by any stretch of the imagination, but the spectacle is so damn fun. It reminds me of the ridiculous tales I'd play out with my action figures when I was a kid. For that reason, I am enjoying this crossover. Seeing Routh as Superman has been the unexpected bright spot for me. I had no idea that I wanted to see him play the role again.
  2. Bastard of Boston

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    New Wonder Woman I dig all the lasso work being done in this.
  3. Bastard of Boston

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    X-Force was comparable to Mauraders for me. Didn't love it, but willing to see where it goes. I'm not willing to concede that everything in this issue should be taken at face value. Something is going on. I loved New Mutants. So great to see the actual NM and Gen X mingling. I just wish more Gen X members were included on the roster. Monet and Synch were name-dropped, so I'm hoping they'll play a bigger role in future issues.
  4. Bastard of Boston

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    RE: The Dawn of X books. Weirdly enough, I was not crazy about X-Men #1...weird, because it's Hickman's book, and I absolutely loved HoXPoX and I'm completely on board with his take. I found X-Men #1 to be a little bit too exposition heavy, especially during the opening mission...did not feel like Hickman wrote it, as I find he's a little bit more stylish with weaving in exposition without it feeling like characters are reciting lines from wikipedia. The most intriguing part of the book was honestly the map of the Summers base, because ya know...connecting rooms. I do not like Yu's art. It's almost unbearable at this point. And I used to be a fan. Cannot wait until he's replaced. It all just looks so haphazard, harsh, and sketchy. Marauders was "okay." I wasn't offended by it, but I wasn't blown away. I agree that it's the most interesting Kitty/Kate we've gotten in forever. I've grown so bored with the character, but she felt fun here. She actually had a personality. And, beyond that, I appreciate the fact that this book is taking a more "fast, loose, fun" approach. I do think it's important to diversify the line, and I don't want writers to try and write like Hickman. Only Hickman can Hickman. Even if this book may eventually evolve into "not for me" territory, I'm glad it exists...? If that makes sense. Art was nice -- I especially liked how movement in the issue felt so kinetic. The fight scenes made up for any mundane aspects of the issue. I loved Excalibur. But I'm an Excalibur mark. The OG series was huge for me as a kid. The book was so weird and ridiculous, but in the best possible sense. I thought the DoX version seemed like a worthy successor, harkening back to the Otherworld stuff, while still tying back to Krakoa. I am very much a fan of Betsy back in her original body and taking on the role of Cap Britain. I love the design. And further, the art on this book is such a breath of fresh air. Just very clean and "pretty." Perfect style for the content. The data pages were especially nice. They felt like they belonged, unlike the data in Marauders.
  5. Bastard of Boston

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    Some more movement on the Reeves Batman movie... Colin Farrell in talks for Penguin Andy Serkis in talks for Alfred Farrell is definitely going against type.
  6. I think this has even bigger implications for the comics. Feige is now in charge of them, too, which is pretty insane. One has to wonder what this means for Perlmutter.
  7. Bastard of Boston

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    Zoe Kravitz will star opposite Pattinson, as Catwoman
  8. I interpreted the part in the report about Sony's Spideyverse being "loosely connected" to the MCU to be somewhat like an AoS situation. Sony will have the power to reference the MCU, but the MCU will no doubt pretend like the Sony movies don't exist, but for Spidey.
  9. Kate Bishop is an amazing character, though. She is perfect for the role. I imagine Renner is on his last legs as far as the MCU goes. In the comics, Kate is jokingly referred to as the better Hawkeye, and in the case of the MCU, that can totally be the case.
  10. High school recreates Infinity War and Endgame in dance number Why didn't I go to THAT school?
  11. Bastard of Boston

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    I didn't mind the logic problems in the HoX suicide mission because the pathos was so great. I can forgive a lot if you can write a story which makes me feel something, and yes, Hickman took deaths that will clearly be reversed and made me care. The scene between Nightcrawler and Wolverine was especially great. Monet was peak Monet -- "Try harder, Marvel Girl." Marvel Girl appears to be fairly nerfed in this story. I can't help but wonder if there's something to that, along with her decision to go back to her original Marvel Girl codename and costume. She's very animated series-esque, in that you feel like she'll faint in every panel. Today's issue of PoX had some great Sinister stuff. The blind items were a ton of fun. Can't wait to see people pick those apart.
  12. Can we talk about Variety reporting Hailee Steinfeld was offered the role of Kate Bishop for the Hawkeye Disney+ show? What an amazing get that would be. She'd be perfect, and beyond that, just the type of young actress that can usher in the changing of the guard we expect via Young Avengers.
  13. Bastard of Boston

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    Absolutely STACKED week in comics. In spite of the groaning re: Marvel's "#1000" issue, I liked it a lot. I thought the story weaved throughout the entire issue by Ewing was really compelling -- enough to propel me through the one page stories which fell flat. And c'mon. At the risk of being cliche, HoX #3, y'all. Yes, there's the bigness of the arc itself, but I am loving the character beats we've been getting. The Emma Frost entrance in HoX #3 was almost as good as the Magneto stuff in #1. That panel is good enough to be added to the Emma iconography, worthy of being memed from now until the end of days. And Runaways continues to be the most slept on comic at Marvel. So damn good.
  14. Sersi is the most well-known, as she was the only Eternal to be an Avenger. She's also historically the wildcard, as she prefers to interact with humans throughout history instead of be a recluse. In some of the news blurbs I've read, Gemma Chan is touted as having the lead role, so something tells me that both her and Kit will be the main characters in the film, given the romance between Sersi and Dane in the comics. I was hoping this movie would be a period piece. The Eternals are thousands of years old and were mistaken for Greek gods during the time. I'd love to see the hyper cosmic designs of Kirby juxtaposed with that setting.
  15. Here's the full pic...the shadow is Wanda's, hinting at her classic costume.