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  1. Even the series within the series hold up fine on their own. The Light Fantastic is truly the only book that couldn't be read with out its stand alone. I used to add Night Watch to that list but after rereading i have come to the conclusion that it stands on its own; important characters get their own introduction and while some of the intricacies could be missed nothing about it requires the full guard series in front of it. At this point I truly recommend staring with what every book sounds interesting. I read most of the series by grabbing whatever was on the shelf in the mall book store, picking up the next book at during lunch breaks one at a time.
  2. Seconded. Guards! Guards! or Wyrd Sisters would be the secondary recommendations but Small Gods is the easy choice.
  3. Godblind was fairly disappointing. The old gods trying to break through the veil thing was interesting but otherwise it was pretty generic dark fantasy. I am now reading Raven Stratagem. Ninefox Gambit was awesome so I have high hopes.
  4. What is funny about this is I am as big of Pratchett fan around but I hated Soul Music (probably my least favorite in the series until the soccer one) while I enjoyed the hell out of this. All humor is personal ain't it?
  5. I swore we had a thread on this already. But since we don't I will echo the others on the thread. Good fun, not too dark, and humorous without relying on cheap puns.
  6. Finishing up Godblind, a debut by Anna Stephens. It is enjoyable enough but I can't find anything unique about it that would make it stand out among other dark high fantasy tales. Maybe the last fifty pages will blow me away. Also listening to Consider Phlebas by Banks. If it was my first Culture novel I am not sure I would have continued on. It is so sporadic. But I started with Use of Weapons so I know Culture is mostly worth reading and will continue on.
  7. What an absurd line of though. People not trusting the media does not mean the media has been lying. It means a group of people dont like what it is saying. The media can report facts (and usually does because it is not a single monolithic group that cant be fact checked) and still not be trusted by those who dont like said facts.
  8. Godblind and Raven Stratagem were two of my must reads this June. Also The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden (which I have already read and it was awesome).
  9. Thus...a protest? To draw attention to to one's cause? Considering your calling leaving the speech childish yet a speaker deriding the culture one of the various campuses he is visiting is not I find your entire position laughable. Did Pence not get his safe space to comfortably deride campus safe spaces?
  10. Who ever said a Tombstone watch is in order has the right of it. I know what I am doing this weekend.
  11. I can still pick up and play almost any NES or N64 game. These two also represent the console's that I played the most when I first got them. So I have to give it a tie between the two. I loved my PS1, it was the first thing I bought when I started working in high school (well, gas and insurance on the old truck I was being allowed to borrow). But I thought I would replay FF7 a few years back and it was AWFUL. Long cut scenes and lack of save points made it unplayable. Jetmoto was still pretty cool but not as repayable as any mariokart.
  12. Anyone have the Starz subscription from Amazon that can tell me how it works? Do I have to watch this live or is it like Netflex where once the episode drops I can watch it anytime?
  13. There was a series in the forth quarter where LeBron drove for a dunk and you can see a Pacer flat out RUN out of his way. I hope the Cavs use it everytime the two teams play forever
  14. Read a novella called River of Teeth takes inspiration from an obscure real life proposal to introduce hippos to U.S. swamp lands as a renewable food source. More details as I get through it. I also started City of Miracles while my kid was at swim lessons and found myself 10% into it before I realized the lesson was over. I love this series so much.
  15. That is how I felt. It was so much more similar in tone to Prince of Thorns than I was expected I was surprised everyone started talking about how new it felt. Now The Traitor Baru, that was a book that I felt was pandering a bit; starting with an end goal and forcing its way there vs naturally allowing for more diversity in the cast. But I thought it was a horrible book. But for the life of me I can't figure out how The Fifth Season fits into the 'girl power' or 'liberal' spectrum outside of the fact that it actually includes women characters. Makes me think that maybe it is the author herself being discussed, not her book... It is pretty laughable that just added a woman lead means an author has drastically shifted his focus; especially when it the book is so damn similar to what came before it.