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  1. I am not a fan of Holden either. When I reviewed Abaddon's Gate I said he could die off for all I care. =) But the second book adds Bobbie and Avarasala! And as I am currently rereading it I am remembering how much more I liked them.
  2. Am I on reddit? Sanderson and Lawrence and Abercrombie OH MY! Jo has some good recs, I think Curse of Chalion and its follow up are two of the best fantasy books I have read. And despite my snark Lawrence is probably a pretty good fit for this request. (semi)Recent books that fit the thread? Uprooted by Naomi Novik, bit of a fairy tale feel to it but magical and medievalish. City of Stairs misses on the Medieval criteria but I am not sure you will find a more beloved series around here (well, outside of the obvious one). Courtney Schafer didn't get a ton of traction everywhere but is very popular around this forum, start with Whitefire Crossing for a story that starts in a city ran with magical anarchy. The Last Stormlord by Glenda Larke is heavy on sorcery but light on sword (killer wasps though so not lacking in action).
  3. I think Denver made the playoffs last year if tbey had traded for Kaep. Hell, i think they make the playoffs THIS year with him. I dont know why they have not at least tried him out. Elway has the stature to ride any backlash and the gas stood by Brandon Marshall who joined tbe protest. Make it happen John!
  4. Not often that I listen to Colin Cowherd but he speaks sense about Luck. If this man is not 100% they need to sit him for the year. They can not risk his entire future by rushing him back too soon. Having trouble getting excited over here in Broncoland. We have an epic QB battle between a guy who is great at throwing the ball but can't read a defense and a kid who apparently gets the job because he is safe with the ball but has a worse arm than Alex Smith. Maybe pre season will give me that glimpse of something that gives false hope that the Broncos are still a playoff team due to the defense.
  5. After watching the first season of The Expanse I am rereading Leviathan Wakes. And I gotta say, the show is better. I remember why I almost gave up on this series (glad I didn't because the second book was an incredible improvement). I just never clicked with Holden and Miller's story drops some great hints for whats coming but is almost too subtle with them at times; I know I didn't see most of this stuff the first read through. Unless something changes my mind through I plan on reading strait through and finally catching up with the whole series.
  6. This was my favorite series as well. I have been scrounging the used book store and gotten my hands on a few of them. Gotta say, some of it has held up and some of it is now laughably bad. There is a chapter where the family all works together to get a rough tomboy convinced to wear a dress instead of coveralls and generally act more like a girl. I didn't know they were in ebook format now, I may have to grab them all.
  7. I would love to find the article released soon after the election in which the author gave just a glimpse of the attack file being built on Bernie by the conservative machine. It wasn't pretty, not because it was anything new but because context would go right out the window and leave only an ugly story for the very middle class white voters he would have supposedly pulled better. The right held back from attacking Bernie, possible because they never thought he had a strong chance and they were able to direct their attacks against HRC for months. This isn't to rehash what happened, just a reminder that we never saw what they right could have done in an all out blitz on Bernie. Speculating on what happened instead is a bit foolish.
  8. I am still working through The Culture on audio and Player of Games was very, very good. Next is Use of Weapons which was actually the first Culture but i remember almost nothing so looking foward to seeing it with more background. I also started The Court of Broken Knives. Hoping it lives up to the debut hype machine.
  9. Scrubs is the one that I have rewatched the most, followed by Cheers so I guess those would be one and two. Scrubs is a lot like the talk about ELR from above though, there is only nice character in the whole show and the main character is completely insufferable yet I can't stop watching the show. I only got into Always Sunny recently but I have to put it on my list already. There isn't much that is Laugh Out Loud funny out there but this one really does it. I am going to put Newradio on my list with the caveat that I have not seen it in fifteen years; I have no idea how it has held up but it was much watch TV on its first run. And for my fifth I will include one I haven't seen, the first five seasons of That 70's Show as long as I can skip anything with Fez from the first two seasons. His casual dropping of whore every episode grates hard. But Red and Kitty are completely underrated and are some of my favorite characters ever. Barely missing are Titus, a show that was cut too soon, The Drew Carey Show which always made me laugh, Arrested Development which I got into way to late, Third Rock from the Sun, MASH, and Malcom in the Middle which at times flirted with being my favorite but wasn't consistent enough to make me binge it over and over.
  10. I got sidetracked and missed a whole stack of Orbit books with The Court of Broken Knifes looking like the most intriguing of the bunch. Looking forward to seeing a few thoughts.
  11. Horrible reading month in June, hoping to get back on track some this month. Continuing my run through the Culture as I started Player of Games today. Also giving up on chasing new releases for a while and went for a reread run; started with Fortune's Pawn by Rachael Aaron because I loved it a few years ago.
  12. Even the series within the series hold up fine on their own. The Light Fantastic is truly the only book that couldn't be read with out its stand alone. I used to add Night Watch to that list but after rereading i have come to the conclusion that it stands on its own; important characters get their own introduction and while some of the intricacies could be missed nothing about it requires the full guard series in front of it. At this point I truly recommend staring with what every book sounds interesting. I read most of the series by grabbing whatever was on the shelf in the mall book store, picking up the next book at during lunch breaks one at a time.
  13. Seconded. Guards! Guards! or Wyrd Sisters would be the secondary recommendations but Small Gods is the easy choice.
  14. Godblind was fairly disappointing. The old gods trying to break through the veil thing was interesting but otherwise it was pretty generic dark fantasy. I am now reading Raven Stratagem. Ninefox Gambit was awesome so I have high hopes.
  15. What is funny about this is I am as big of Pratchett fan around but I hated Soul Music (probably my least favorite in the series until the soccer one) while I enjoyed the hell out of this. All humor is personal ain't it?