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  1. Is a man not entitled to the clicks of his own mouse?
  2. A nuclear strike will also have to be coordinated with weather forecasts. This is tomorrow's forecast for wind direction at 500 m altitude.
  3. Oh, was I unclear? I'd bet all my money that Russia is behind it. It happened on the same day as the ceremonial opening of the Baltic Pipeline, which completely covers Poland's gas consumption with Norwegian gas. Unknown drones were spotted near Norwegian oil platforms on the same day as well - all kinds of debate about installation safety and preventability of sabotage is going on here now. The consensus seems to be that it would not be difficult to cause significant disruption and damage even with relatively low-tech, untraceable equipment. Russian submarines have been fucking around in Swedish waters for years. Last year, eight months apart, two comms cables from mainland Norway to Svalbard were severed. Among other things, these cables transmit submarine identification data to the Norwegian military and NATO. The same bunch of Russian fishing vessels (as if that's all they were) were going round and round the area for hours on both occasions. Privately owned Russian luxury yachts (presumably fitted with bottom-mapping sonar equipment) have been spending inordinate amounts of time in waters near undersea oil and gas pipelines the last few years, so they know where our shit is. In short, they are fuckers, and the sooner their rotten state collapses in on itself the better. I only hope civilian suffering is kept to a minimum, for the sake of the younger generations who had no hand in the matter. As for the adults, if they want to close their eyes to reality, they should know that walking off a cliff is within the realm of possibility. Edit: As for the adults, if you let someone (Putin and his cronies) pull the wool over your eyes, don't come crying after they've led you off a cliff.
  4. I disagree. Al Qaida were international criminals, largely distrusted/despised by Afghan local leaders (ETA: And pretty much everyone else). Secure alliances with them, and send "Interpol-SWAT". The rest of Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. Oh, and send normal SWAT for Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Powell, Rice, etc.
  5. I had almost the same experience as kiko, apart from the details of the busywork they had us do. For example, much time was spent coupling smaller camouflage nets together into larger pieces, only to be taken apart again a few days later. And then re-coupled a few days after that. Plus very useful skills needed to survive and win in modern warfare, such as learning to march in unison, making your bed, and make the toe area of your boots all shiny. (Not clean, well kept and waterproofed, mind. Just shiny.) Oh, and watching montages of war-porn that were evidently intended to be "totally cool", but I found sickening. Lots of FLIR images of Iraqis being killed, IIRC. Bleh. After basic, I was on the NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface-Air Missile System) launcher deployment crew. (The system that Ukraine recently got from the US, who bought it from us 20-odd years ago.) There were a billion acronyms, and I remember a fraction of them. Other details too, such as the fact that the AMRAAMs used had to be reconfigured and reprogrammed for "upside down" firing, since they usually hang from rails under a plane wing, but on the launcher, the rail is underneath, technically making it an "AMRSAM". This, apparently, could only be done by the manufacturer (Raytheon?) even though the system was conceived domestically. The standard missile was expensive to begin with, but with the reconfiguration, the cost was staggering. Needless to say, we never actually fired any. They did let us see a real one once, though. Opened the crate like it was the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. Then it was back to the hollow training "missiles". Anyway, that's entirely useless now, since they've moved on to NASAMS II. As for other practical military things like shooting, I think I was at the shooting range 3-4 times, and we fired 20 shots each time, so I guess you could say we were EXPERT marksmen by the end, the lot of us. And they've since replaced the service rifles as well, so... There were attempts at teaching us about maps and compasses, but pffft. Didn't get the impression that they knew either. Oh, I did catch pneumonia from standing in diesel engine exhaust fumes for four hours though, so I now know what a 40C fever feels like. Spoiler alert, not great. Also not great, being told to walk a million, possibly a billion kilometers to the infirmary with said fever. So no, can't recommend. One star. ETA: On the national level, it is perhaps a bit hyperbolic to call general conscription a COMPLETE waste of time and money, since Norway does in fact have a military, and can fulfill its stipulated obligations to NATO. Are there better ways of doing things? Very probably, in my amateur armchairian opinion.
  6. I like the efficiency of this clip. "How boring is baseball" and "How terrible is mass produced US light beer" in under 20 seconds.
  7. And I'd bet that Russian click farms are going ballistic trying to give the non-story legs.
  8. Barca is also a huge motor for tourism. Makes no fiscal sense to let the club go tits up.
  9. 'Qui bono' should apply. A player/team benefiting from an error feels more unfair than being punished for one, IMO.
  10. Does anyone with the ability to do math want a little brain teaser? Apparently, higher atmospheric temperatures cause the rate of lightning strikes to go up, to the tune of 10 % per 1°F. What would the increase be per 1°C?
  11. Seen this? Bodycam footage from FC Köln - AC Milan. Pretty cool, I think. Watching it made me want to play, but my knees would rather I didn't, so...
  12. Our two experienced CBs are letting themselves down.
  13. I doubt Darth fucking Vader could do that, from what I'm seeing. ETA: Controlling the sub-factions, I mean.
  14. Will it feature shooting prospective rapists in the dick? If so, I'm buying it.
  15. So his plan is to go to The Winchester No. 10, have a cup of tea, and wait for all of this to blow over?
  16. Just did today's Wordle... Well played, NYT. Well played.
  17. Disney's liberalness is by comittee. Case in point.
  18. Re: Nova Kakhovka, looking at Google Earth there's a nuclear power plant further upriver, at Enerhodar. I assume it relies on the artificial lake created by the dam for cooling? So it'd be a really bad idea to futz with that dam for .
  19. With the disclaimer that I haven't yet tried it myself, a TW3 mod called Ghost Mode is apparently a favorite for many. I'm gonna try it for my next playthrough, but the last one is too fresh in my memory at the moment.
  20. Hah, that exact thing is what I do for a living, although almost exclusively English-Norwegian, if I can help it. ETA: Subtitling, that is.
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