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Coal in ASOIF

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I was wondering Officially about Coal in A Song of Ice and Fire, Who controls it in Westeros and how much it worth, now Coal in Middle Ages was the Oil of it's day. In England there was Cartel in Newcastle that controled the output of Coal the Hoistman's. Cartel did much like OPEC does with Oil.


I figure that the Newcastle Cartel was the inpersation for Frey House and the Twins.



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Interesting point. There are plenty of mentions of "coal-black hair" and "coal-black mares", plus there is steel, which can be made without coal but not very well. So it would seem that Essos must have a source of bituminous coal, and yet there is no mention of any mines nor any surface or outcrop coal deposits.

But since virtually all the realms of Westeros appear likely to have coal, there probably isn't a single region or house that supplies the majority.

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