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  1. US politics 2016: I can see Russia from my White House

    True, but the Dems have to deal with reality too. If it was me I would refuse to hold a vote on a nominee because the people of the United States deserve to have their justices picked by a president who actually can win the popular vote. What's another 4 years after all?
  2. US politics 2016: I can see Russia from my White House

    I saw the way to sneak through Garland and immediately had the same thought as Alteron(spelling?). Dems declaring war like this would almost certainly lead to the GOP increasing the bench by two.
  3. How can that be? Every other trump supporter on twitter has a black man as their picture.
  4. It took me six months to watch and I just finished it in July. Yet I already want to rewatch it.
  5. china mieville

    I have finally got my hands on Last Days of New Paris. Halfway through and it has caught me much more than some of his others from the start; perhaps knowing its short length was a benefit here? But damn I need a guide book. My knowledge of surrealist art work is apparently none.
  6. After finishing The Wire I am not sure what is going to stand up to it. Sons of Anarchy is what I went for. Fun show, but at times has felt like a live cartoon this season. Most the way through season one though and have mostly enjoyed it so I think it will keep.
  7. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    Denver holds KC to 49 yards in the first half. And is losing. Von Millar is a beast as we know, but it may be time to try the rookie at QB. Or see if Von Millar can play O-line too. At this point I am desperate.
  8. U.S. Politics: 2016 Election Goes To Overtime

    Hardly. Trump won the election and is still calling fraud out in the media and to his base, stocking distrust of the entire process. The state recount effort is based on the closeness of the election; and admittedly a hope and a prayer, but is working completely within the system. Trying to take down the system, working within the system. In no way can these things be seen as alike.
  9. U.S. Politics: 2016 Election Goes To Overtime

    Perhaps the insecure winner saying millions voted illegally? And specifically calling out states without a hint of fucking evidence? See the difference? Hillary and even Stein work within the rules to recount specific states. Hillary doesn't contest the election or even go to media; just works to ensure a very close total was legit in something that should be done automatically. Trump wins and cant stop bashing the media and trying to inflate his own vote total. Trump wins and cant stop bashing the media and trying to inflate his own vote total. But hey, no worries. In four years the official state media will remind us that once all the fraud was taken care of Trump won with 100% of the popular vote.
  10. US politics: Heil to the Chief :(

    To be clear I don't think there was hacking, and I doubt Clinton would have touched this either. But if Stein wants to do the dirty work here I'll watch from afar; and I doubt she would have a lack of backers.
  11. US politics: Heil to the Chief :(

    I'd assume so because it would be Hillary who would win if something actually happened. as such I'd assume lots of her supporters would donate.
  12. US politics: Heil to the Chief :(

    Stein will do the dirty work for Clinton; its talking about requesting a recount in three states. Ill be honest. As much as I despise Trump I am even more scared that our election process could have been so seemingly screwed with. I will therefore be hoping that after a recount (if it happens) no major evidence of hacking is shown.
  13. US politics: Heil to the Chief :(

    I don't know how insiders see him but I am surprised Hickenlooper isn't getting much run. Governor of a swing state,pro business (with a history of restaurants and beer, who doesn't like beer?). Time was you could call him a blue dog but I am not sure that matters anymore; still even local conservative columnists respect him while tearing up anyone else in the party. I know he was on the VP short list. He also was in charge of our transition to legalized marijuana despite being against the measure himself and I think proved him self. He respected the law as passed, worked to make the transition smooth. I have no idea how any of this would play with the base, but there you go. Could be hurt by 2nd amendment people as he signed into law a limit on magazine capacity. On the other side Colorado's economy has done well in several areas, from tech to natural gas so he would be very hard to hit on the jobs front.
  14. US Politics: The Transition Continues

    I suppose the cast of Hamilton could have instead suggested Pience be thrown out, perhaps offered to pay the legal fees for roughing him up? The story is beyond silly, and as a theater fan I am just thrilled to see we once again get to rehash the casting call. I am just positive had Odom or Diggs been denied their part because 'historically the character is white' that Breibart would have been all over that racist decision within the liberal casting decisions, RIGHT?
  15. US Politics: Hindsight on 2020

    That last paragraph is interesting. Is the Trump administration really going to take advantageof interest rates and push infrastructure? Can he get his party on board with this very Democrat plan? And if so will anyone realize they stonewalled Obama not as a matter of policy but purely for political points? Will the words 'national debt' be mentioned by the GOP in the next four years?