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  1. The classist thing matters. Lannisters are natural blondes, though golden blondes not Targaryen silver. Aerys refused to marry his son to daughter of "servant", and ended up preferring Princess of Dorne - whose family due to autonomy stood above the Westerosi lords, though they are darker skinned. So how are Summer Islands princesses viewed? Do we get the name and story of Corlys´ mother?
  2. Well, Rhaenyra is not a "pure-blooded Valyrian" either. Aemma was without question a close cousin of Viserys - first cousin, Aemma´s mother Daella was Viserys´ aunt. But Rhaenyra´s 4 grandparents included 3 Targaryens... the 4th was Rodrik Arryn. "White", but not Valyrian. Searching about it, I found some high profile examples of blonde quadroons. Seems that hair colour is inherited by fewer genes than skin colour. Someone with 3 white blonde and 1 black grandparent can well be blonde. The examples offered: Amandus Becker; Mariah Carey; Jade Goody; Nicole Richie. The attitude that "black man cannot be rich" is yes, a problem of few recent centuries - maybe specifically last century. "Cannot" not in the sense of "not possible" but as in "ough not to". Compare the widespread respect the Queen of Ukogbani got with the disrespect the King of Swaziland gets. And it does not seem to be a feature in Westeros. There are very few Summer Islanders in Westeros, but those who show up seem to be treated as respectable peers. And Laena could claim that she have 3 Valyrian grandparents out of 4, like Rhaenyra... good compared to some people who presumably were around and claimed to be Valyrian on the strength of 1 Valyrian grandfather out of 4, just that being the father´s father from whom name and property were inherited. But Viserys was whole another level... 2 grandparents, period, and 2 great-grandparents not 8 (Aenys and Alyssa).
  3. The problem is that the plot is about a questionable paternity. In a world with no DNA test, where only distinctive physical traits can give away cheating. The whole war was triggered by the fact that Laenor and Rhaenyra looked alike and that even though Harwin Strong was generically white, he looked different enough to give away his children. If Corlys´ mother had been a Summer Island princess, it could have been perfectly respectable and made political sense. (Velaryons were trading far and wide). But the thing is, if Laenor was 1/4 black then Rhaenyra could have simply shrugged off having brunette children - you know, multiracial children, they are all around, a bit like Grandpa... There was a war because she could not.
  4. Note that Poland had no noble titles. And that was intentional. Other than King, all nobles were equally just "pan". It was not economic equality, and it was not full social equality, but asserting equality of all "pan"-s was the point.
  5. The hurried flight of Jaehaerys and Alysanne from King´s Landing to Oldtown gives us the realistic speed of dragons. 1800 km in 3 days - about 600 km per day. Since they stopped at Bitterbridge and Highgarden to sleep, eat and take counsel, maybe 12 hours per day flying. So 50 km/h. Storms and such strong winds are often faster. We do hear of dragon hampered by weather - a thunderstorm somehow slowed down Arrax relative to Vhagar. But otherwise, how do dragons respond to strong contrary wind? They can land and fold their wings to not get blown away. But do we often hear of dragons and riders in the circumstance that they can fly fine, just not in the directions they want to?
  6. And lost dragons and dragonriders in the process. Maegor risked his life and wasted a month being wounded in his Battle of Seven. Flying two dragons - Balerion and Vhagar - to Crakehall and either preemptively pressuring Aegon to bend knee or making him look bad for ingratitude could have made a lot of sense. Better than leaving a loose cannon at Casterly Rock.
  7. A logical move would have been to bail them out and preemptively pressure them to bend knee and surrender their claims. On grounds like, Aenys lost the realm so if Maegor recovers it it is Maegor´s realm, not Aegon´s inheritance - but Aegon is still Maegor´s cousin so bailing him out is still priority.
  8. On the occasion of fight between Maegor and Aegon I,5, it was stated that this had not happened since the fall of Valyria.
  9. We are told that unlike incest, polygamy had not been a Targaryen custom. Aegon married Visenya for duty and Rhaenys for love. Meaning that people in on Targaryen customs - like Aerion - expected Aegon to marry just Visenya - and Rhaenys to marry someone else. Who?
  10. Did any courtiers suspect Visenya of being maid rather than barren? Aegon visibly spent 1 night with Visenya for 10 he spent with Rhaenys. Sure, there were those 1/11 of nights in Visenya´s bedroom. But were the courtiers/servants intimate enough with the king to confirm what he did there besides sleeping?
  11. At 1 AC, they were 29, 27 and 24. Note how Fire and Blood defines its scope. Starting abruptly at when Aegon got the alliance/marriage offer from Argilac that provoked the Conquest. The years immediately before are declared as a matter of rumour. For some reason, these are rumours that were not confirmed as soon as Aegon became a person of importance and sometimes showed himself in public. Aerion and Valaena are bare names. We never hear how old Aegon was when Aerion died and Aegon became his own master. We never hear if Valaena outlived Aerion to live with her son as Lord, and then how long. The one thing we do hear is that Aegon mounted Balerion before marrying his sisters. Considering the lack of coverage where coverage should be expected, we cannot rule out Aegon&Sisters having had miscarriages, stillbirths or infant deaths in their teens or early twenties as "nobodies" on Dragonstone.
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    How can I get the quotes to show as a code?
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    This reply box seems to work, but in forum I got one that stayed gray and could not be written into, for no obvious reason.
  14. Where could the officially published part of cast be found? The official "casting" threads seem to be defunct long ago...
  15. Breaking neckbone by drop hanging is actually a rather hard to do, and easy to mess up. Consider that neckbone is the strongest part of the neck. If you break it, you do not need much extra force to tear the flesh up and get the head completely torn off. This quite sometimes happens on drop hanging. And on suicides who use a long rope. A breakneck long drop hanging uses less than ten feet of rope, and sometimes fails. 100 feet is quite sure to tear the head off.
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