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  1. Jon could never become king by his deeds. His awful deeds got him killed. He just betrayed the kingdom and the Night's Watch over a sister. There is no way Jon should become king. And I don't think he will.
  2. Mance and Lyanna produced Jon. I do like the Order's Y-T channel.
  3. That is the sort of action Aerys would take. The sort of action his advisers would suggest. He would make sure none of Rhaegar's children from Lyanna would ever inherit his throne. The children of such a pairing will be a bastard any way because Rhaegar was already married and that marriage was already consummated.
  4. Dany is the most important character in the story and her arrival in Westeros will be the main event in this story. Her arrival signals the ending to the story because she will claim the throne and rule over Westeros. Her story is much bigger and much broader in scope than just the iron throne. I believe she will fulfill the prophecy and become the leader of the Dothraki. She will conquer most of mainland Essos and unite that continent into one nation before she gets to Westeros. Along the way, she will permanently end the slave trade. Dany will become the first Empress in recent history and she will rule over most of Essos and Westeros.
  5. Sansa and Theon
  6. Listed below are what I consider to be the best examples of capable leadership within the novels. Formation of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. (Aegon Targaryen) Unification of the wildlings under one king. (Mance Rayder) Successfully leading the khalasar through the Red Waste. (Daenerys Targaryen) Defending King's Landing against Stannis. (Tyrion Lannister) Relocating the Targaryen family from Valyria to Dragonstone. (Aenar Targaryen)
  7. Samwell hasn't exactly given them proof. Samwell came to the Citadel empty-handed just like Jon came to Dragonstone empty-handed. No proof whatsoever. Except to sing out the "the dead are coming for us" line. Most rational people would not believe.
  8. Aegon used Balerion to help fight against the rise of a new Valyria. Braavos was fine with that. It's the slavery that they're not fine with. I can see them helping Daenerys in the future. The old Sealord himself wanted to help restore the Targaryens back to the throne so there is a lot of pro-Targaryen feelings in Braavos. Braavos is a shipping nation and their power is sea power. They can help remove the blockade around Meereen. But the easiest way to remove that blockade is dragon fire. The best way for Braavos to help? Provide ships to carry Dany's forces when she is ready to take back the seven kingdoms.
  9. All very good points. Jon is a bastard. I do agree and support your conclusion. The most interesting pairing to me is Mance + Lyanna = Jon. The only argument against it is the timeline and we know those timelines are not precise enough to rule this out. We do not know for certain when Jon was born. He could have been born much earlier than we thought and Lyanna died from the still birth of a second child.
  10. They have an agenda and that agenda require them to have monopoly on knowledge. They want to control the flow of information and to whom that knowledge is given. It's not about narrow mindedness, it's about power and control. They want to remain relevant in a changing world. They want to be the world builders. There was a maester conspiracy but I doubt it involved more than a few high ranking archmaesters. The Targaryens provided stability and the pursuit of knowledge cannot happen when minor lordlinds and petty kings were constantly fighting. Many maesters would have recognized this and would know the value of centralized government. But there are always rotten apples in the barrel and some archmaesters may have wanted to build a world in which the intellectual elite were ruling the people. So it's not like they wanted a democracy. They just wanted to be the ones in charge. It's ideology and nothing more.
  11. Daenerys Targaryen
  12. Your impressions are correct about the show. Dan and Dave rewrote Dany's character and made her less capable in order to please the Dany haters among the fans. So they made her listen to Tyrion and allowed him to plan their war against the Lannisters. Tyrion is a politician, not a general. Dany is at her best when she follows her own judgement but on the show, D and D turned Tyrion into the voice of reason. The characters on screen are so deviated from their on page characters that they are not the same. George really needs to hurry up and release TWOW.
  13. Jon is a simpleton. He's not sophisticated. He's not really fit to rule. Jon is more like a decent quarterback of the team but he's not cut out to be the coach and even less cut out to be the owner of the team. It is true that his communication skills are poor.
  14. This is just another example of dumb deviations from the source material. HBO doesn't care about plot logic. Look, if Jon can deny Dany's right to rule because it's based on her ancestor's claim, then Dany can just as easily deny Jon's claims. Dany can deny Jon's identity. Besides, polygamy is not legal, so even if Rhaegar married Lyanna, Jon is still a bastard. If I were Dany, I would refuse to recognize Jon's claims.
  15. It is true that GRRM doesn't give explicit clues. All that being said, I think the OP, Lothar?, may be right on many of his theories.