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College Basketball 2022 and 2023: A Hoops Diary


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On 6/17/2022 at 8:07 AM, Rhom said:

So hey @RedEyedGhost... are there any other teams in the Big XII these days or not?

Because based on who Kentucky gets slotted to play in the Big XII/SEC challenge every. damn. year.  I'm really starting to wonder.  :lol: 

I mean, it is all about that $$.

The games last night were quite good.  MSU looks like they'll be a lot better than expected.  I can't imagine your guys had an easy day today after giving up dunks to end regulation and OT1.

I really liked what I saw from Jalen Wilson.  So much more aggressive (and effective) than last season.  McCullar and Dick seem to be blending in very nicely.  Hopefully Grady sticks around for a little while (can't believe he's 6'6" - the Duke guys made him look tiny... trying to avoid the obvious joke there).  Liked what I saw from our other freshman in their limited time too.

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Big win for the Racers today!

Kentucky rebounded from the MSU loss with a win over South Carolina State.  Needed to get their heads right.  They board a plane tomorrow to head to Spokane to play Gonzaga on Sunday.

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I have to admit, I'm not a college basketball die-hard, so I haven't been paying attention to closely.  But man...what happened to Louisville?

0-6 with losses to Bellarmine (who?!), Wright State & App State.  And then 19+ point losses to Arkansas, Texas Tech and Cincy.


I'm sure they'll play their best game of the year against VT, though...


And similarly...FSU...yowza

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Also shocked about FSU
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And today the news comes out that ESPN is doing away with the ACC/B1G and the SEC/Big12 challenges (because the B1G is going to Fox and they don't want to split that revenue) and will now have a focused ACC/SEC challenge.

Considering my gripe upthread that for UK the Big 12 challenge just meant having a home and home with Kansas, I welcome the chance to rotate teams like Duke, UNC, Syracuse, and Virginia.  Ultimately, I do expect that the only times we get other teams will be in the years where the Champions Classic and the CBS Sports Classic line up Duke and UNC on our schedule though.

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6 hours ago, Ramsay B. said:

Damn, Jerry going wild! I legitimately had no clue he’s been the Vanderbilt coach for a few seasons now. Huh.

Yeah, he's not been good.

Other than fashion.  He's a helluva dresser with some really snappy suits!

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Ok, this Uconn team is legit. They have great defense, crazy depth, shooting and lots of size. 7’2” freshman Donovan Clingan has been a revelation, and they no longer need Sanogo on the court at all times to be effective like last year. They played pretty sloppily on offense today with some dumb turnovers and still won by 21 at Florida. 

I didn’t expect this. I thought they’d make the leap next year with the class coming in 2023, but happy to be surprised.

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Treating his family like KU treats Missouri.

4 hours ago, Rhom said:

Welp... I can scratch Chris Beard off the list of coaches to keep an eye on as a Cal replacement...


You think he'd choke under the pressure?


Seems like Rothstein might have uncovered the problem back in October...



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