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Boardology - resurrected...


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Any military discussion will at some point involve an argument over whether or not Westerosi soldiers are untrained levies are not.

I like this... especially given E-Ro's thread about trained soldiers...

Off topic but your avatar is a bit...unnerving...I think you can figure out why.

No chatting, please... Concentrate on the topic... And btw, it is funny

I don't think I have a law, apart from the "Mladen is Coming" law.

Look at 7k of the OP. I edited it...

Any time there's a discussion about Cat and Jon Snow, the expression "an innocent child" will be used at least 5 times per page.

This too...

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The more flamy the thread... Dany/Stannis threads are the most wildly out of control.

True. I mean there are out there brilliant threads with only 100 replies, and there is Black hawk or whatever troll's thread that go on for 2,3 threads and several hundreds of posts.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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