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  1. Does Varys know about Jon Snow's parentage?

    It depends on the meaning of know is .He is aware (know) of what Ned said , but I doubt he knows(knowledge) of Jon parentage ,because he refer to Jon as being baseborn a term normally used if one of the parents is from the smallfolk , both Lyanna and Ashara are high born . Rhaegar and Arthur and Ned and Brandon left him out of the loop .
  2. Who tried to kill Bran?

    Cercei . She confessed as much .
  3. If Aegon hadn't...

    Harren the Black would eventually exceed his grasp , until a coalition of kingdoms would put him in his place .
  4. Who did Robert really fight at the Trident?

    It's a stretch at best . I would seriously doubt that Rhaegar would allow the woman he either loves or needs fight in his stead especially if she is pregnant . 2 . There was somebody on the battlefield who Lyanna loved more than Rhaegar , Eddard . 3 . Fighting from horseback using a sword is different from using a lance .
  5. If Joffrey tried to arrest Tywin Lannister, what would happen?

    NOTHING . Until Joffrey came of age , but with so many Lannister men at court , Joffrey would find himself in protective custody .
  6. Most Underrated Warrior

    Rickard Stark . He must be either mad as March hare or the greatest warrior to ask for a trial by combat against likes of Barristan Selmy , Arthur Dayne ,Jaime Lannister ,Lewyn Martell , Jonothor Darry ,Oswell Whent and Gerrold Hightower .
  7. Why did the loyalists yield when Rhegar died?

    Let's look at the Royalist tally; Rhaegar (supreme commander ) dead ,Lewyn Martell (commander of the Dornish troops )dead , Jonothor Darry (possible commander of the Riverman loyalist ) dead ,Baristan Selmy (possible commander of Stormland loyalist ) gravely wounded . The loss of their commanders and the incentive of getting some of Rhaegar's rubies broke down unit cohesion .
  8. Anyone else dislike Valyrians/Targaryens?

    I don't hate the Valyrians/ Targaryens per se , but I am not that overly fond of them either . Maybe because they are far away from the action in Westeros , or maybe I am tired and bored with the perfect Targaryens ,who escaped doom because of Daena the Dreamer had A dream about the doom of Valyria , the tree god Bloodraven who is responsible for everything and the perfect son Rhaegar . I have a sneaking feeling that future books will try to weave a love of the Targaryens from the wall to Starfall .
  9. Could the Iron Bank collapse?

    Yes . If the bank cannot collect on it's debts ,collapse of civilization .
  10. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    If not Jon , then Aegon , Wylla Manderly (close in age , does not resemble any of the Manderlys , Wylla has blonde hair ,while the Manderlys has brown , dyed hair like Aegon in order to hide identity maybe . And there is still that mysterious they who found Ned at the TOJ ) , or stillborn . Ser Arthur Dayne ; Now it begins . Eddard Stark ;No now it ends . Captain Terrill ; Doin right ain't got no end .
  11. Who would win in a fight between the Mountain and the Hound?

    Sandor . Sandor could have killed Gregor during the Hand's Tourney .
  12. Why didn't Stannis and Renly never bonded?

    Age difference and nature .
  13. Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy

    Touche .
  14. Bloodraven during Robert's Rebellion

    Waiting for Bran to be born .
  15. Rhaegar and Lyanna weren't in love

    Poor Brandon , he did one known woman and now he is doing them all .