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  1. Promise lord Stark, for the good of the realm ,seize the crown for yourself ,because all Targaryens are nuts even those with 1/4 blood .
  2. True, but when Jon has his first wolf dream he sees Bran as a young weirwood tree sapling before Bran ever met Bloodraven .
  3. 1inmaterial ,He does not care. 2 . Coincidence . 3. The Tyrells and his own benefit . 4.Unknown . 5. All of it is Mace's . 6. Yes 7 . He hates the Lannisters in general and Cercei in particular .
  4. If it wasn't Sam who put the raven in the kettle, then it must be Bran . What ? no Bloodraven? It is true Bloodraven is a powerful warg , but his primary interest is Bran , while Bran is constantly thinking about Jon and wasn't it Bran who helped Jon to awaken his warg ability .
  5. No .
  6. Roose and Ramsay Bolton by right of conquest .
  7. Thorne and Rykker was sent to the wall by Tywin .
  8. A wisp of smoke from a dying fire south of the neck .
  9. Even though I like Arya better , a Sansa storyline is much more interesting .
  10. Call a Great Council and make my case .
  11. The rebellion of the house of Tully had nothing to do with how the felt about Aerys they wast supporting the Starks . Now that the Young Wolf is dead ,Dany is the only choice .
  12. Tywin did not tell Gregor Clegane not to kill Elia ,if the quote is right .
  13. It is just coincidence , perhaps all the QOLAB are crowned with blue roses .And I have a theory about Lyanna's blue roses, the one at the tourney is a wreath , while the other sounds like a bouquet .
  14. He is long past his prime , considering that he keeps the title of Archmaester out of courtesy and once he was know for his ravencraft now he is known for soiled night clothes .
  15. You have three dragons and the Unsullied , eventually they all will support Dany or be roasted alive, If any house would side with Dany it would be the Tullys , outside of the Crownlands the most loyal was the Riverlands .