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  1. What a waste of a good roast! Damn that savage! Roose's guilt can't be proven. The most people can do, look back at his tactics and how he kept his own men safe. That will raise a cloud of suspicion but it is not proof of his treachery. Besides, influential people like Barbrey Dustin will side with him. The RW was not only Frey and Bolton vs. Starks. There were men from other houses who took part against the Starks. The motivation is not going to be there to punish them for something that happened during a rebellion.
  2. My opinion on what happened 17-18 years ago is this. Aerys was right to call for Robert's head because he was part of Rickard Stark's plans to remove the Targaryens from power. It doesn't seem like Ned to plot against his king but he may have known and was conflicted about it. In that case, he would be an accomplice because he knew and kept it secret. All this depend on whether you believe Rickard was guilty of plotting against Aerys. I think he was.
  3. I don't know. It was acceptable in medieval times but I would not use it today. Use that in the American work place and you will be called to human resources. It's not flattering someone to call them that, imo. I watch myself here because you never know what is the norm for the person's culture.
  4. Excellent work. It's not fair to scrutinize the decisions of one without looking at how the others have handled big decisions.
  5. It seems both armies are in trouble based on the latest info that we have. The time lines are difficult to work out and it could very well be as the Pink Letter stated, Roose Bolton defeated Stannis Baratheon. It is also possible that the letter is inaccurate and the battle has yet to begin. I have my own opinion and will share that shortly. I want to hear yours first. Who has the advantage in the battle of ice? What can Roose Bolton do to maximize his chances of winning? Plot out a battle strategy for the Boltons. Do you agree with the manner in which Roose handled the Freys and the Manderlys? Was it smart to send them out into battle together? What are the pros and cons of this strategy for Roose?
  6. I I hate Jon and I don't like Arya. I would hate it if those two became dragon riders. I would prefer Jorah and Missandei to be riders 2 and 3.
  7. I definitely agree. Check this out. Drogon is now part of popular culture.
  8. The novels are destined to become timeless classics. It is inevitable that Daenerys and Drogon will both reach icon status. For the moment, Drogon is on his way to icon status. You are so right about the TV show. I cancelled my premium subscription earlier this year.
  9. No it's not. Jon is a sworn brother of the Night's Watch. His job requires him to stay neutral. He was wrong to get his fake Arya out of Ramsay's hands. Jon had no right to do that.
  10. Whatever Jon and Tormund talked about doesn't matter. What matters is Jon got caught with his pants down. The pink letter exposed his clandestine and illegal activities to steal his sister away from her husband. This in turn provoked Ramsay to threaten Jon. Which is justified because Jon was interfering with the Bolton family. Any house will see what Jon did as an attack on them. Arya was in Winterfell before the pink letter. Mance and his goons murdered Bolton servants, which in itself violated the spirit of guest rights. Jon already committed his treason even before the arrival of the pink letter, hell even before the pink letter was written. His treason started the second he ordered Mance to fetch his sister. Jon had intentions of hiding Arya from her husband. That puts Jon in the wrong.
  11. The prophecy states the darkness fled before the light stick. It said nothing about the light stick killing white walkers. Azor Ahai did his thing in Essos. We know the darkness covered Westeros and it must have covered Essos too. But we don't have anything in the way of history that tells us if the Others made it as far as Essos. Azor Ahai (Dany) is not destined to fight the Others. I think that role belongs to the last hero, which is Bran. Bran will stop the Others from advancing. Dany will bring back the daylight. Each of the heroes have a specific role to play in saving the world. If we examine the history further the children broke the arm of Dorne to prevent more humans from crossing. But in so doing, they may have sealed their own fate and stranded themselves on their side of the world with no way to cross to Essos. It had the indirect result of preventing the spread of the Others to Essos. The Valyrians didn't conquer the west and the reason is lost to time. We know that the need for slaves to work the mines was dire. Their greed was unsatisfied and their need for slave labor was hard to meet. Westeros had giants and men who could be forced to work the mines. So why didn't the Dragonlords conquer the west. I think they knew the history and purposely stayed away because of the Others. I think the final resolution to the problem is man leaving the west and migrating back to the east.
  12. And this is why Robb should have crawled to KL and sworn fealty to Joffrey. Disgusting as that may sound it would have saved a lot of lives. Many of those lives being people of the north and the riverlands.
  13. I look forward to reading how these boys develop. He thinks six might eventually become knights and master knightly weapons. I'm not so sure it's a good idea to take them away from what they use best but rather allow them to continue to use what they're good at and give them additional training in what he calls the weapons of the knight: sword, lance, shield. Which of the boys will be the total ass kicker, in your opinion? Which fighting style do you like better? Which of the knightly skills will be hardest to learn?
  14. It could be the great beginning of a future empire. An empire built by the free people under her leadership. This could be the dawn of a new Valyrian Empire but instead of one built with forced slave labor, it will be built by the people she liberated from captivity. I hope this is the direction the story is headed. I'm not really interested in what happens in the northern parts of Westeros. I would much rather for George to focus the story in Slaver's Bay, the Reach, Dorne, the Free Cities, and dare I hope, to change his mind and take us to Asshai.
  15. Unless they brought in a truckload of their own food from the wall, yes. There is no way for all of the food that they ate, every morsel, came from Manderly.