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  1. Both .
  2. Doran , Dany or Euron or even Littlefinger .
  3. Stannis the mannis will be king of the landis .
  4. I don't think that he will burn Shireen , because she is his only heir .
  5. Roose Bolton and Euron Greyjoy . Ramsay is evil , but unless he kills Roose or he dies on his on ,Ramsay will always be a second tier villain .
  6. Neither , a Planetos raven .
  7. Never, people has a tendency to see in prophecy what they wish to see .
  8. Yes , his last words to Jaime you are not my son .
  9. The Spicers didn't know about Maegy's prophecy for Cercei. The only one who knew besides Cercei was Melora , and she died later that night .
  10. If the marriage wasn't consummated , that is why they have the bedding ceremony .
  11. Drogo saw Dany as a gift , and all the things to come with her as tribute .
  12. It was lust . Wasn't the poem based on the world being destroyed by lust (fire) or hate (ice) . It depends on what your view of Rhaegar . Barrie seems to think Rhaegar was in love Lyanna while Robert thinks it was lust and JonCon doesn't make state it one way or the other .
  13. One problem , Rickard Stark tried to have a trial by combat and ended up being cooked alive in his armor .
  14. 1. Incest was common among many cultures in the past . 2 To get you comfortable with it , if Jon marries Dany ,and Jon is found to be Rhaegar or Aerys son or Dany is found to be Lyanna's daughter .
  15. I don't think so . Westeros is a male dominated society .Let say that Robb and Margaery were to marry ,and let us say that Margaery was Mace's only heir . Her claim would either be given to her male cousin or in a stretch her youngest son .