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Favorite and Least Favorite Character

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Favorite is Aemond, with Alicent and Rhaenyra following close. And honorable mention to the best CGI character, Vhagar.

By least favorite, do you mean who I dislike as a person or who I think is not working as a character? For the former, probably Larys, but there's a tough competition, lots of messed up people.

However I'll take that to mean least favorite as in, doesn't work as a character, so my least favorite at the moment is Rhaenys. I have lots of issues about how she's written, especially after 1x09, and I'm not sure if she makes a lot of sense.

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Of the major characters, I liked Viserys the most... but of course now he's dead.  Of the still-living adult characters, I would have said Rhaenys was my favorite prior to the idiocy of murdering hundreds of innocents while bursting through the Dragon Pit floor just to make a pointless show of her "power", and then the following episode saying (paraphrased): "I know that you murdered my son, but I'm going to support your cause anyway."  So now I very much dislike Rhaenys.

Really I only like some of the "children": Jace, Luke, Haelena.  Younger Alicent was my favorite character in the first half of the season, but I don't like (or dislike) older Alicent.  I don't like or dislike older Rhaenyra either, but (so far) I like her more than child Rhaenyra: I thought her child version was annoying and bratty and the show tried too hard to make her likeable.

Least favorite character: hands down Daemon Targaryen.  Not only do I hate his character, but he wrecks every scene he is in just for being in it.  I hardly watch any tv, but I haven't seen such an insipid character who annoys me this much in a long time.  I hate everything about Daemon.

One reason I don't really care for HOTD is that I simply don't find any of the characters compelling.  Some of the season seems rushed, other parts seemed dragged out for the purpose of character development... yet none of the characters seemed properly developed anyway.  Then again, I never liked the Targaryens.  Hopefully when more non-Targaryens are introduced in future seasons, they'll be more likeable.

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Favorite character must be Aemond, love how his story was developed and that he kinda has a lot more depth than in the books. I'm excited to see all the things he'll do in the future. Plus, the casting was perfect for both actors, Leo and Ewan, in my opinion. Least favorite is Larys, ah, I can't, sorry.

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