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  1. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    He will just say something about the liberal media making them unfair, and how he would destroy her in a real debate if it was fair but he is skipping them because he doesn't need them. Then he'd crawl back on twitter and call her names some more.
  2. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    I got notifications from Yahoo during both conventions. As I ignored them all I can't say if they leaned left or right.
  3. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Rev. Barber was so powerful I felt myself wanting to go back to church. Amazing stuff. Reagan''s speech writer was also good, if some what predictable.
  4. U.S. Elections - Philadelphia edition

    So the question is can Michelle Obama be part of Congress while her husband sits on the Supreme Court? Would any conflict of interest stuff come up if it's legislation she has voted on?
  5. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    Hypothetically, would it be wrong to, i dunno, say, kidnap everyone Jon Stewart loves and force him to host the Daily Show again from now until the end of the election? All I want is the daily monologue really.
  6. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    We had a Sec of State baked Scott Gessler who tried to moonlight at his old firm while serving. It was mind blowing that people defended him at the time. He ended up having ethics charges brought against him for something completely different too. Real winner.
  7. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    Dunno what to tell you. You are presenting a narrative that you seem to want to believe as if it is a fact we should all see. Your analysis seems the opposite of reality to me, but you seem to like the comfy couch you have made to sit in. The nice thing about Trump is he may be the best known candidate in my history; someone who actually wants to know what he has said can find an incredible history of it. And if 'he means what he says' is important then we know he believes Obama is a secret Muslim from Kenya, woman are pigs and when they get pregnant it is bad for his business, sending models to seduce the spouse of someone you disagree with is acceptable behavior, Mexicans are mostly rapists with a couple of good people thrown in, etc. His speeches talk more about how he wins certain states than policy yet someone you think Clinton is the one who is more interested in being president that leading.
  8. I went to school to be a history teacher (something I wanted to do from the seventh grade on) and ran into a recession and 10,000 history majors who didn't know what to do with their degree (honestly; my wife works HR at one of the local districts and the application pool was typically 200 minimum). I was working restaurant management and just had to get out. I ended up in a specific line of construction sales on the retail end only because they offered me a spot. I never thought I would stick with it for ten years but the company treats me wonderfully and it turns out that when I moved to sales I was pretty good at it. It is also a company that has a team that combs the web for mentions of their name so in no way would I actually say who I work for.
  9. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    That's cool. But if her role as an actress was to be one of the least extreme hosts it is working; her more moderate tone has her as one of the station's top two talants. I think the station could survive a change.
  10. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    I could see the network moving a bit more center as well. Arguably their biggest star currently is Megyn Kelly and she is a lot less likely to follow the official line; occasionally even making down right liberal statements. The model can always change, and giving a more balanced view may actually be good for viewership; hate watchers from both sideboard the fence may tune in more.
  11. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    Within hours it will come out of Trump's camp that it's was deliberate; and we are some how missing an obvious parable about Obama's failed promises.
  12. Alton Sterling shooting.

    I don't know where to post these anymore as there appears to be one a day. Alva Brazil was shot after supposed pointing a weopon at a Houston officer. Thus far body camera footage has not been released. Unofficially there appears to be footage from a nearby gas station. His hands can't be seen clearly enough to see if a weapon is in them but they at no point are lowered to indicate pointing a gun at anyone. Of course the footage isn't confirmed yet, but neither have body cam footage been released.
  13. Police killed at Dallas protest

    I agree with point 2. The other two are silly. Public funds are the least of people's concern in a stand off and I am sure the legal fees fighting off the inevitable lawsuit will be much higher anyway. And point 3 only works in the worst right wing conspiracy. No one important is calling him a martyr, so who would consider him a symbol alive?
  14. Police killed at Dallas protest

    One suspect is dead. I think I'll stay off the Internet for a while though. Until some actual information comes through on motive i have no interest in watching people use for their own narritive. Sad, sad day. I know several officers are injured and hope the death toll doesn't rise further.