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  1. Don't even know who Ed Sheeran is. Can anyone explain what all the hype is? Can you stop posting spoilers in every thread you visit?
  2. Who is Araya? I don't seem to recall there being a character by that name in the show.
  3. It's a troll post imo. Enigmatic means "mysterious" so my guess is he wants to keep us guessing.
  4. The iron born get so much airtime on the show because the show writers cut out all the other good material from the books that they could've adapted instead.
  5. The Freys being murdered
  6. I would change it so that it is written in ancient Phoenician
  7. Over/under on if this guy returns.
  8. Stannis.
  9. I am also curious what R+J=S is. What theory is this? You guys are talking about entirely different.
  10. Why did Cersei kill Melara?
  11. You guys are asking the wrong question here. Who cares who gave Bran the blackberry. I want to know how someone came in possession of one and what use Bran has for a blackberry
  12. It was Catelyn.
  13. I've read the books half a dozen times and I don't know who Thyros is. Can you point me to a specific book and/or section?
  14. I assume you mean Arys Oakheart, not Aerys the Mad King
  15. About wherever whores go