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  1. Who says it was during the same time? You still haven't acknowledged any of the points I proved you wrong on. Using your logic from a few posts of yours above, just because it looks like an Ironborn fleet, doesn't mean it is. You don't see any Ironborn during that scene so it could've been anyone! Jokes aside, onto the next point. The pictures I linked clearly show the distinction between ships. I don't think you took the time to look at them. In one, you see Dany's fleet with a mix of square sails and triangular sails. In the other, you see Silence take on a portion of Dany's fleet, emblazoned with the Targaryen sigil at Caster Rock. Your own link specifically states that Euron's ship is distinctively his. So that would mean there are no other ships like Silence in his fleet since its made up of support ships, outside of his own that is. And what was it that you said above? Guess that's been proven wrong.
  2. Prove that he wasn't there, other than "it's just another ship that looks like his." A captain does not relent command of his ship. He is the captain, after all. This is normal in any maritime society, especially the Ironborn. And why is he sinking his own ships? You could ask the same thing for when he attacks Yara's fleet. Since he's king of the Ironborn, they'd be his ships too. Dany's fleet was made of many different kinds of ships hodgepodged together. You can clearly see in this pic that the "triangular" and "square" sails made up Dany's fleet: Are you just being contrarian? In addition, Silence is the only ship to have Euron's personal sigil on its sails. That is, it has the standard Greyjoy kraken with a red eye in the middle. None of the other ships under his command have this. You can clearly see Silence at Casterly Rock: How does it feel to be so utterly defeated?
  3. This seems like Barristan is saying that Ashara would've turned her gaze to him instead of "Stark" but as Allyria says, that Stark was Ned.
  4. So not a reliable source
  5. There is only one Silence. (That is Euron's ship in case you didn't know) And we saw that ship at Casterly Rock. If Silence was at Casterly Rock, then that means Euron was there too.
  6. No longer available. Oh well
  7. I still think you're giving them too much credit. It won't even be addressed, guaranteed. This thing might come up in the books if Jorah and Jon ever meet but the show doesn't have time to waste on that right now.
  8. Get an army of elves from the LOTR and they'll make quick work of any wights
  9. Jaime is the valonqar
  10. What accents? They all sound the same to me! Plain old English!
  11. You're giving D&D too much credit. They'll gloss over it just like they glossed over Ghost's whereabouts
  12. Littlefinger, and Roose Bolton starred in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
  13. You lost me when you said that it is implied Brandon and Ashara did it. It was Ned and Ashara!
  14. Lemon trees, red doors, etc.
  15. How is it fabrication when we see it in action?