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  1. They may be Andal by origin, but the countryside betrays a big cultural difference. Tyrion remarks on absence of towns in Pentosian Flatlands. Which Illyrio does not deny. People are there. Tillers and toilers, bound to soil. Illyrio owns estates there, but does not care to visit - stays inside the walls of Pentos. Old Illyrio is a fat coward, but the implication is that the rest of Pentosi nobility do likewise. Were the Flatlands dotted with stone castles held and lived in by Pentosi nobles like Westeros is, that would have been noted.
  2. Dragons lose usefulness sometime from 1910s to 1950s. Seriously. A dragon would not be invincible in 1945 - a fighter plane is faster and better armed - but a dragon does not need a runway to land and take off, and can slink away under a forest clearing the way a plane cannot. And while a dragon needs supplies, meat is standard issue - unlike aviation fuel and spares for airplanes or helicopters. You cannot fight a guerrilla war on an airplane without an airbase you can call your own, the way you could on a dragon. Until 1910, a side with dragons has aerial reconnaissance against a foe that has none. Plus the command and control advantages of having a few commanders/messengers capable of air travel. Before the limited spread of optical telegraph from 1790s, important news travelled at the speed of changes of horseback couriers. While dragonriders can sustain speeds of about 600 km per day (established speed of Jaehaerys and Alysanne, carrying two passengers as well - about 1800 km King´s Landing to Oldtown in 3 days). Napoleon needed 13 days Smorgon to Paris, 2100 km. Jaehaerys would have done that in three and a half days. If Napoleon, in 1809, were given a choice between marrying Marie-Louise (and alliance with Austria) or marrying Nettles (getting rides on Sheepstealer for her dowry) - who would he have picked?
  3. NO. We do not. WOIAF is full of absurdities and omissions. A lot of relevant stuff which should be available WOIAF simply fails to mention, calls mysterious or presents nonsense. Where we do have parallel and better coverage, in Fire and Blood, we see points where WOIAF is specifically wrong. For Pentos, Gessio Haratis tells differently (Andals of Pentos were subjugated to Valyria, but on terms.). Yandel dismisses Gessio´s account, but given Yandel´s own unreliability, that+s pot calling black... who knows? A kettle, or a plate? And no, we DON´t have the info to figure out whether Andals lived in Tyrosh and Lys before Valyrians. Yandel mentions founding of the sites - not who the previous settles of the countryside were. "Before the Dragons..." WHY do you think should the pre-Valyrian history of Pentos be mysterious? But Vale was by no means isolated: Sitting at Eyrie, Pentos is closer than Lannisport or Oldtown - and it is in the old Andalos. A historian sitting and writing in Gulltown should be well aware of what happens in Pentos, back when it was Andalos. Do we hear of Westerosi lordlings fostered at the court of Karlon the Great, and killed in Scouring of Lorath?
  4. Did Velaryons arrive to Dragonstone archipelago before Targaryens, or with them? About the use of glass candles: it is said that with glass candles, sorcerers can see across mountains, seas and deserts, give men visions and dreams and communicate with one another across half the world. Seeing some distance is confirmed in that Marwyn gets advance notice of Sam´s approach. Does not mean sorcerors can see true future events. Any magicians with candles burning at the Doom might use it to see what precisely happened, from a safe distance, and send visions and dreams to others - but the visions would not be truth about future. They would be what the sorceror wants dreamer to see, and would not fix sorceror´s own ignorance of true future.
  5. Jaak

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    The Great Council of 233 seriously (but quietly) proposed to simply overrule Aemon´s vows. That was stopped by his refusal. The Aemon party was not interested in fighting for a ruler actively refusing to rule. A potential Aemon party post-283 would deal with pissing off everyone whose enemies are packed off to Wall - Citadel is not used as actively to dispose of enemies and criminals - and Aemon even if cooperative in being fed up with his vows might have difficulties fathering heirs past 80+. So Aemon is simply not a particularly useful flag to a malcontent.
  6. Jaak

    [spoilers] Aerea

    Do you think it was stupid, even malpractice, to put her in ice bath? They had some time. The whole day. She arrived in the morning, and they announced her death the following night. Barth confirms she spoke and begged for death "many times". In the event, putting her in ice bath was a shock that instantly stopped her heart. An obvious explanation in hindsight. But might be a foreseeable risk, even if it was an ordinary high fever. What would have happened if they had put her in a lukewarm bath early on, preparing cold water and ice in case this wasn´t enough? It would not have dealt with firewyrms inside. How about nether lips? Would the internal heat have caused smoke to bubble out of her nether lips and arse through lukewarm and then cool water?
  7. Jaak

    Expansion Across the Narrow Sea

    Hold which territory? Tyrosh is on a modest sized island. Yes, the people may scatter on the island as the urban centre burns - but Tyrosh is a city bigger than the island can feed. Tyrosh must be fed by food imported from mainland. And boats burn. Between the four dragons... trying to recapture or refound Tyrosh or evacuate the refugees starving on the island is going to bring down dragonfire on those who try.
  8. Jaak

    Expansion Across the Narrow Sea

    And Stepstones were in Narrow Sea. What´s odd is the uninvolvement of Velaryons. Laenor was a teenage dragonrider - time to prove the Great Council wrong. Rhaenys had wanted to ride a dragon at 18. Now was Corlys going to refuse him the way Aemon had? And Laena - yes, she was a girl. Staying well above bowshot as a human brain and pair of seeing eyes, and carrying messages were ravens won´t go (news of Rhea´s death needed to be carried from Stormlands to Bloodstone by ship - no rookery founded on Bloodstone!) would still have been useful, and completely safe. And Vhagar had the most powerful fire - its rider was safer than anyone else. Why didn´t Daemon and the rest of Velaryons simply put the urban centre of Tyrosh to dragonfire?
  9. Jaak

    Girlfriend, mistress, paramour and concubine

    No, no more than Daenerys. Asha IS married - to Erik. Cersei and Daenerys are in position of being widows and Heads of their own House, with no man authorized to chastise her for unchastity. With Daenerys, she´s unambiguously the only Targaryen - no father, no brother, no husband surviving, head of her own khalasar and the armies taking and holding cities. With Cersei, it´s arguably also the case - Robert is clearly dead by the time she gets in bed with Lancel, and Cersei can claim that in arranging her marriage to Robert, Tywin has given her away for good - Cersei is now Baratheon, no longer Lannister, and not again Lannister even after Robert´s death. As for Baratheon, since Joffrey is a child, Cersei is the Head of House Baratheon as Regent, and neither Tywin (as her ex-father) nor Joffrey (as not-yet-adult) have standing to arrange for Cersei´s remarriage or unchastity. Now, Arianne... "Fucked him, Father" was after a long relationship. But Arianne was generally loose. Tried losing virginity to Andrey Dalt - gave up after a minor mishap and did not persist trying. Did lose virginity to Daemon Sand, and promptly told her father - Doran did nothing. Doran did refuse when Daemon asked to marry her. Arianne took "multiple" lovers between ages 14 and 22, including Gerold Dayne... but no children. (Rhaenyra, between the same ages, had three sons.) In case of Arianne, there is clearly one man in charge, Doran, and we see a bit of what he does nothing about. In case of Rhaenyra, the authority is more ambiguous, because both Viserys and Laenor have claim to the head-of-household position, and both do nothing about the three strong sons.
  10. Jaak

    Girlfriend, mistress, paramour and concubine

    Lancel is free and consenting, but not adult. (Chronologically, he had just turned 16 - but the point of Kevan´s complaint to Cersei is that Kevan does not regard Lancel as an adult for that, and calls Cersei a paedophile). These five are cases where the woman is clearly the wealthier, higher status member of the couple and does not need keeping - not by her lover, who cannot keep her in style she can keep herself.
  11. Jaak

    Girlfriend, mistress, paramour and concubine

    Would you call Rhaenyra ser Harwin´s "mistress" or his "paramour"? He certainly is not married. Or Daenerys and Daario - he is not married, and in that case neither is she. Or Cersei and Lancel - again neither of them married. Or Asha and Qarl. Or Arianne and Arys. None of the five is a kept woman.
  12. Jaak

    Let's suppose...

    A logical policy would be to favour marrying cousins over siblings. Precisely to avoid splitting the dragonriders into several remotely related branches.
  13. Depression and tense situation might also motivate Helaena to finally try and see if she could find handholds on the wall outside her window (and find she could not).
  14. Why do you think the fatal falls of Helaena and Jaehaera out of windows of Maegor´s Holdfast were intentional, on anyone´s part? Possible intents, in both cases, might have included climbing out of the window to escape alive a room they were held in. Or just leaning out of the window to get a better view of something outside. The windows in question were not barred - no one took the lesson after Helaena.
  15. Jaak

    Minimum marriage age and age of consent in Westeros

    Can a husband say no to his wife? That´s a matter of practical dangers. Note that it is an issue specific to when it is the wife who is freshly flowered - but flowered. An unflowered girl simply would not quicken even if consummated, so the dangers of pregnancy wait flowering. And if it is an adult or late teen wife whose husband is early teen - or younger - then the practical risks do not apply. If he does produce seed and she does manage to conceive, it makes no difference for the hazards of a 15 year old mother giving birth to a full term baby as to whether its father was 33, 23, 83 or 13. And if he´s 8 then there is no physical danger to her. Legal dangers? Ambiguity of "virginity"? Cersei demanded that Margaery share Tommen´s bed for a single night... till when? Tyrells did demand and get that one night. Margaery has been celebrating Maiden´s Day as still a maiden - her maidenhead was found to be broken. If on Margaery´s trial Tommen were to testify that it was Tommen´s fingers in Margaery that night, and that she bled when broken - assuming his evidence cannot be discredited, would Margaery be on some hook for it? Inherently not implausible. Not an instruction a 8 year old boy could not follow, or would have to find particularly objectionable. So what can Margaery be accused of? Allowing a boy unflowered to tamper with her? Presenting herself as a maiden when she wasn´t?