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[Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

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I'm re-watching S2 on Blu-Ray and thought I'd comment on each episode w/ their respective special features as I go. Yes, I know there's a general S2 blu-ray thread, but it's a long and unwieldy beast. I'm wondering what people think about each episode after a second viewing and w/ the added bonus of the commentaries, histories, maps, etc.

No new histories at all, just one's from previous episodes, but the one's narrated by Ygritte on the Night's Watch and Free Folk (wildlings) were so good I watched them again.. The audio commentary on this is very good, too. Jon and Ygritte (Kit and Rose) share some great stories about on and off the set in Iceland. Writer Vanessa Taylor is there as well and she's a bit annoying. Apparently she labored hard in research on several speeches (one by Tywin and the other by a septon) that only ended up being background in their scenes. Also, she was on set in Belfast a lot and seemed to question the director a lot--so I'm sure he'd back me up here in her annoyingness. :P

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