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  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder .
  2. I have to disagree there isn't any proof of a great friendship between Ned and Barrie , there was mutual respect , and in Ned case admiration .Ashara Dayne is the sore spot with Barrie that if he was a better jouster he would have bested Rhaegar and crowned Ashara and there would not have been Robert's Rebellion .
  3. The is no evidence that Brandon ever had any sexual relations with anybody besides Barbrey Ryswell . If Brandon did have a blizzard of little Snows , where are they ? According to the 2ND Catelyn chapter in AGOT the Starks would have taken care of them so they should be some of Brandon's children running around Winterfell . And that does not explain the Daynes . Why would the Daynes tell everybody that Ashara and Ned fell in love ? I'll say it again Barrie was suffering from a case of sour grapes , if Ashara had turn to him I am willing to bet he would have tainted his white cloak for her .
  4. They had caretakers , but when Darry died it was everyone for themselves .
  5. That's not going to happen . Put a trade embargo on things from Westeros .
  6. Cercei would have true heirs . It was Jaime who found the woods witch , that gave Cercei the moontea to abort Robert's children . Stannis and Jon Arryn would not have doubts about the legitimacy of Cercei 'children . But Cercei would still try to kill Robert . But no war of the five kings .
  7. It depends , the Iron Bank is all about getting paid . Unless the Boltons is willing to take up the realm's debt to them I would say no .
  8. Tywin would get his butt handed to him . This is known .
  9. They were the Targaryen's vassals . A dragon can turn a vassal into a dragon lord instantly .
  10. Stannis will fight to the end, but Stannis said it ," A king has either subjects or enemies ." , And if couldn't find common cause with Robb , his sexism will not allow him to back Dany . He only compromise he made was , he didn't forcefully convert the Mountain clans that is only because he needed them .
  11. The dire wolves for the Stark children .
  12. Return to the Fingers ,then tell myself " Catelyn wasn't that hot anyway ! "
  13. Stannis is pure iron. Black , hard ,and strong yes, but brittle ,the way iron gets, He'll break before he bends . She'll have to put his head on a pike .
  14. Robert would have still killed Rhaegar . Three men doesn't an army make , there would have been many more killed , but the end would be the same .
  15. Ashara was very beautiful .Not as pretty as Daenerys ,who has become the measuring stick for pretty . While Dany has the unworldly beauty , Ashara had the unattainable beauty , when men see her they automatically think that she was taken ,that could be why everybody thinks her and Ned fell in love at Harrenhal . And also why Ashara would fall for Ned , because he is the only one showing interest in her .