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  1. They are a harsh, plain folk. Primitive and direct. It's more George setting the expectations of what the reader can expect from members of the house. The North was barren at the time of Brandon. It's hard to imagine surnames would be needed. Maybe it started out as another name that morphed into the present name. Like Karstark coming from the root Stark. Maybe Stark came from Craster. There is a good post on this theory - Craster is a Stark - the Starks are Crasters - Craster was a Stark.
  2. Sansa is not realistic to me. Most teenager will have more common sense than to blurt out her father's exit strategy to their #1 enemy, Cersei. We know she did it hoping Cersei will force her father to stay, so she can be with her prince charming. That's even more disturbing to me. Her level of selfishness is too much for a modern day teenager. Regarding your point about Arya. She's not even close to being realistic. But let's be objective. Sansa is selfish, self- absorbed, but she's not evil. Arya is pure evil. So if I had to take one in because god is punishing me it will be Sansa over Arya, though I dislike both of them. Sansa can be managed and manipulated. Arya is crazy and therefore she is unpredictable and can become erratic.
  3. Nice euphemism to use boyfriend. Arthur being a Kingsguard was not allowed to defend his sister's honor because he put his family behind him when he took the job. His sword and his dedication belonged to Aerys. Whoever dishonored Ashara (I agree it was Brandon Stark) can be sure there will be no revenge coming from Arthur.
  4. He was focused enough to ignore the opinions of the 39 other Dragonlords. They thought him a coward. Yet he stuck to his beliefs and took his family to the safety of a desolate outpost on the edge of a backwards continent.
  5. Not Mance. That oathbreaking fool is not a Targaryen. Tyrion is a possible Targ.
  6. I just hope someone capable can take over when old Walder dies. I don't want to see them lose their bridge.
  7. Daenerys Cersei Merrett Grazdan Arrianne
  8. Dany and Drogon at the pit of Daznak. Dany rode Drogon. The first dragon rider in centuries. Totally awesome moment.
  9. You can build a case for Stannis. You cannot build a case for Robb and Balon. You have to win independence first before you can call yourself king. The land can't have two kings and both the north and the iron islands are still part of the kingdom of Westeros.
  10. There was no unified kingdom before Aegon so he really didn't usurp anybody. He built the united land that we now call Westeros. Robert, otoh, rebelled against the lawful heirs of Aegon, and thus Robert is a lawbreaker. Robert's reign was illegal and the legal ruler of Westeros was Viserys with Daenerys as his heir.
  11. Sansa is an airhead. I can readily understand why people don't like her because I myself do not like her.
  12. Jon could never become king by his deeds. His awful deeds got him killed. He just betrayed the kingdom and the Night's Watch over a sister. There is no way Jon should become king. And I don't think he will.
  13. Mance and Lyanna produced Jon. I do like the Order's Y-T channel.
  14. Dany is the most important character in the story and her arrival in Westeros will be the main event in this story. Her arrival signals the ending to the story because she will claim the throne and rule over Westeros. Her story is much bigger and much broader in scope than just the iron throne. I believe she will fulfill the prophecy and become the leader of the Dothraki. She will conquer most of mainland Essos and unite that continent into one nation before she gets to Westeros. Along the way, she will permanently end the slave trade. Dany will become the first Empress in recent history and she will rule over most of Essos and Westeros.