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  1. I look forward to reading how these boys develop. He thinks six might eventually become knights and master knightly weapons. I'm not so sure it's a good idea to take them away from what they use best but rather allow them to continue to use what they're good at and give them additional training in what he calls the weapons of the knight: sword, lance, shield. Which of the boys will be the total ass kicker, in your opinion? Which fighting style do you like better? Which of the knightly skills will be hardest to learn?
  2. It could be the great beginning of a future empire. An empire built by the free people under her leadership. This could be the dawn of a new Valyrian Empire but instead of one built with forced slave labor, it will be built by the people she liberated from captivity. I hope this is the direction the story is headed. I'm not really interested in what happens in the northern parts of Westeros. I would much rather for George to focus the story in Slaver's Bay, the Reach, Dorne, the Free Cities, and dare I hope, to change his mind and take us to Asshai.
  3. Unless they brought in a truckload of their own food from the wall, yes. There is no way for all of the food that they ate, every morsel, came from Manderly.
  4. You know there was initial clash between Belwas and the Dothraki when they met. Belwas boasted of killing many Dothraki during his career in the fighting pits. The Dothraki were offended. Belwas wins this fight and he gets a standing (they were actually on horseback) ovation from the Dothraki. He did himself a lot of good and won a lot of respect from winning that fight.
  5. Yes I do. The rescue of the Unsullied slaves from their masters in Astapor. That was brilliant.
  6. There is no doubt that Mance Rayder and his wildling women violated guest rights. They committed murder after partaking of Roose Bonton's food.
  7. I disagree with you. I really do. The Boltons are the hosts. The horses that were slaughtered and eaten, some were Bolton's horses. It is very unlikely that Manderly provided ALL of the food and prepared ALL of the food. Mance Rayder is guilty of the violation of guest rights. And you know by now where this talk is headed. There is no wiggling out of this, Varysblackfyre321. Mance Rayder violated guest rights.
  8. Violations of Guest Rights Jaime pushing Bran out of the window. Red wedding. The Tyrells and Baelish when they killed Joffrey. Mance Rayder and his women when they killed Roose Bolton's serving men and Big Walder Frey. Craster's Keep.
  9. You brought up some interesting ideas here. I have always taken "southron ambitions" seriously because those engagements were irregular and can't be called subtle. It would not be lost on anyone what the outcome of those engagements would create: a shift in the balance of power. Everyone knows the Targaryens can't allow Rickard Stark to back them into a corner like that. That is an excellent observation, the Targaryens sent their loyal allies to buddy up with the Stark allies to drive a wedge between them. I like it.
  10. Staying in Astapor was not an option. The city lacked strong defenses and the other two cities would send their own unsullied to attack. Can't stay in Astapor without first attacking Yunkai and Meereen. Freedom is like to be short if they had stayed. They had to abandon Astapor and move on. Meereen is the ideal place to hole up because it has better walls and it's the most powerful of the slaving cities. The great pyramid is a strong defensive place too. Dany beat up the Children of the Harpy but she wasn't powerful enough to deal them a fatal blow. Meereen is the best place to buy some time for the dragons to grow and to build up her armies. It's a helluva place to gain valuable hands-on experience at ruling the unruly.
  11. They are a harsh, plain folk. Primitive and direct. It's more George setting the expectations of what the reader can expect from members of the house. The North was barren at the time of Brandon. It's hard to imagine surnames would be needed. Maybe it started out as another name that morphed into the present name. Like Karstark coming from the root Stark. Maybe Stark came from Craster. There is a good post on this theory - Craster is a Stark - the Starks are Crasters - Craster was a Stark.
  12. Sansa is not realistic to me. Most teenager will have more common sense than to blurt out her father's exit strategy to their #1 enemy, Cersei. We know she did it hoping Cersei will force her father to stay, so she can be with her prince charming. That's even more disturbing to me. Her level of selfishness is too much for a modern day teenager. Regarding your point about Arya. She's not even close to being realistic. But let's be objective. Sansa is selfish, self- absorbed, but she's not evil. Arya is pure evil. So if I had to take one in because god is punishing me it will be Sansa over Arya, though I dislike both of them. Sansa can be managed and manipulated. Arya is crazy and therefore she is unpredictable and can become erratic.
  13. Nice euphemism to use boyfriend. Arthur being a Kingsguard was not allowed to defend his sister's honor because he put his family behind him when he took the job. His sword and his dedication belonged to Aerys. Whoever dishonored Ashara (I agree it was Brandon Stark) can be sure there will be no revenge coming from Arthur.
  14. He was focused enough to ignore the opinions of the 39 other Dragonlords. They thought him a coward. Yet he stuck to his beliefs and took his family to the safety of a desolate outpost on the edge of a backwards continent.
  15. Not Mance. That oathbreaking fool is not a Targaryen. Tyrion is a possible Targ.