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  1. I wonder. The transition period agreed on in May's withdrawal deal was supposed to end on 31 December 2020. The current extension has already eaten up a good chunk of that. When is the final deal supposed to be negotiated?
  2. Loge

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    Keeping the AfD out of parliament or reducing their presence there won't make the reasons why people vote for them go away. Like it or not, they do represent a substantial part of the electorate. Shutting them out would be undemocratic. You need to convince people not to vote for them.
  3. Such legislation would have to pass in both houses. And Johnson doesn't have a majority in the House of Commons to begin with.
  4. Loge

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    Ain't no such thing as first class and second class seats. A seat is a seat, no matter how it was won. And of course the guy who gets into parliament via a list represents their constituency just as much as the guy who won the direct mandate. Nothing stops them from having an office there. Actually, my daily commute used include a walk past the bürgerbüro of a member of the Brandenburg landtag. She was of the FDP (still is, but hasn't been a MP since the 2014 elections) , so there is no way she could actually have won the constituency.
  5. Loge

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    Most people probably don't care who their MP is, especially in regional elections. I couldn't tell you who is mine. The strength of the parties in parliament is determined by the second vote, so who cares about the first. Yes, there are all those quirks that lead to extra seats, but how many understand those? Besides, it isn't really a two party race anymore for the direct mandates. In some cases the winner had less than 25 percent of the votes. And the Greens actually won some mandates. Biggest change from 2014 is probably how the Linke got thrashed. Looks like the days when they could claim to be the party of the East are over. Big losses also for the CDU. That's remarkable as far as Brandenburg is concerned as they were in the opposition. Looks like being in government at the federal level hurt them. Some interesting local results, too. Klara Geywitz, who is running for the party chair along Olaf Scholz, lost her seat to a Green candidate. And no list mandates for the SPD in Brandenburg. Prime minister Woidke won his constituency, but the AfD got more second votes than the SPD.
  6. Loge

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    Won't be easy to form a coalition in either state.
  7. WoT is about as complete as ASOIAF is. James Rigney died with the series half finished. Brandon Sanderson was then hired to finish the series, and he did, sort of. Problem is that his WoT ending is about as convincing as the last four seasons of GoT.
  8. Loge

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    Feast and Dance each are basically stacks of well-written chapters that fail to add up to good books. If the series ever gets finished people probably won't mind but it is a problem now.
  9. Loge

    International Thread 3

    Looks like the trade deal between the EU and Mercosur is in danger because of Brazil's stance on deforestation: https://www.yahoo.com/news/macron-pulls-support-mercosur-trade-120623096.html
  10. Loge

    Why didn’t Varys kill Tommen?

    Cersei as regent serves Varys just fine. He doesn't want a competent ruler right now. That's why Kevan had to die.
  11. Loge

    International Thread 3

    There also have been extensive wildfires in Russia. For some reason they haven't got much attention by Western media.
  12. While I don't see what this has to do with global warming, self-driving cars are the future, and always will be. Current tech is level 2 at best.
  13. Loge

    Formula One 2019

    Well, the main event of the weekend was the DTM races. DTM cars are a bit heavier and less powerful than Formula 1 cars, so outdated former Formula 1 tracks like Brands Hatch and Zandvoort are just right. Coulthart used to compete there after his F1 career, BTW. So did Jean Alesi, Mika Häkkinen and Ralf Schumacher. Currently, there are two former F1 drivers, namely Timo Glock and Paul di Resta. Interestingly, no former F1 driver has ever won the series. di Resta won it before going F1, but hasn't after his return. Gary Paffett won in 2018, but he only was a test driver in F1. ETA: Heinz-Harald Frentzen also competed in DTM after his F1 career. Pascal Wehrlein was a DTM driver before and after his F1 career. Like Paffett, he is a victim of Mercedes's decision to withdraw from the series in favour of Formula E. So was di Resta, but he got a drive at the newly-formed Aston Martin team.
  14. Loge

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    It's the other way round. Farmers are used to being painted the bogey man by environmentalists, animal rights activists etc., so they're wary of them.
  15. Loge

    Who is Quaithe?

    Robb was trapped with a love potion.
  16. It's dated from 2015. Only the POV character dies. And I don't think GRRM has ever made a character that has appeared before a POV character in a prologue chapter. As far as I can remember they were all characters we had never met.
  17. Loge

    Who is Quaithe?

    We don't know anything for sure. Shiera Seastar is a good candidate. She would have to use some kind of magic to prolong her life span but that is definitely possible. As for her agenda, it's not likely that she has any interest in Dany's quest to win the Iron Throne, but she probably knows about the Others and the whole prince that was promised / Azor Ahai business.
  18. Turns out that passenger ships are quite bad at fuel efficiency, even at rather modest speed: https://www.brighthubengineering.com/naval-architecture/100758-cruise-ship-fuel-efficiency/ Travelling by ship is definitely not going to reduce your CO2 footprint.
  19. Problem is that aerodynamic / hydrodynamic drag scales with the square of the speed. That makes high speeds prohibitively expensive at sea level and for ships. Airplanes avoid this problem by cruising at high altitude. Modern airplanes are remarkably power efficient. But they're still burning fossil fuel... Not sure if electric planes are feasible. The weight of the batteries and (lack of) range will not be easy to overcome.
  20. Loge

    Dreadfort reality?

    Andrew the Apostle was crucified, not flayed. But the similarity of the crosses is hardly accidental.
  21. Alaphilippe is quite successful with his current team. They just don't usually pursue the GC in a big multi-stage race. Most teams don't. Doesn't mean they aren't successful. Alaphilippe is No1 in the UCI world rankings. Not so bad.
  22. Loge

    What made Ser Gerold Stay?

    I don't think we know what Hightower was doing or where he was in the time between Rhaegar's departure and Ned's arrival. He could have stayed at the ToJ but that is by no means certain. With Rhaegar, Aerys, and Aegon still alive Lyanna and her child shouldn't have been the Kingsguard's top priority, so I'd assume Ser Gerold left with Rhaegar and returned later.
  23. LED are obviously much more power efficient than old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs (which the EU has banned anyway). The question is how large a fraction of your total power consumption is for light. Back when people first got electricity it was all about light but nowadays we have so many electric / electronic devices. Fridges are obviously big consumers, but there are also computers, modems, routers, wireless speakers etc. Most of that stuff is on 24/7, so even if a device draws a few Watt only it adds up.
  24. I would take that kind of figure with a big lump of salt. Switching from incandescent light bulbs to LED might save some power, but I very much doubt that light bulbs have improved. As for cars, that's mainly manufacturers getting really good at cheating the tests. Maybe modern diesels make trips on the autobahn at 160 kph more fuel efficient, but that's about it. Don't know about heating. I guess there have been some real improvements there.
  25. Loge


    Same on Rotten Tomatoes: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/game_of_thrones/s08. Ratings by the audience are particularly damning. That the show runners had to cancel their appearance at Comic-Con and no questions were allowed at the panel is also telling. Having been a reader since the early noughties, I don't really care. Always found the hype about the show rather annoying.