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  1. Nobody Jaime and Arianne Aegon and Sansa Margaery and Jon
  2. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    True so true .
  3. Moqorro's quote to Tyrion

    OLD Aemon YOUNG Daenerys TRUE Rhaegar FALSE Viserys BRIGHT Illyrio DARK Varys I left Jon Snow off because being a Targaryen does not make him a dragon .
  4. The same oath of secrecy that bound Eddard , Eddard would have used it to bind Howland and the mysterious they also to secrecy .
  5. It's not Alys Karstark, either

    Perhaps the identity of the girl on the grey horse is immaterial only the goal matters . The manipulation of one Jon Snow . Jon has two sisters . When Jon lived at Winterfell there were other girls present there Jeyne Poole and Beth Cassel .it could have been any of them as far as Melisandre knows . The girl on the grey horse got Jon deeper and deeper into the war of the Five Kings on Stan the man side ,until the King's Council had plans to assassinate him.
  6. There are no religions in the story?

    THERE IS NO GOD BUT GOD There is plenty of religions , but there isn't the appearance of one god either good or bad .
  7. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    Why ask why? It is GRRM story as long as his characters both gay or strait are neither stereotypes or one dimensional all is good .
  8. The Starks and the Children

    Perhaps they had foreseen what was to come , with the booming population of the humans and their never ending wars and the coming of the Dragonlords ,maybe they just boot scooted beyond the reach of people for some peace .
  9. Just how important is Mance?

    Mance did what he was suppose to do . He unified most of the wildling tribes and now that it is done ,he must depart the scene leaving Jon as the new king beyond the wall .
  10. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    You are wrong ,Jaime Lannister is Dany's father . This is known . With Jaime being the bastard son of Aerys and Joanna he fulfills his half of the PWWP. He felt pity for Rhaella after her rape by Aerys , he probably comforted her . I know no proof , crackpot , tinfoil , nonsense . A LITTLE NONSENSE NOW AND THEN RELISHED BY THE WISES MEN .LOL
  11. Rhaella's flight to Dragonstone

    Can both Jaime and Viserys be right? Jaime's last shocking memory about Rhaella, is Rhaella being savaged by Aerys . Jaime would be relieved to see her leave , Morning . While for Viserys King's Landing was all he ever known , Midnight for him . OR Mistaken identity Jaime could have mistaken one of the Queen's lady in waiting ,Ashara Dayne , or Dany's future wet nurse . OR They left the Red Keep in the morning and left for Dragonstone at night .
  12. Truly good characters

    Ghost Grey Wind Lady Nymeria Shaggydog Summer
  13. Viserys meets the dragon

    It would be a dream come true for Viserys. The filthy barbarian and his spawn dead , three live dragons ,and Dany now a widow Viserys would invade Westeros ,Defeat the Usurper and his dogs ,then return the rule the Targaryens to Westeros . The reality Viserys would live long enough to see the dragons hatch ,Viserys not being a stable person or very patient person. The dragons seemed to have bonded with Dany I could see Viserys trying to kill Dany to possess them ,which would lead to his death . It was going to take time to be able to use the dragons as weapons I could see him trying to use them as weapons ,again leading to his death , but basically Viserys is a coward at heart end the end he would have them killed .
  14. Let's speculate wildly about Lady Dustin

    Perhaps Eddard empathize with Barbery Dustin . Way too many people has jumped to the conclusion that , it wasn't Ned but Brandon who hook up with Ashara Dayne . What if it was Ned who was in love with Ashara and she him . Barbery loved Brandon ,but had ti settle with Willem Dustin ; just as Eddard loved Ashara , but had to settle with Catelyn .
  15. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    The lord of the Others wrote the pink letter .He need the lord commander of the Night Watch dead , so that the Neverborn can breach the Wall .