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If you could ask George RR Martin one question about ASoIaF

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As boring as this is, I would ask if R + L = J is true. There are so many dozens of side theories that hinge on this one big question. I am not even sure which answer I would prefer to get. If it was "yes, of course" then okay, I come back here and tell everyone and we can keep building appending theories. But just imagine if he said NO! Oh, the chaos! I come here and say "you guys will not believe this!" and we all have to start revising and creating whole new theories for practically everything!

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Id ask him if he killed off Jofferey because he wanted to give us a little mood boost after the red wedding.

Also id ask him to tell me things he was gonna have happen but thought better of it.

i dont want spoilers, I would just freak out because the book is still so far away

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I care a lot about a lot of characters but the only thing that causes me actual painful ongoing anxiety is the question of what will happen with Jaime, so I would want to know that... how his fate will ultimately go. I love being spoiled, once I know, I could just relax and stop worrying about it so much.

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"If you had to pick one family that this story is about, who would it be?"

I guess this is just an example, but it's the Starks, duh.

Do you now or have you ever known how the story ends? If so, are you milking it? If not, as I suspect they contain various D&D dice, can I see the contents of your pockets?

He has already said he does.

As much as I like Apple Martini's idea of asking something from a storyteller's standpoint admirable, I'd just ask: "Who are Jon's parents?" This is because if I asked "Is R+L=J true, he could just say no. Or even worst:

Me: "Is R+L=J true?"

GRRM: "Yes."

Me: "Yay!"

GRRM: *grimaces*

Fourty years later, when GRRM's conscience, now transported into a computer, finishes the series (he's still very slow, constantly reading fan mail and surfing through porn), we discover that Jon is actually Neds son with Ashara and I go: "What the ***, dude?"

GRRM: Did I mention that Jon Arryn's parents were called Rolland and Linna Arryn?

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I would ask:

  1. if Arya is going to meet Nymeria again
  2. Is Jon going to live
  3. Is Sansa going to wake up, say 'I am Sansa Stark!' and kick Littlefingers but out of the Moon door
  4. Will Cat get her revenge
  5. Will Jamie live
  6. Is Tyrion going to find out where the whores go
  7. What are Others, where they come from and what do they want
  8. Is Davos going to survive to the end of the story
  9. Will Nymeria or Shaggy Dog feast on Freys
  10. How will Bolton's bastard die (I hope eaten alive by his girls)

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