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  1. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    Match Day 7: Portugal v Morocco; Uruguay v Saudi Arabia; Iran v Spain

    I'm a bit disappointed by our performance so far. Kudos to Iran for their solid defense though. ¡Vamos!
  2. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Yep. The dirty secret about the Nazis marking passports of Jews with star symbols was that this wasn't done to keep German Jews from emigrating. It was done at the request of the Swiss government who wanted to be able to reject Jewish refugees at the border because "the boat was full". (Note, also, that that rhetoric was revived on the right both in Switzerland and Germany during the refugee crisis.)
  3. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    @chiKanery et al. I'll get at your question from a slightly indirect angle. Back in 2004, I was in high school, and a member of the school's theater group. Our teacher had decided we'd perform a play about the fate of children in Auschwitz (yes, quite the heavy stuff...). While I had tenuously supported NATO's war in Afghanistan, I was happy Schröder had kept us out of Iraq, a war whose stated purpose made no sense to me even back as a teenager. A week before our first performance, news of the torture at Abu Ghraib broke. Before our first performance, our teacher reminded us that what we showed was important, particularly considering what was going on in Iraq. I thought she was a bit hyperbolic, if essentially right in her criticism of Abu Ghraib. I have kept that opinion for over a decade, even in the face of what we now know about Guantanamo, about the justifications of the Iraq war and its ramifications: Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo were horrible places, but they nevertheless weren't the places of annihilation of entire peoples, and while they were terrible, they at least happened in a context of war and terrorism. They were utterly wrong. They were evil. But while they weren't justifiable, they were at the same time understandable, at least to some degree. This, though, is worse than 2004. These children did nobody any harm. They had no choice in the travel they committed. And there's no US war against Mexico, no Latin-American terrorist organisations hell-bent on destroying the USA. On top of tht, they are children. It's still not on the level of the crimes of the Nazis. But it's a significant step up from the evils the US have committed in the 21st century so far.
  4. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    Yes, I do. Which is why I'm even more hesitant than usual (and i'm rather shy) in pursuing anything.
  5. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    So, what's the proper protocol around asking out salespeople? A store near my place as a new employee. I like her smile an want to get to know her better. OTOH, I don't want to be customer creep #5341. So, how to proceed? Other advice is also appreciated. My dating game has been kind of dead for a decade or so, what with being in a 9-year relationship and not really interested in the whole thing for another year after.
  6. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    Welcome, Depression, old friend. I had almost forgot about you. Nice to see you stop by. ... Sadly, I don't have any space for you in my life right now. So if you would be so kind, would you leave now, please? ... Thought so. Well then, you know the place. Hope it's to your liking.
  7. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    German politics xth attempt

    I wouldn't know, either. Coalition talks would be tough, as currently, no two-party coalition could hope to get a majority, and three-party coalitions need to find some common ground, which is what sank the Union/FDP/Grüne (roughly: Conservatives/Libertarians/Greens) talks last time around. A lot would depend on the fallout from the current standoff.
  8. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    German politics xth attempt

    We sure do live in interesting times... I don't see how Merkel survives this in the medium term. The CSU will continue to push this issue, potentially preserving their hold on Bavaria (I hope not, though. Their antics inside the state have been quite intense, too. What with all those 1940's style police orders and forced crucifixes in government buildings. It's quite disheartening to see from up close, particularly with several friends directly affected by the new police orders). And while it might help the CSU, it will absolutely wreck the CDU in the process. Even the grand coalition would not have a majority now, according to polls. Meanwhile, the SPD can't afford to just give in to all of Seehofer's and Söder's demands, either. Something's gotta give.
  9. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    Match Day 4: Costa Rica v Serbia; Germany v Mexico; Brazil v Switzerland

    While Spain didn't win their opening match, they had an opponent of a quality most other favorites wouldn't see until the quarterfinals, and indeed who I'd have put into 5th or 6th place in the list of pre-tournament favorites. So I wouldn't discount them just because it was a draw. In fact, Both Spain and Portugal have, I think, increased their chances by being the only favorites so far who looked reasonably sharp.
  10. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    Match Day 4: Costa Rica v Serbia; Germany v Mexico; Brazil v Switzerland

    Germany have shifted to a 3-2-3-2 with Kimmich as second central midfielder. At the very least, they're regaining more chances in the midfield. Still, pretty late for that move.
  11. Let's discuss today's matchups here: Ticos v. Serbs, ze Germans v. those behind the Wall, Brazil v. Banking Serbia-Costa Rica might be the least exciting game in terms of name recognition, but it's once again a case of two teams having to win in order to have any chance of advancing, so even if the football quality may not be the greatest, I expect a lot of intensive gameplay and clear pushes for some wins.
  12. Well, Croatia at least managed to win the bronze medal back in 1998, beating Germany and the Netherlands in the process so they've had some limited success already.
  13. Eh, your (insufficient) google translate skills are showing there "Droit" does not mean what you think it means...
  14. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    I hate to defend Russia here, but they didn't need to corrupt FIFA to get the WC. FIFA has been corrupt for decades already, Russia didn't need to do a thing.
  15. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    Match Day 2: Uruguay v Egypt; Morocco v Iran; Spain v Portugal

    What a game. Sadly, Ronaldo managed to make it a draw, but even if I can't stand him, I have to admit his greatness.