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  1. It doesn't have to be Jon , red or black a dragon is a dragon .Daenerys and Aegon I mean FAegon .
  2. Quaithe is Quaithe .
  3. Good question , I also wondered that myself , but then why don't Rhaenys also have a Valyrian sword .
  4. Petyr and Catelyn Lysa and Petyr Jorah and Lynesse Barristan and Ashara Robert and Lyanna Cercei and Rhaegar JonCon and Rhaegar
  5. Hi there , the series originally was to be three books .
  6. The parentage of Jon Snow will never be revealed . There is going to be a total of 9 books excluding those based on other events in the asoiaf .
  7. Brandon + Lyanna= Jon Ned + Lyanna =Jon Varys is a woman Mance is Rhaegar Howland Reed is The High Sparrow Bloodraven is behind every event in Westeros Baelish is behind every event in Westeros
  8. With Catelyn definitely Joffrey .
  9. Much control , Baelish had his intelligence force(brothels) and his secret police(goldcloaks) .
  10. Fears ,terrors , . A surging blast of wind , twig snaps ,a blade in the dark , the hoot of an owl ,or the howl of a wolf , death .
  11. Petyr Baelish is the only Blackfyre . ARE YOU SICK YET !
  12. Tyrion and Tywin may have the Welsh meaning than Nordic , but anything is possible .
  13. Lord Stargaryen , sir why all the Robert hate ?
  14. My guess would be , to give Stannis the respect he craves, and protection for Robin if the Lannisters and their allies try some rough stuff when they depose Tywin , and through SweetRobin making Stannis Warden of the Vale if Jon dies .
  15. Rhaegar's plan ;Turn Aerys into a figurehead . Renly , Robb and Harry Hardyng becomes heirs. Fire Aerys' small council , marry Cercei , Jon Snow is given to Ashara Dayne . Remove Jaime from the King's Guard .Talk about some farfetched tale about ice zombies and the long night . Allow the King's Guard to marry .