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  1. @RhaenysBee You’re not going to get a unified answer ;) The rules themselves differ between countries and within the rules there is so much scope to interpret what they mean and what your own personal risks are. So the best thing to do is just do what feels safe to you. We put shopping in quarantine at the beginning but stopped doing it. We disinfect phones if we use them outside. But according to our authorities, the virus is spread in family and friend meetings or at work (when people forget to keep their distance) and we don’t meet with people or go to work (I met up with friends twice since March and we kept our distance both times).

    I mentioned before I don’t believe in closing borders. We went for a week’s holiday abroad and I believe we were much safer than many people staying at home. The only risky thing was eating out, which we don’t do when we’re home. 

  2. 10 hours ago, Kalbear said:

    I am amused how many actual marriages came out of Glascon in one way or another.


    9 hours ago, Lightning Lord said:

    EZboard looked like the html page I made in 9th grade for my school's Model UN program.

    I mourn it still.

    I had a really badass avatar on ezboard. None of this cuddly monkey crap.

  3. We’re probably only be able to see what definitely works and what doesn’t when it’s all over. And obviously at first all cases were imported, but it’s different now for all of Europe. 


    But I also wonder about the research regarding schools. Are those researchers claiming schools pose no risk happy to recommend full opening of schools in Florida? Or are schools not a risk only because lockdowns otherwise worked?

  4. @The Anti-Targ most of the articles I saw concerned the situation in Europe which is obviously extremely different from countries such as NZ or Australia, which you can just close off to any international traffic. Or even USA vs Canada where the situation is vastly different.

    You just cannot close off a European country from other European countries, even in the deepest lockdown we still had cargo traffic on a daily basis, cross-border workers, even seasonal workers being transported by chartered flights, not to mention repatriation of citizens. 

    That’s is why I find it ridiculous that some countries are shutting borders to other EU countries. If you think you’re surrounded by countries where cases are rising but somehow your country is being spared, you’re fooling yourself. Your country is just not testing enough, or not testing the right people.

  5. 3 hours ago, RhaenysBee said:


    New infections are soaring in neighboring countries, but the borders are still open. This exact same thing happened in March, we waited too long to close the borders and let travelers bring in the virus from abroad. And why? Because irresponsible and spoiled people would make a tantrum if they couldn’t go on holiday. 


    There’s been plenty of research indicating closing borders is the least effective tool in halting spread. Here’s a recent article I saw.


    Instead, we find no effects for international travel controls, public transport closures and restrictions on movements across cities and regions.

  6. Luxembourg is being penalised by some countries for testing aggressively and it’s pissing me off.



    Denmark, the Baltic countries, and Norway have all put Luxembourg on their "blacklists" - and it seems that more countries are banning Luxembourg residents from entering.

    Luxembourg is currently carrying out 9,582 tests per 100,000 residents per week. Malta comes in second with 1,300 weekly tests per 100,000 residents while the Grand-Duchy's neighbouring countries only perform between 500 and 600 weekly tests per 100,000 residents.


  7. 12 hours ago, williamjm said:

    I don't have the link now but I saw a story about a different drug which has also had some wild swings in reputation recently saying that scientists in the UK have started a trial to investigate whether ibuprofen could be beneficial in treating the symptoms of covid-19.

    yeah, I read that too. Funny :D

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