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  1. If you could ask GRRM one question....

    i would ask: "Why are there so many threads all asking about the same subject?"
  2. Who have tokars?

    You're correct! Lots of English words and names come from Latin. In Latin, Cincinattus is pronounced with a hard K as in Kin-Kinn-attus as C's had the K sound and not the S sound in Latin. Julius Caesar? More like Julia Kaesar. The Celts? More like the Kelts! There is your lesson for the day class

    Stop advertising your page on youtube.
  4. Stannis Baratheon Past, Pressent and Future

    What happened to that @Knight of valor person?
  5. Prince of Swamp Castle

    isn't Jojen dead?
  6. Favorite Targaryen/valyrian name

    Male: Jon Female: Elia
  7. Dany as Queen of Westeros?

    Probably because it's been discussed to death already.
  8. Could Stannis have won at the battle of Blackwater?

    Neat man. Thoughtful post. Really original!
  9. Are there any "unscarred" main male characters left?

    i believe every main male character has been at least emotionally scarred
  10. Last One Wins

    As title says, the last one to post wins the game
  11. Favorite Meal?

    I leave one of those every morning, sometimes at night.
  12. Favorite Meal?

  13. What if The Ice Dragon is history? What does that mean?

    The answer would be the same.
  14. What if The Ice Dragon is history? What does that mean?

    Answered all your questions in one!
  15. I've heard that people close to his inner circle log in here or browse the posts. A few people have stated that someone has messaged them about a theory they posted saying they were right but they would never reveal names or for what theory it was as a matter of respect for GRRM and his works.