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  1. Dating: Hell is Other People

    Congrats ES, so glad you're doing well! The Hot Work Dude saga may have just limped to a sordid conclusion - after 18 months of this, he seems to have finally realised that if you have lunch and teabreaks and long chats with the same person every day, and share an umbrella with them when it rains, and talk to only them on team outings, yes, everyone in the office WILL think you are having an affair. And he has FREAKED THE FUCK OUT and stopped talking to me altogether. Which is weird and disappointing cos we were getting on so well literally up to the last day before that happened. I do not get it.
  2. Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    Oh my. RIP General Benjington, we hardly knew ya And Zedd's dead, baby? lolwtf. I almost feel sorry for Tairy; like an aging crooner who can no longer hold a note, but still feels compelled to go out on stage and humiliate himself in front of the handful of aging fans too loyal or deaf to put him out of his misery...
  3. Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    OH MY GOD YOU GUYS OK so I've been away for ages cos I hate the board upgrade and fuck this place anyway, but for THIS I had to come back. Apparently the real lovelife of Ayn Rand is actually even more fucked up than the Dick n K show? http://the-toast.net/2016/02/11/ayn-rand-once-cursed-a-guys-dick-so-bad-he-moved-across-the-country/ The title is teaser enough, but check some of the detail: So, that happened.
  4. Not sure I agree. To be clear, this isn't about women who just happen to get on better with guys, it's about the women who state this fact as some kind of selling point. Never seen that done where it WASN'T an attempt at throwing other women under the bus in order to look like the Cool Girl.
  5. On the topic of inappropriate office crushes... Hot Work Dude was my Secret Santa this year; I know this because a) I organised it, and b ) he rummaged right through the hat to dig my name out specifically. He spent a week or so threatening to just wrap up the books I'd lent him instead of getting a real present, but in the end I got some really nice bottles of beer, worth about 3 times the value of the suggested spending limit. Sigh. I know, I know!
  6. I take it you've resumed posting here because your incredibly fraught and legally-complicated divorce is all finalised to everyone's satisfaction?
  7. I think Mr Oilrigger may be a washout. He should be back onshore by now; I sent a quick “hey how’s things?” message a couple of days ago and no response; he’s definitely been on FB a few times since. Well, fuck it, his loss. Hot Work Dude, meanwhile, is on holiday with his gf (hissss!) and sending me occasional selfies of him posing by the pool. This whole thing is too hilarious to put a stop to, and he really is amiable (and hot) despite being sketchy as fuck. Here’s a recent selection from the ever-growing Compulsive Lies collection: “I’m an expert on mushrooms!” (wtf?) Me: “check out this article about this Brazilian island full of snakes!” He: “I’ve been there!” Me: “No you haven’t.” “I was a holiday rep in Magaluf” (no, he really wasn’t) (we’d been talking about watercolours the night before) He: “This pic was painted by my aunt” Me: “Cool, show me one you painted” (2 weeks later, he sends the same pic) He: “I painted this, my grandma framed it!” Me: “Nice – but isn’t that the one your aunt did?” He: “Nope, I did this, my aunt only paints seascapes” The whole thing is too random to be annoyed by...
  8. Yeah, WTF is this idea that arranging dates 7-10 days in advance is somehow a bad thing? Isn't that... how normal people do it? Not everyone is so eager to go hang out with a stranger that they can drop everything at such short notice - especially at this time of year when everyone tends to get really booked up with various pre-Christmas shenanigans. Frankly dude, you sound unpleasantly desperate, and if any of that attitude is coming across in your dates then I'm not surprised they're not going well. Take a step back (or several) from this MUST GET GIRLFRIEND NOW!! mindset; filter more carefully for people you have more in common with, stop stressing over the "right way" to communicate, and don't take "not compatible" as a personal slight. If someone wants to see you and continue seeing you, they will make the effort, and if they don't make the effort, it wasn't gonna work anyway.
  9. Creepy PMs

    IIRC the Identity Theft week was different from Be Another Boarder, and was just an impromptu version of same - someone (Trisk?) started a thread to complain how he'd had his identity thieved, and Jaime L immediately changed his display name to some variant of Trisk's in order to loudly decry the shameful practice of identity thieving. Cue much copycatting and a week or so of related shenanigans. I mainly only remember this cos I was still stuck as EnlightenmentMD when EHK died.
  10. Well, anyway. Had a nice little FB chat with Mr Oilrigger just now (yeah, he's the guy I met on holiday); apparently he's heading offshore AGAIN this week, for possibly 2 weeks, but did seem keen on the idea of meeting up sometime before Christmas. So... maybe I'll actually have a date before the year is out?
  11. The implications of the Paris attacks

    What's your actual point here? ISIS are doing a bunch of shit that isn't in the Koran (or the Surahs); Christians are no longer doing a bunch of shit that IS in the Bible cos most of em got past that. The words in the holy book of choice are only one of a large number of factors and no-one's gonna solve this incredibly complicated problem with some trite solution like "ban the Koran cos it's a bad influence!" or whatever you are trying to get at.
  12. The implications of the Paris attacks

    The "founders" of the USA may have been rich dudes who could afford big boats, but the wave of immigration that followed was definitely not. Potato famine Ireland? Pretty fucked up (Yeah, partly by we Brits, unless it was all the fault of the dissolute natives?). All those imported slaves and migrant labour from China? I'm sure their home countries were lovely. Good job the same people who fucked up their own countries didn't do the same to the USA.
  13. The implications of the Paris attacks

    Heaven forfend you would suggest something so crude as nukes in your elaborate "kill every single human being in the region" plan! My apologies for misrepresenting! Yes, of course we need to fucking do something about ISIS. And military action will have to be part of that. But the focus has to be on rebuilding, not destroying (and then selling off the ashes to Halliburton). Iraq failed because there was no plan beyond "go there, kick Saddam out, secure oil supplies, INSTANT DEMOCRACY, gtfo" - seemingly zero understanding of the region or how it worked, and not enough will to finish the job in a way that would last, so of course it fell prey to the nearest bunch of armed fanatics. IMO, you break it, you bought it, and we need to fucking fix this shit properly this time, no matter how long it takes. And by "fix" I mean "actually fix", it's not just a hi-larious euphemism.
  14. The implications of the Paris attacks

    It's only terrorism if they do it!!! Jesus. Could you "nuke em back to the Stone Age!" fucknuts go somewhere else and let the grownups talk please?
  15. Mr Oilrigger should be back onshore soon. Been a week or so since we last spoke, so I fear he may have lost interest; gonna give it one last shout of "so, you still up for that drink?" early next week; if I get more agreement-in-principle accompanied byvague noises about prior commitments of unspecified timescales and no further effort to pick a date, I'll be dropping it, cos I just don't have the energy or patience to chase after this shit. Hot Work Dude, meanwhile, has been upping his game; he's Whatsapped me nearly every eveningfor the last 3 weeks, and was really nice and supportive when I had to say goodbye to my dog (the ex, who has primary custody, had her rehomed ). So that's all got a bit confusing again, quite apart from the semi-topless selfie he sent me *swoon*. Of course, now he's off on holiday with his girlfriend (booo!) so probably it's not that confusing after all. Damnit.