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  1. I know Gerrymandering is a state issue, as are many of the voter suppression tools. So what could be done at the federal level to support the right to vote if the Dems were able to take all three branches again. I've have heard federal holiday for elections thrown out but i fail to see that helping the poor and working class voter. Could a national ID card help? Can some state level suppression be stopped by federal laws? What else am i missing?
  2. My fear is that for Jones to keep the seat he will have to cross the aisle once in a while to pick up the credentials. And I am not sure where in the GOP agenda I am comfortable with him doing that.
  3. The Green Knight, which I believe was the inspiration for Sleepy Hollow. Its iffy but involves a knight who lives through a beheading. Google tells me it dates from tbe fourteenth century.
  4. I do love the boids. I was given a Pionus parrot when I was in college and really didn't know what I was getting into. But 15 years later I still have the asshole (said with love) and get to see a beautiful green and blue bird every day. My area has tons of Canadian geese, magpies, and ravens. Of these the ravens are my favorite to watch, you can see their brains working when they cock their head at you. Seasonally I will see bluejays and occasionally blue birds. I have never had luck getting hummingbirds to come to any of my feeders but I occasionally see them one town over as it is a bit closer to the mountains. I do see the dinosaurs occasionally in my area too, though not as much since they finished developing my neighborhood. Red Tail hawks mostly, but I have seen Bald Eagles do fly overs and once had a kestrel spend a good twenty minutes on my fence.
  5. The Broncos offense is terrible. Trevor either can't throw anymore or just doesn't know the offense. What a waste of a defense.
  6. I need this. Was it a free story or did you find it in a collection somewhere? I suppose ill just google this answer.
  7. Yep. Didn't find it scary nor interesting. Could not figure out why people like it.
  8. I have skimmed the thread but can't find the typical playoff predictions. I am really interested to see what non Colorado people think about my Nuggets this year.
  9. Your right, it wasn't 1st person. I remember having access to Baru's thinking and forgot it was through a third person view. But i maintain my stance; the auther gave me access to Baru's thought processes on many events and (I feel) they didnt jibe with the eventual outcome. Had the narration been completely over the shoulder i would have probably loved the book.
  10. My problem with it was 100% that it was in the first person. We had access to her inner thoughts throughout and still got the big FU at the end. As an unreliable narrator i never found it convincing; I never felt she was purposely guarding her thoughts from a reader; just that the author had to hide them to make his big reveal work. It was clunky as hell and ruined the whole book for me. Which was a shame because I liked some of the set up and his writing wasn't bad.
  11. I want to join on the Traitor Baru hate train. Because that book was horrible. The ending was the biggest 'fuck you' to a reader that I have ever seen.
  12. I mostly agree but I got to admit it was probably the only chance the Rox had against Arizona. The more games that were in the series, the less chance they were going to have as burning through their bullpen was the best hope. Too bad our 'Ace' is still only an ace by potential; he has right around twenty wins under his belt total.
  13. I thought Lawrence really picked it up in his second trilogy, the one that started with Prince of Fools. I was extremely disappointed in Red Sister. Seems every other blogger I know loved it though. Could not finish it. Just couldn't figure out if it was me or the book. Kept my copy just in case I get the itch to see if it was mood. I am continuing on with Farseer. Now on Assassin's Quest. I thought Royal Assassin was absolutely wonderful. Also working on Name of the Rose in audio; the narrator is pretty impressive and I hate getting out of my car anymore.
  14. I hate other teams when they are beating my time.
  15. That should finish that. Fucking pitcher who can hit. He deserves his celebration. Damn it.