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  1. There is only one way , and Black Walder Frey said it . " My sisters would not be loathe to marry a widower ."
  2. Clink ,clink . There are my two cents , I have a tinfoil theory that Darkstar is descended from Davos Dayne and under Westeros law the rightful ruler of Dorne .
  3. Then why be on the winning side ? Unless it is for personal gain . 1) Consensus is that Lyanna died from complications from childbirth , Rhaegar still must subdue both the Eyrie and Winterfell and force the surrender of Stannis , and Stannis is one tough mother .And since he did not have either a midwife or a maester with Lyanna , her fate would be sealed . 2)Accidents happen everyday like a king getting killed at his own uncle's wedding ,especially if you have all the gold in Casterley Rock at your disposal .The Faceless men are still in business . 3)There you have me , but if you are going to remove the king where are get the backing from . Dorne ? Aerys threatened Elia , while Rhaegar had embarrassed her .The North Rhaegar's personal actions had led to the deaths of thousands of northmen including lords Rickard ,Brandon and Eddard .The Reach would be loyal to Aerys . That leaves the Stormlands ,the Vale and the Riverlands , while the Iron Islands would be plotting it's independence . That leaves you with Tywin and he is going to want something ,Jaime as his heir again and Cercei wed to Rhaegar (southron ambitions ) .
  4. Do you really think Tywin is going to help Rhaegar out of the goodness of his heart ? 1. Lyanna is dead 2 Elia will soon be dead . Either by another childbirth or Tywin going to give her a push . 3Cercei is the only unmarried daughter of a great lord .
  5. Because he could .
  6. None and all .
  7. NAH . If Rhaegar had won the only difference would be Eddard would be dead , Rhaegar would be married to Cercei .
  8. By sleeping with Lewyn Martell . Cercei has been seen using sex in order to get her way . Lewyn was known for having a paramour , and using either the sex or the knowledge to either blackmailing or leveraging Martell into advising Hightower who told Aerys .
  9. If you had said Lyanna had killed herself out of shame from all the deaths from the war her and Rhaegar caused and also her baby was stillborn and Robert was so wicked that Roose , Ramsay and Gregor piss their pants at the very mention of his name perhaps, But Robert is not a monster and Jon lives .
  10. Wish fulfillment on the part of the reader . And if fits the trope .
  11. To my son Aegon I leave Dragonstone and the hand of my daughter Rhaenys . And to my bastard son Jon I leave my favorite harp and a half burned book from Summerhal .
  12. The Weirwood Eyes , greetings , weak as sh... ? Perhaps everybody may not have your eidetic memory and do you really think Ned is a person who kisses and tell .
  13. You did not misread or remember in the book A Game of Thrones one part of the book in the Eddard chapter he thinks about promises kept and the price he paid and in another later Eddard chapter he thinks about promises that was not kept .
  14. None .He looks like EDDARD STARK and he was raised a Stark and his loyalty is to the house of Stark .
  15. Die trying to kill Jon .