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  1. I've yet to see any evidence that Jon is Lyanna's
  2. Mance and Jon didn't cross the Arm of Dorne
  3. The new trailer looks so good!
  4. Hey Arya, can you relate your theory to the movie "Black Swan"?
  5. I want to see the part where Dunk was at the ToJ
  6. I think what is meant by the tasting of the blood is that the weirwood was drinking it.
  7. I liken the people who like the previous 3 books over AFFC to be those that would rather watch a Michael Bay Transformers film over something more meaningful and deep. AFFC is by far the best book in the series and really shows GRRMs mastery of English and places him at the upper echelons of literary geniuses.
  8. That's what I am thinking too. Perhaps the impact heated up the meteorite enough to free up some spores hidden in its frozen core and released them not just on the Isle of Faces, but an impact could explain why there are other pockets of weirwoods in Westeros (or used to be) before a lot of them were cut down and burned.
  9. If you guys were talking about the meteors bringing down the weirwoods onto Planetos, isn't God's Eye as the impact crater the perfect place? The Isle of Faces is practically full of weirwood trees.
  10. Looks like you guys are talking about meteorites, asteroids, and aliens. Good to see people picking up on my ideas. I'll just leave these here:
  11. i would ask: "Why are there so many threads all asking about the same subject?"
  12. You're correct! Lots of English words and names come from Latin. In Latin, Cincinattus is pronounced with a hard K as in Kin-Kinn-attus as C's had the K sound and not the S sound in Latin. Julius Caesar? More like Julia Kaesar. The Celts? More like the Kelts! There is your lesson for the day class
  13. Stop advertising your page on youtube.
  14. What happened to that @Knight of valor person?
  15. isn't Jojen dead?