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GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2


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Finally managed to get my password reset, so thought I’d reply to this thread at last. I’m a bit older (44) and watch a lot of old UK telly so hopefully I can add a few which haven’t popped up yet. I haven’t reread the thread, so will probably repeat some that we’re already mentioned, but I’ll try and avoid the obvious ones. Quite a big post, but in additional to all the established British TV stars, I’ve been spotting lots of others since I first saw GoT.

Spoilers abound, so be warned.

Sean Bean

Plays an ‘exSAS’ mercenary in the Robert de Niro film Ronin, and has a supporting role in The Field with Richard Harris.

Clive Mantle

Has a main part in the film Party Party, a British comedy film (I think you have to have seen this one at the right time). Was also in one episode of the new Sherlock, though it’s the only one of those I’ve seen and found his presence a bit of a walking spoiler. He also played Little John in the 1980s series Robin of Sherwood and was a recurring character in the comedy series Vicar of Dibley.

Patrick Malahide

Was of course Inspector Chisholm in Minder, one of the most popular things on UK TV through the 80s (recurring supporting role). Seen him crop up in a few movies; The Long Kiss Goodnight, Cutthroat island and Billy Elliot (blink and you’ll miss him). More recently was in one episode (the pilot?) of the detective series Endeavour.

Peter Vaughan

Another one with a classic role; gangland boss genial Harry Grout in the prison comedy Porridge, and another comedy supporting role in Citizen Smith. Cropped up in a number of films as well, the quartermaster in Zulu Dawn, Face and Time Bandit as an ogre. I also enjoyed the comedy drama Doc Martin where he has a recurring role as one of the characters granddad.

James Cosmo

Recurring as a gangland villain in Rebus, and was one of the McLeod cousins in Highlander.

Michelle Fairley

Has a role as the protagonist’s teenage sweetheart in Rebus, an Edinburgh based detective series based on the Ian Rankin novel. There’s a few GoT connections coming out of this series.

Ron Donachie

Is in a few episodes of Rebus (told you) as a senior police chief.

Ralph Ineson

Finchy in The Office. Probably mentioned already. Also cropped up in an episode of the IT crowd.

Ian McElhinney

Played a Royal Navy captain in the 00s adaptations of Hornblower.

Dianna Rigg

The only Mrs James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and the female lead alongside Oliver Reed in The Assassination Bureau.

Paul Kaye

Was in a short sketch released to the internet prior to the 2002 World Cup in Korea / Japan, advising police how to deal with the England hooligan threat. Ok, probably doesn’t count, but it was funny.

Burn Gorman

First noticed him in a TV adaptation of Dickens’ Bleak House. Not a huge role, but he did stand out. Also spotted in a supporting role in Johnny English 2. Rupert Vantisart has a small role in that also.

Clive Russell

One of the main characters in Jute City, a short series in the 90s, and one of the cast of Heartburn Hotel, a poor comedy series that didn’t last long.

Charles Dance

Was also in Bleak House as the lawyer Tulkinghorn, and more recently as the patrician in an adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal (rehearsing for Tywin perhaps).

Rory McCann

One of the (many) supporting characters in the Pegg / Frost movie Hot Fuzz.

Jerome Flynn

One of the main characters in Soldier Soldier, which was a big drama series in the 90s. Also had his own series as a wildlife cop in Badger.

Tara Fitzgerald

Was a main character / love interest in Brassed Off, and now a recurring character in the police procedural Waking the Dead.

Natalie Dormer

In an episode of Rebus (final mention, I promise).

Liam Cunningham

Despite being very familiar, I can only recall him in The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, as Brendan Fraser’s friend with a plane.

Mark Addy

Was Hercules in the 2014 TV series Atlantis. Saw the 1st few episodes, but didn’t find it worth making any effort to see whole series.

Roger Allam

Plays the senior detective in the detective series Endeavour, with Anton Lesser as his boss. Endeavour is a prequel to the earlier series Inspector Morse, where he also appeared in an episode as a suspect. Not sure if that counts as a continuity error!

Mackenzie Crook

Recently watched the movie Solomon Kane, where he has a bit part as a priest.

Julian Glover

Cropped up in an episode of Cadfael, a medieval whodunit.

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Quite a few Doctor Who crossovers, including both Thomas Sangster and Harry Lloyd in the Human Nature/Famly of Blood two parter. Joe Dempsie being in The Doctor's Daughter (as well as in another show, The Fades). Mark Gatiss playing both several roles in Who (most notably Dr. Lazarus in The Lazarus Experiment) as well as writing several episodes. Liam Cunningham as the captain in Cold War. I'm sure I'm missing more.

Roger Allam was also great in V for Vendetta and The Thick of It.

I find it interesting that Thomas Sangster's character in Doctor Who, like Jojen, had the gift of foretelling.

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Robert Pugh was in the new episode of Atlantis. He may have been in the first series as well. I don't really pay a lot of attention to this show. There was a lot of talk about him being sent into exile by the late King (played by Alexander Siddig). Joseph Altin also turned up later on. And of course Mark Addy is in the main cast.

/Continues to partake in GoT Cast Drinking Game and suffer from pickled liver.

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3rd Gregor was in the front audiance of Jeff Dunham recent round the world stand up special on Comedy Central. He was in the Icelandic part of the special.


There is a picture of him with Dunham in Iceland on facebook.Dunham more than likely gave him a ticket to the show.

that same Gregor was in a video on youtube visting kids at a hospital and he was painted and dress as The Hulk.

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