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  1. Not quite. You asking the questions is entirely reasonable. The filling the internet with rubbish starts when those who know little expound a lot.
  2. Letting Nixon resign without criminal charges being laid was a bad decision that still hangs over the US today. Presidents are not kings and should be held liable for their crimes. If charges were laid, Ford pardoning him afterwards would still leave him as an example for those that followed him. No image rehabilitation later could ever take away the fact he was a crook.
  3. Del Duca ran for the Liberal leadership and was just about the only serious contender. I think the rest sat out waiting for a better time to run as the feelings against the Libs was still pretty strong.
  4. The article Zorral posted earlier about the homosexual mafia in DC specifically mention Ronnie.
  5. How J. Edgar Hoover was never outed remains a mystery. Oh and Ronnie Reagan too.
  6. I would never do that for helping out someone. I like being helpful. It lets me show off my multitude of skills and the vast depths of my knowledge. Besides I like Spockydog.
  7. Weed is legal here in Canada. When Spocky gets his Nobel for growing stuff on Mars and in space, I am sure he will mention me in his acceptance speech.
  8. When TOS was being created, you have to remember that resources and special effects were limited and the show was canceled after the second season. Fan mail brought it back for a 3rd season but CBS was determined to kill it and did. It was a hardscrabble existence and getting everything perfect was not an option.
  9. I just saw on my news feed that Michael Sussman was acquitted. I thought this was a bullshit case in the beginning. Another Trump ass kisser of a prosecutor goes down in flames.
  10. There are different types. One type is meant for stair treads as it has a slight Rake on one edge to make it non slip. The other type lays flat and makes a good screen. Message me directly if you have any technical questions. I don't mind helping you out.
  11. 1400 watts for a vacuum cleaner is not enough? No matter how many watts your vac is it doesn't break the laws of physics and generate more than 15 psi of a pressure differential.
  12. Look for expanded metal. That is what we call it here in Canada. I have used it for building stairs and machine guarding. It is nasty to work with as the edges are sharp but it can be welded into an angle iron frame. I hope this helps.
  13. My little granddaughter already has that power. She did it to her parents and me a few months ago. At 15 months of age she was walking around with a pail making pretend barfs into it, just like mummy and daddy. She still thinks hearing that is the height of humor.
  14. My daughter's music teacher in elementary school was also a band member for Rompin' Ronnie.
  15. I just heard that Ronnie Hawkins died. He came up here from Arkansas in the 50s to play rockabilly music in Canada and never left. His backing bands became better known than him but his influence on music was off the charts. He was 87 years old.
  16. Opinions may differ but the facts don't. Keep that in mind.
  17. I guess he didn't alienate enough of Alberta to be a real conservative.
  18. Look it up and follow the math. This is not just the UK but across all societies.
  19. There has been research done on how and why some people end up with a huge proportion of the wealth and others end up either so much less. It comes down to random chance. When you look at the distribution of wealth it tends to follow a power law, just as the distribution of smaller and larger earthquakes do. There are many other physical phenomena that also follow the same distribution. This very strongly suggests that random chance or luck has more to do with gaining wealth than anything else.
  20. I was born in 1956, 11 years after a war that changed both of my parent's lives in a huge way. At 5 I was well aware of who the Nazis were, as were just about every kid my age. Parent's talked, comic books carried war stories, older siblings may even had memories of the war. Never underestimate how much a 5 year old knows.
  21. No it doesn't seem to be. There is a YouTube channel by Becky Smethurst. Look for Dr. Becky. She is an astrophysicist who will be getting time on the JWST at some point for her research. She went through the list of the top 20 targets.
  22. I just read online that Ukraine intelligence is saying a coup against Putin is in progress now. BTW, did anyone else notice Putin seems to be on steroids?
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