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  1. I never heard this theory before. Has it been discussed in other places before?
  2. The northern lords don't know about Dany's eagerness to help. I believe you're right about the lords not taking the threat seriously. Most of them didn't see the others, they followed Jon against the Boltons, they were annoyed with the Boltons. Most, like Glover, are still playing the Game of Thrones. But this poses a chance for Dany. She still has to show the Westerosi lords she's worthy. To most she might still look like the arrogant and temperamental previous Targaryens (the Tarly deaths doesn't help on that regard). If Dany can conquer Sansa's and the others lords respect without threats and meaningless complaints, she can grow a lot. She has to learn a little from Jon. Sam asked if she would give up her crown for the realm. I'm not sure she would right now. But she might grow in that direction (and then die, GRRM would do that IMO). I'm looking forward dor hher encounter with Jaime.
  3. I have the feeling this season might be full of "good enough" fan service based on the previous seasons, but the anticipated dramatic moments supposed to move the plot forward will be lacklusting and too simplistic. But I'm still happy to have some ASoIaF on my life again. It has been too long.
  4. I think Bran represents Jaime's ultimate redemption. It was his first major sin on the show. Bran also seems to have some kind of plan for Jaime.
  5. Yes it was. I have to admit that I enjoyed the Arya/Gendry/Hound reunion slmost as much as the Jon/Arya one. I think Sansa will be a good force against Dany. Dany needs to understand everyone doesn't just owe her alleigiance.
  6. I enjoyed the fact that Randyll's and Dickon's death had impact on the story. Making Dany be the one to tell Sam was a nice touch.
  7. I was hoping for that to happen too. Was it just me who though Jaime's scene with Qyburn took place in the same scenario as the Bran scene? They should have at least showed a different background if it was the same spot.
  8. It is highly unlikely. I'm one of those people who recommend reading the books, so I'll give you my thought on this. This happens because the bookreaders see much more flaws on the show than the non-reader, so we recommend the book, which is more more detailed and complex. Yes, you start to get a little disappointed with the show, but on the other hand you have (most of the times) a better version of the story. Essentially, we expect you to enjoy the book more than you enjoy the show. And so, you will also bare the curse of seeing the flaws on the show.
  9. I wish they had told the story of the Knight of the Laughing Tree, instead of the stupid Osha and Meera fight.
  10. I gave it a 6, but it was a very weak episode. I liked the scenes with Sam/Gilly, Theon/Ramsay, Cersei/Tyrion, Jaime/Roose and most of all Littlefinger/Varys. I completely hated Loras on this episode. Why did they make him the commom gay stereotype? I'm not a fan of Loras, but he was a completely different character. They made him so flat and simple he lost all his charisma. I think D&D are really struggling with Bran's story line. They give it some small screentime without giving it meaning. I felt that the only reason for Meera and Osha's discussiion was so that Meera could have some dialogue. What was Melisandre going after Gendry? I am looking forward to know where they are going with this. I guess Mel or Stannis will tell Gendry who his father was. I don't know if that's good or not for the story. Will Mel succeed on using Gendry or will Davos protect him, like he did with Edric in the books? At least it makes us, book fans, wonder about the future of a character too. I liked Thoros' interaction with Mel, and her reaction to Beric, but I think it was a little out of character to ssell Gendry just like that. The scenes of Jon/Ygritte were good. I think it was a good change Ygritte knew Jon was still a crow when he went over to Mance's side. And now she's trying to make Jon be loyal to her, to forget the Night's Watch for her. It was good. I had hoped Jon would toss Orell down the Wall, once they reach the top. I didn't liked the Olenna/Tywin scene. Olenna asking if Tywin had never tried boys before. God, what were they thinking? The best was Varys and Littlefinger. I always like their exchanges on the throne room. I loved how they made Littlefinger talk about a friend who would deal with Ros and later they show Joffrey leaving a room with his crossbow, before showing Ros' body. Damn, Jack Gleeson does a great job. They should've ended the episode with Littlefinger's monologue about chaos, instead of Jon and Ygritte atop of the Wall. It would've been much better.
  11. Welcome to the forum! I did not notice theon's theme at all. nice catch! I share your disapointment with the ressurection ritual, but at least they half-explained it later on the episode. It's worth to note that in the books Arya doesn't see the magical CPR, only Beric walking back from the shadows.
  12. This episode was just as good as "Dracarys" but in a completely different manner. It was creepy, heartbreaking, exciting, revealing all at once. Selyse is INSANE. I wasn't expecting those fetuses. Last episode when Melisandre talked about others with king's blood I though she was referring to Shireen. And Shireen was great, greyscale looked good in my opinion. She seemed like a nice cheerful kid. I liked that change. I loved Shireen singing in the credits, I listened until the end. Stannis was clearly unconfortable around his family, it was some good acting. Arya was the most heartbreaking for me. Nothing will surpass "I can be your family". Grey worm was nice, just like in the books. The bath scene also lived up to the books, right on the spot. The show never made a point of how Moat Calin is unconquerable from the south ( I dont think they ever mention it) so they had Robb march on Casterly Rock, but I don't know how they will make his will reach the neck. That will seems to be important for the future events. I liked how they made Karstark execution look so much like Ned executing that from the Watch. They even changed his weapon to a sword and made the sword fall with just one blow. Richard Madden's movements even ressembled Sean Bean's. Anyway, Great episode.
  13. Before, I didn't see the point of the Theon scenes, but now because of his cofession of not killing Bran and Rickon, saying Ned was his father and, of course, Ramsay's face when Theon is being chained up is really making me like this storyline. Still disappointed with the Bran storyline. There is satisfactory explanation on the Reeds or a good view of their relationship with Bran. I ship Meera and Bran so I'm dissapointed they haven't exchanged words yet. I liked that Varys could finally make his speech about his cutting, and the touch of the wizard in the box really justified it. I loved his interaction with the Queen of Thorns, but I think it was better when the Tyrells were doing that out of their own initiative. And they're implying Varys is scheming for the PW? WTF? I liked the conversation between Cersei and the QoT, and how Margeary is able to manipulate Joffrey better than Cersei. Even Tywin points that out. And also "I don't rely on you because you're not so smart as you think you are." HAR. Am I the only one who pauses the show to see what Tywin is writing on his letters? Finnally: Dany I was standing up during the whole scene. It was beyond epic. It was better than what I imagined when I read the books. The look on people's face when they noticed she was speaking Valyrian. Jorah and Barristan exchanging a look like "that's our girl". The scene of the Unsullied marching out of Astapor made my heart beat faster. I gave it a 10.
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