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  1. Actually it might be better to send the Freys to Petyr Baelish ,
  2. I doubt if any of them care, since it doesn't impact their lives personally .
  3. Pre- AGOT Eddard Stark , Bobby B . Post -ADWD Stannis Baratheon , Randyl Tarly .
  4. I don't think so . What we know of Rhaella's personality, I doubt she would never have any sexual relations not only outside of marriage and not against the will of her family .
  5. There was no grand conspiracy by the Starks or the Baratheons or the Arryns to dethrone Aerys . Why would they ? And according to Barbrey Dustin , it was all the schemes of the Maester Walys Flowers .
  6. Yes indeed , that is why she jockeyed for Jaime to be on the King's Guard , because she thought she was going to marry Rhaegar .
  7. Varys or Tywin.
  8. An armored ice Faery with glowing blue eyes with a glittering sword in his hand against a black background .
  9. My belief is that the reason people hate Sansa is they don't have a reason to root for her . Strangely her story is similar to the forgotten Jeyne Poole .At first they both start out as mean girls , then they fall into the clutches first the Lannisters then into Baelish's hands and in Jeyne's case the Boltons , you feel sympathy for them . And now what ? Everybody is ready for Sansa's character to have learn something else besides keep your mouth shut to advance stop being the little girl with songs in her head . They want to see her break Littlefinger and seize the Vale and Riverlands .
  10. Brandon ,Brandon Snow .
  11. He didn't get mock by Vic for getting raped . Kerwin got mocked because Vic gave him a knife to TCB , BUT he didn't .
  12. Yes . Jorah saves Dany's life ,she will be eternally grateful
  13. It might be that Dorne is dissatisfied with Doran Martell, maybe under Westeros laws of succession , Darkstar may have a claim to the Dprnish throne through Nymeria and Davos Dayne .
  14. Why did they name themselves the company of the rose. That sound more like a Reach name for a sellsword company?