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Controversial moments you're not ashamed to like


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Wow, I realise that opinions really do differ here. Anyway:

Lysa getting pushed and hearing 'Only Cat'

Tyrion killing Shae but especially Tywin

Jaime losing his hand (but finding his soul)

Arys Oakheart being killed after feeling so invincible

Edd, bring me a block

Arya killing Dareon

Cersei's walk of shame (though I'm ashamed to admit a twinge of sympathy for her)

Tyrion being turned into Penny's partner (he needed to be taken down a peg)

Rattleshirt being burned instead of Mance

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  • The Red Wedding (Robb Stark had it coming)

Cersei's walk of shame

Tyrion killing Shae

All that happened to Sansa

All the people that Arya killed

Jaime not giving two hoots about Joffrey's death

Cersei not fawning over Jaime's lost hand but instead insulting him constantly after that

Cersei - Jaime scene in the sept (It is gross, it is desperate, but I like it!)

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  • Arianne getting locked in the tower, because it showed that good things happen when nobles aren't too proud to discipline their children.

Sansa not kneeling, because it was about time she got her Stark on.

Ned losing his head, because GRRM brought out the big guns (and i didn't like him much anyway).

The Sansa/Sandor Blackwater scene.

Jorah being sold, because it was wonderfully ironic and he's a dick anyway.

Maester Cressen vs. Melisandre, because i felt so sorry for him and so impressed by Mel's badass-bitchery.

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