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If you could ask George RR Martin one question about ASoIaF

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Short of that Id ask if Sandor is dead or alive

Q: Is Sandor Clegane alive

A: Oh, yes!

You: Hurray!

GRRM grins.

Ten years later. You open your new book. Sandor Clegane/The Hound is dead, but here comes a new character, a peasant with two lines, named Sandor Clegane. And his lines are deeply symbolic.

Brienne: Good man, have you seen my sister, a maid of three and ten with auburn hair?

Sandor Clegane No 2: No, never in my life.

All the fans of the Sansa and Sandor pairing cry. :)

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Seriously now, I would wait until the books are finished to ask him questions or try to ask him about things that will probably not be revealed in later books. I don't want spoilers and I prefer getting information that further reveals more about some characters from the books themselves. Also I like some events remaining ambiguous. Still there might be exheptions to that but probably I wouldn't ask of him that type of question at least before all the books come out.

Here are some questions I could ask, preferably after reading all the books, they are really nothing special.

A) What are in your views the biggest weaknesses of your books?

B In AFFC and ADWD there seems to be too slow pacing at times in comparison to previous books, why is that the case? Do you believe that was a weakness?

C) Do you regret any direction that you took with a certain character, and in hindsight you would have preferred to have written them differently?

Based on who wins the Iron Throne and other issues after reading the other books I might come up with some other questions at that time.

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Why are there no tortoises in your books? IT'S AN OUTRAGE!!!! :angry2: :angry2:

But there are. Multiply turtles. :read:

Tyrion glanced up from his writing. “My name is Hugor. Yollo is hiding in my breeches. Shall I let

him out to play?”

“Best not. You might frighten the turtles.” Haldon’s smile was as sharp as the blade of a dagger.

Ser, you are being careless.

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Do tell.

Just that I'd try to think of a question that gives broader information about the story from a story-telling level and not a plot level.

"Will ice or fire overcome the other, or do you foresee a balance?" is, I think, in the former group.

"Is Jon dead?" is in the latter.

"If you had to pick one family that this story is about, who would it be?"


"Is Sandor Clegane alive?"

"What is the relationship between the Starks, the Wall, Winterfell and the Others?" is probably a combination of both.

Basically, I'd ask questions that would give me a broad impression of his thinking and where his mind is going, versus just asking for confirmation or denial of things that 1. I could probably figure out on my own or 2. will be revealed at some point.

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I would try to avoid asking him a question about content so as not to be spoiled. I'd rather wait for the books to reveal their secrets to me in the way GRRM intended. But I would like to use the blood magic truth serum to find out whether it is true, as he says, that he has always known where his characters were going and what their fates were, has always known that Young Griff would pop up later on, or whether he has actually been changing things as he goes. IMO whether he has masterfully planned everyhing or changed it up as he went along has major implications for the torrents of theorizing that go on here.

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