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[Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion


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OK, back to what I was saying in the other thread.

1. Uh-oh Robb.

2. For those of you waiting for some Stannis development... there you go.

3. Bath scene = NAILED.

Nicely quiet, contemplative, often even haunting episode. If someone wanted to make a case for an acting emmy, this would be the episode for Madden, Dillane, and NCW.

Essentially, a really great episode on the opposite end of the spectrum from, for instance, "Blackwater", or even last week's "And Now His Watch Is Ended." The average scene length in this episode was WAY longer than we usually get. Wonderful pacing.

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This was a fantastic episode.

All the pieces are lining up, maybe not exactly as in the books, but all roads lead to the same outcome.

The bath scene was even better on the screen than it was on paper.

And the Hound/Beric was awesome, as well. Poor Arya. Maisie broke my heart when she asked about bringing a headless man back to life. :(

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I love that Patchface lives on in creepy credit song form.

I think the episode was excellent. Many exciting bits from the novel appeared, and certain parts of the story which fans have been missing, such as the absence of Arya's nightly prayer, made an appearance.

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Sorry for the delay in posting these threads, BTW, folks. SLipped my mind entirely. Been a long day, and still no chance to rest as I'm trying to get this recap and book-to-screen done before the west coast airing is done....

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Such a good episode. I'm ready to watch it again. I teared up a few times Arya & Gendry, Jamie & Brienne, Robb. And little Shireen gah she pulls my heartstrings.

I didn't like the whole Loras boinking and spilling secrets to Littlefinger's prostitute.

Also haha Jorah trying to sneakily find out if Ser Barristan Selmy knew he was feeding info about Dany to Robert's small council.

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Love love love Shireen singing Patchface's rambling for the credits

She was also singing it when Stannis came to her.

I also appreciate the streamlining of teaching Davos to read. Eliminates the Maester. Nicely done. Although I am a little saddened Stannis didn't order it.

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Shireen did not look nearly as depressed/sickly as I expected she would. The greyscale looked nasty, but Shireen seemed cheerful. Didn't really pay attention to book Shireen, but I feel so sorry for the TV version. Dragonstone is no place for a child like that...

And Maisie Williams is the best actress on the show. Quite easily, actually. I'm a grown ass man and her scene with Thoros and Beric was getting to me.

Good episode, though. Not quite like last week's bombastic episode, but still very solid.

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Shireen singing Patchface's songs <3 :') Beautiful during the credits. Impressed with the greyscale make-up too.

Loved Barristan and Jorah's exchange.

Robb signing his own death warrant :'(

Bath scene was perfect.

Loved Grey Worm.

"You know nothing Jon Sno-oooh" :bowdown: Also DAYUM Rose Leslie : - O

Tormund is disappointing me :(

Absolutely adored the Stannis stuff... the fetuses though :x

Loved this episode overall, my favorite this season, even moreso than DRACARYS.

EDIT: How could I forget Beric vs Sandor. It was awesome.

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Really good. I like that the tension is building. It seems like everything is about to erupt. Jaime continues to be awesome.

I'm not sure I like Robb devising strategy with Talisa. At least they've given him some sort of plan though.

Everything else was pretty spot on though, minus Tywin suddenly changing how he pronounces Tyrell but that's a minor gripe.

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