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  1. I just got home and radio coverage was spotty st best. What did Green do that may get him suspended? Because that could be series changing...
  2. May 2016 reads

    While obviously I was wrong I had assumed it was a nod to another, real life, Locke (a Locke much better known than the two thus far discussed on this thread).
  3. Gardening 2016

    Colorado gardener here. Usually the rule here is to plant Mother's Day weekend (except a few crops like snow peas). But rain delayed it until this week. I have had great luck in years past with various varieties of tomatoes, peppers, and every squash variety I have planted. Corn is a no-go due to major allergies my wife had. I have three 8x8 boxes and one 12x8. This year I am stuffing the plants closer together and trying some companion planting in my beds. I am putting carrots and various herbs in with my tomatoes, onions in with my peppers. After reading up on it I plan on planting flowers in the holes and seeing if I can beat the weeds without Preen a bit better. The large box is where Pumpkins and zuccini will go, leaving me with one 8x8 box left. I plan on running some hops in it but they wont take much space. I have never tried any lettuce varieties, I almost want to try them just for the decorative aspect in the boxes.
  4. Am I the only person who doesn't like watermelon?

    I hate it. All melon for that matter. It causes a gag reflex in me and has since I was a kid. I enjoy almost every other fruit I have tried, tart or sweet, but melon can all go to other people. My wife and kid love it though so I cut up at least one a week during the summer.
  5. NFL 2016 Draft: To 6 More Rounds Of Misery And Joy!

    I admit this has me pretty excited, even if I have no idea if the site is legit or not. I am starting to think the Broncos just might play Lynch this year.
  6. May 2016 reads

    Oh to get my hands on that CD. My library has all of these on audio (and they are well done) but none on e-book. They get their hands on the strangest bundles.
  7. Your most-read authors

    Number one for me would be Terry Pratchett with 49 books. Timothy Zahn - 24 (My favorite in high school) Anne McCaffrey -17 (Mostly Dragonriders but also the Donna trilogy and a couple others) Dan Abnett - 15 Danial Abraham -14 Lincoln Child -14 (about five too many) Tony Hillerman- 12 books (for some reason I thought I had read more). Lois McMaster Bujold - 12 The author I know I am missing was the lady who I read in Jr. High. I can't think of her name but she wrote teen horror books along with other genres. I bet I would be in the 20's with her works. EDIT: I found it! Joan Lowery Nixon was the author I read the hell out of in Jr. High.
  8. Authors and the use of social media

    Sarah Hoyt during one of the sad puppies campaigns. Last year or the year before. Several authors have figured out that if they gleefully tweet criticisms of their books on, say, feminist blogs their followers will just as gleefully descend on said blog and engage in 'no you are stupid' campaigns in the comment sections.
  9. May 2016 reads

    This was how I started blogging and continued it for three years. I figured if i was reading all these books I ought to write my thoughts down. I changed jobs and suddenly realized how much time my former employer paid me to read. I will complete about a third of the amount of books as last year.
  10. NFL 2016 Draft: To 6 More Rounds Of Misery And Joy!

    Bradford's agent was on the radio yesterday. He said something that I actually believe. Bradford's trade demand was made knowing there was really only one team on the market who would probably have interest... It was an attempted power play to get to the Broncos. As he said it I see the sense in it; who else was really on the market? I see why his camp did it, despite it coming off looking horrible bad.
  11. Authors and the use of social media

    I love seeing authors on social media. Having one of my favorite authors comment on random tweets about my kids showed me as side I would have never known. I also bought Abraham and Lawrence due to their online presence. Of course I have also publicly feuded with a few authors and have been put off by some for the way they use their popularity to shut down discussions about their works that are negative. And I had one author write a long post in which I was called a Duck (which I still don't quite get what was meant) and then had a joke I made explained back to me as if I didn't know I had made the joke.
  12. May 2016 reads

    I saw that on Goodreads. I eagerly await your thoughts because I am on a major early U.S. kick these days.
  13. May 2016 reads

    This sounds incredible. I must have it. Scott Hawkins =)
  14. He could change his name to an unprouncable sign. BUT from what I read that didn't actually help Prince much.
  15. Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    I was in Portland last week. Didn't make it to the brewery itself but Fresh Squeezed was on tap all over. It made me very, very happy.