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A Theory On The Evil Twisted Little Monkey Demon


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Tyrion as a Monkey

The truth was rather different. His uncle had taught him a bit of tumbling when he was six or seven. Tyrion had taken to it eagerly. For half a year he cartwheeled his merry way about Casterly Rock, bringing smiles to the faces of septons, squires, and servants alike. Even Cersei laughed to see him once or twice.

All that ended abruptly the day his father returned from a sojourn in King’s Landing. That night at supper Tyrion surprised his sire by walking the length of the high table on his hands. Lord Tywin was not pleased. “The gods made you a dwarf. Must you be a fool as well? You were born a lion, not a monkey.”

“I have given you perfume and pomegranates, tumbling monkeys and spitting snakes, scrolls from lost Valyria,”

“Perhaps your silver queen would like a monkey,” said Gerris.

The tumbling monkeys Dany will receive are Tyrion and Penny. Dany will like Tyrion’s wits and political skills.

“I’ll be the bull,” Arch announced.

Quentyn handed him the bull mask. “The lion for me.”

“Which makes a monkey out of me.” Gerris pressed the ape mask to his face. “How do they breathe in these things?”

The bull is Victarion as he was called a bull(ock) several times. The monkey is Tyrion as there are shitloads of monkey references to him given below:

Illyrio spoke up quickly. “Yollo, he is called.”

Yollo? Yollo sounds like something you might name a monkey.

The dwarf pushed his black dragon across a range of mountains. “But what do I know? Your false father is a great lord, and I am just some twisted little monkey man.”

“A pity. I once had a monkey who could perform all sorts of clever tricks. Your dwarf reminds me of him. Is he a gift?”

“You know who I am. Yollo. One of our lord’s treasures. Now do as I told you.”

The soldiers laughed. “Go on, Scar,” one mocked, “and be quick about it. Yezzan’s monkey gave you a command.”

She [Cersei] could see Tyrion leering, his mouth twisted into a monkey’s grin beneath the ruin of his nose.

Tyrion only leered at her. He was naked too, covered with coarse hair that made him look more like a monkey than a man.

The lion is some dead man as Quentyn was burned by Rhaegal. Since Quentyn wore the lion mask and tried to steal Viserion, which is highly foreshadowed to be Tyrion’s future mount, I think the dead lion is a Lannister who will try to claim CR as a rival of Tyrion. And in the end, he will be betrayed to death.

I think Gerion Lannister is the corsair king and he will join Dany. Moreover, he is the husband of the Salior’s Wife and the father of the golden haired Lanna. I agree with Yna that Gerion will be dead by the time Dany comes close to Braavos. And even more shocking is that I think Gerion is Tyrion’s biological father.

Gerion will reveal that Tyrion is a Hill and he does not have any claim to CR. Dany will acknowledge Tyrion like this. This way, she will slay the lie related to the identity of the stone beast breathing shadow fire, which is Tyrion. Dany will also legitimize Tyrion like Alyn and Addam for his valor.

The monkey will betray Dany because Gerris already started to lie and put the blame of Quentyn’s death to Dany. As the tumbling monkey of Dany and the parallel of the Gerris with the monkey mask, I think Tyrion will commit the treason for gold.

Therefore, the lion to be betrayed to death by Tyrion is Gerion Lannister, who has a better claim to CR than him and additionally, he will win the heart of Dany as a battle-hardened pirate king and a cheerful guy.

Tyrion will fall in love with Dany at first sight and she will like his skills but she will not take him as a love affair. I also think Victarion will claim Rhaegal and Dany will marry him. But the arrival of Gerion and Dany falling in love with him will annoy Victarion as much as Tyrion.

Hence, the riders of Viserion and Rhaegal will plot together to remove Gerion out of the picture just like Viserion and Rhaegal removed the Spurned Suitor wearing the lion’s mask. They will make it look like Gerion tried to steal the horn and claim Viserion for himself, which he failed and burned to death.

That will make an irony as Tyrion will make a habit of slaying his fathers.

Tyrion as a Demon

“We have become swollen, bloated, foul. Brother couples with sister in the bed of kings, and the fruit of their incest capers in his palace to the piping of a twisted little monkey demon.”

“The dwarf, the evil counselor, the twisted little monkey demon. I’m all that stands between them and chaos.”

“So be it; they’ll have something else to curse the evil monkey demon for.”

“I would suggest a demon’s head for a helm, crowned with tall golden horns. When you ride into battle, men will shrink away in fear.”

A demon’s head, Tyrion thought ruefully, now what does that say of me?

In addition to gargoyle and monkey, Tyrion has been called a demon too.

“Did you know that my brother set the Blackwater Rush afire?”

Swordfish and the hulk were gone, blackened bodies were floating downstream beside him, and choking men clinging to bits of smoking wood. Fifty feet high, a swirling demon of green flame danced upon the river. It had a dozen hands, in each a whip, and whatever they touched burst into fire. He saw Black Betha burning, and White Hart and Loyal Man to either side. Piety, Cat, Courageous, Sceptre, Red Raven, Harridan, Faithful, Fury, they had all gone up, Kingslander and Godsgrace as well, the demon was eating his own. Lord Velaryon’s shining Pride of Driftmark was trying to turn, but the demon ran a lazy green finger across her silvery oars and they flared up like so many tapers. For an instant she seemed to be stroking the river with two banks of long bright torches.

And then some vast beast had let out a roar, and green flames were all around them: wildfire, pyromancer’s piss, the jade demon.

In his dreams the river was still aflame and demons danced upon the waters with fiery whips in their hands, while men blackened and burned beneath the lash.

Davos remembers the wildfire as a demon eating the ships and dancing on the water. That was Tyrion’s work. Tyrion is also described as a vast beast to start the explosion and the fire. Here is another piece of evidence for Tyrion being the great stone beast.

Tyrion’s Death

A knife in the heart, though . . . even demons can be killed by cold iron, the singers say.

If we take this demon as Tyrion, I can see two possible deaths for Tyrion. He might die in Dorne when Viserion gets a hit from a scorpion. The cold iron is the scorpion bolt here.

Or he might die again on Viserion but this time against Stannis and his shadow dragon summoned by Mel. Here the cold iron is Stannis as he was called such by Donal Noye. Stannis saw in a vision that a gold crown will burn his flesh away and kill him. Viserys was crowned with a pot of molten gold. I think if Tyrion and Stannis fights like this, the fire of Viserion crowns Stannis and he is literally crowned with the golden flame of Viserion and die.

The monkeys, though … the monkeys were a plague. Victarion had forbidden his men to bring any of the demonic creatures aboard ship, yet somehow half his fleet was now infested with them, even his own Iron Victory. He could see some now, swinging from spar to spar and ship to ship. Would that I had a crossbow.

The demonic monkeys infesting Victarion’s ships should definitely include Tyrion. Victarion wished for a crossbow, which is associated with Tyrion from the moment he killed Tywin with it and it always keeps coming up.

“I thought the crossbow fitting. You shared so much with Lord Tywin, why not that?”

Varys shot Kevan with a crossbow bolt and said that it was fitting because Kevan shared many things with Tywin. Tyrion shared many things with Tywin too such as Shae, Tower of the Hand, etc. So, his demise might be due to a crossbow as well.

This is why, I prefer the first possibility, i.e., Viserion will be shot with an iron bolt fired from a scorpion, which is a large crossbow. So, Tyrion will fall to his death with him.

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I don't think Gerion is Tyrion's father. I think Tyrion is clearly Tywin's son. I doubt Tyrion would slay his long-lost uncle, especially since he had always been kind to Tyrion.

Also, I find it unlikely Victarion marries Dany, I think it is more likely she kills him for killing Barristan Hizdahr, Daario, and likely, Jorah.

Although, I do think Tyrion will die in battle against Stannis, although I also lean towards catapult other than scorpion, although the scorpion is still possible.

Viserion crowning Stannis with golden flames is something I can see happening. It owuld be fitting given Stannis's habit of burning people.

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If Tyrion fights Stannis I think Stannis will be a wight or an other. But on Tyrion fighting Stannis and crabs and kings there is this.

The crabs had arrived from Eastwatch only this morning, packed in a barrel of snow, and they were succulent.

Stannis arrives at the wall via Eastwatch.

"You have a bold tongue for someone who is less than half a man. Perhaps you and I should visit the yard together."

"Why?" asked Tyrion. "The crabs are here."

Jon is there at the wall. I think Tyrion is another crab. Stannis isn't there yet, but maybe all the crabs will be at some point.

"Come make your japes with steel in your hand."

Tyrion looked pointedly at his right hand. "Why, I have steel in my hand, Ser Alliser, although it appears to be a crab fork. Shall we duel?" He hopped up on his chair and began poking at Thorne's chest with the tiny fork.

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I don't get all these theories that say that Tyrion is not legitimate. No matter how much Tywin wants to believe that Tyrion is not his offspring, Tyrion is, "the son of Tywin," according to Genna, Tywins own sister. I find it much more appealing to consider that Jaime and Cersei are the bastards since he seems so eager to pass his lands and titles to Jaime, and Cersei effectively rose to queen like he hoped. The Irony of Tyrion being his ONLY offspring would be astounding, but I still greatly doubt it.

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I took this line to mean they are talking about ancient rumors of Cold Iron (Valayrian Steel) being able to kill Others here.

VS is forged by dragonfire and it is said to be alive. So, I don't expect VS to be described as a cold iron.

Once Garth brought his ladies by to introduce them to the dead man. “The Whore don’t look like much,” he said, fondling a rod of cold black iron, “but when I heat her up red-hot and let her touch your cock, you’ll cry for mother. And this here’s my Lady Lu. It’s her who’ll take your head and hands, when Lord Wyman sends down word.”

There is a torture device in Wolf’s Den, which is called the Whore. It is heated red-hot and the victims are forced to have a kiss from her, usually on the cock.

Given how much Tyrion is associated with whores and how much trouble his cock caused, perhaps Tyrion will fall for another whore. Perhaps a cold iron knife piercing his demon's heart might refer to this.

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Paper Waver, you do really dislike Tyrion, don't you :D

Haha, I think he will be a dragonrider while many people feel sick about this idea. :)

By the way, the Widow of Waterfront is also called Vogarro's Whore. Perhaps she will be the Whore to doom Tyrion in some way.

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Another theory on Tyrion was posted yesterday and like this theory, it also brings up some good points however the two theories are far apart for each other.

I don't know how to link it here so I copied and pasted, maybe someone can link it in here and people can check it out without having to do a search.

Tyrion is a Gargoyle
Started by pobeb, Yesterday, 01:46 AM

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