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  1. Say one thing for Nicomo Cosca, say he's not exactly the prime candidate for "stable family unit". Much as it would be awesome, I think most likely not.
  2. Carcolf's internal monologue in her POV section I guess we can trust, as far as that goes - I mean maybe her s-i-l isn't really a judgmental bitch, but I don't doubt that she does have respectable family in Adua (bro, s-i-l, nieces, former domineering but principled dad). So I'd rule out Logen. Further thought: what if this is actually just priming us for some of the new characters that will appear in the next set of First Law books? I imagine (or at least I hope) that Joe is well into the writing of these, and would have been planning them around the timeline and background that's already established, so it could be that Family Carcolf will feature in future instead of in past?
  3. Come to think of it, if Carcolf is already a-thievin in Sipani some years before TBI even starts, we're not gonna have any easy point of reference from the original trilogy. All just a red herring, like the way we all sort of assume that Shev might have popped up in earlier books when actually she probably didn't?
  4. Ah, the timeline's a bit damning, didn't spot that. I'd disregard anything "according to Shev" though, especially in the early stories. Wonder about the connection to Horald also? Unless just part of the general criminal fraternity?
  5. Carcolf's dad, I reckon, is Brock Sr - the traitor from First Law and father-in-law to Finree. (editing for additional info now I'm not on my phone): Reasons - if her brother was someone important like Jez or Glokta, that would have been made clearer, but all we know is that her bro is a fairly mild man, in Adua, married to a judgmental woman who has a strong personality like Carcolf & bro's dad, who always looked at the world with a sneer. All 3 family members were mentioned in the sort of way that suggests the astute reader might find them familiar, and I can't think of any other family (bar Jez or Glokta) where we have that info. I'd need to reread the First Law books to see what we know about Brock Sr, but at the moment that's what I'm thinking.
  6. You should totally take up rock climbing anyway cos it's awesome. Even if you can't persuade that chap to be your climbing buddy you might meet some other cool people instead
  7. Ah, it's like Mad Moose's QOTD all over again. *sheds single evil collectivist tear* I had truly forgotten how bad the actual writing of this shit was. ETA: so as for classically bad bits, may I also offer: - Nicci disguising herself by getting her tits out - Dick identifying an antidote by remembering how it tasted - The not even thinly veiled Clinton analogues in ...ah, whateverthefuck book it was that had the chicken in - Something something Richard can't eat meat oh wait now he can because Reasons - Pirate plumbers - BAN FIRE - Let's assassinate K's brother Harold who turned up under a flag of truce bcos he disagrees with Dick - that bit where Dick goes to hide in the mountains because people have to deserve victory before he'll bother to help them and anyway their country is fucked because of political correctness gone mad - every single other thing that happens in these ridiculous books
  8. Damn, that sounds complicated! Speaking of exes in new relationships, my parents were down the other weekend and we met up with my ex-husband's* gf and their kid. She was really worried that they'd hate her, but I suspect they're more likely now to try adopting her as a replacement daughter; Baby A was a big hit, and he even called my dad "granddad" at one point, though I don't think he heard . HWD saga has concluded somewhat more happily in the meantime; he seems to have got his head straight and we had a proper conversation about it, where he was suitably contrite and confessed that he'd probably been giving mixed signals (shirtless pics and snuggling up in the pub? YA THINK?), but wanted to clear the air and make it explicit that we were just mates. So I'm pretty happy with that, cos he could easily just have tried to fudge it and go back to receiving the same level of flirty attention, but this counts as Doing the Right Thing. Not sure where I go from here. Just can't get my head round the OKC mindset. Maybe it's time to embrace my inner shallowness and try Tinder instead :-/ *technically still actual husband, as despite HAVING A CHILD, he still hasn't troubled himself to sort out a divorce, and I'm fucked if I'm gonna bother with that if he's the one that more urgently needs to deal with it - been over a year now since he told me he would handle the paperwork and so I handed over the marriage certificate...
  9. Congrats ES, so glad you're doing well! The Hot Work Dude saga may have just limped to a sordid conclusion - after 18 months of this, he seems to have finally realised that if you have lunch and teabreaks and long chats with the same person every day, and share an umbrella with them when it rains, and talk to only them on team outings, yes, everyone in the office WILL think you are having an affair. And he has FREAKED THE FUCK OUT and stopped talking to me altogether. Which is weird and disappointing cos we were getting on so well literally up to the last day before that happened. I do not get it.
  10. Oh my. RIP General Benjington, we hardly knew ya And Zedd's dead, baby? lolwtf. I almost feel sorry for Tairy; like an aging crooner who can no longer hold a note, but still feels compelled to go out on stage and humiliate himself in front of the handful of aging fans too loyal or deaf to put him out of his misery...
  11. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS OK so I've been away for ages cos I hate the board upgrade and fuck this place anyway, but for THIS I had to come back. Apparently the real lovelife of Ayn Rand is actually even more fucked up than the Dick n K show? http://the-toast.net/2016/02/11/ayn-rand-once-cursed-a-guys-dick-so-bad-he-moved-across-the-country/ The title is teaser enough, but check some of the detail: So, that happened.
  12. Not sure I agree. To be clear, this isn't about women who just happen to get on better with guys, it's about the women who state this fact as some kind of selling point. Never seen that done where it WASN'T an attempt at throwing other women under the bus in order to look like the Cool Girl.
  13. On the topic of inappropriate office crushes... Hot Work Dude was my Secret Santa this year; I know this because a) I organised it, and b ) he rummaged right through the hat to dig my name out specifically. He spent a week or so threatening to just wrap up the books I'd lent him instead of getting a real present, but in the end I got some really nice bottles of beer, worth about 3 times the value of the suggested spending limit. Sigh. I know, I know!
  14. IIRC the Identity Theft week was different from Be Another Boarder, and was just an impromptu version of same - someone (Trisk?) started a thread to complain how he'd had his identity thieved, and Jaime L immediately changed his display name to some variant of Trisk's in order to loudly decry the shameful practice of identity thieving. Cue much copycatting and a week or so of related shenanigans. I mainly only remember this cos I was still stuck as EnlightenmentMD when EHK died.
  15. Only sort of on topic, but I read the new Austin Grossman book Crooked and it kind of sucked - ok, some of the writing was rather poignant like the Dr Impossible chapters in SIWBI!, but I really didn't buy the conceit of Cold War Involving Elder Gods, I don't know enough about the Nixon administration to understand all the references, and it seemed somewhat tacky and too-recent to be writing that sort of Abraham Lincoln Zombie Hunter story anyway, especially with all the commentary about the Nixon marriage and him being a spy for the Russians and whatnot. Not too impressed. So, reread The Magicians straight after, cos still feeling a bit stoopid for not realising that the Grossman Brothers were actually brothers, despite noticing the similar Narnia themes in the two books (did it ever even occur to me that the authors had the same surname? Not even once!). Will prob have to reread SIWBI! now as well.