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I think Nishikori has plateaued, and Raonic as well. They are about as good as they're going to get, give or take a few percentages. They've worked on most of the things that they were not naturally good at it, but are now facing their own limits. Raonic' ground game is going to remain problematic at the very highest level in tennis. He will keep his own serve but he has trouble breaking serve and once he has a rare game where the serve isn't as good, he's broken. Nishikori of course has other limitations.

Now, Federer. I still have to watch his games against Steve Johnson and Sock. Disappointed the game against Kyrgios didn't go through as that was the one that would have been game of the tournament. As it is I think that honour has to go to Wawrinka vs Thiem, a real slug fest. So all in all Federer, while he did beat Nadal, has a fairly easy path to the final. But in that final, a win against Stan just felt inevitable to me, and thus it went. Stan just isn't allowed any mistakes by Fed. The first set Federer was playing perfectly but then Stan was really good as well. But then, Fed just pounces on the first opportunity.

Second set a lot of mistakes, Stan even takes the lead, but he was broken back quickly and I never felt he would beat Federer.

It's just great that Federer has come back so refreshed and playing so well. There are streches in these games this Indian Wells where he has played as well as he ever has. Just incredible the sheer class on display by Fed.

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12 hours ago, Risto said:

On the other hand, Murray and Djokovic need to wake up. Together they didn't reach 1000 points this year. Andy always had his issues, but Novak's state is even more troublesome as it seems no one knows what the issue is. Except of the traditionalist Serbs who hate veganism :D

Don't forget Djokovic's wife. She's to blame for EVERYTHING!!!* ;) 

*If you listen to an average Djokovic fan from Serbia, that is.

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4 hours ago, Leap said:

Couldn't agree more, Federer's got to be riding one of the mental highs of his career right now. I really hope it doesn't stop anytime soon. Rankings aside, him winning Wimbledon again would be amazing. 

Both Murray and Djokovic seem a little lost right now, as well as coping with injuries. They're both well ahead of the pack, but both stand to lose a lot by the end of Roland Garros. Between now and then, Novak is defending 4600+ points, with at least 1000 definitely about to be dropped in Miami. Murray is defending at least 3250 too. Rafa is defending 1500+ but looks like he may even be able to improve on that, whilst Federer isn't even defending 1000 points. Tectonic shift incoming indeed! 

The thing with Federer is that he was always losing from Nadal. It makes you doubt in your own abilities. Yes, he would lose from Novak and Andy, but the loses from Rafa had to hurt the most. And it seems his statements points to that. Now, that he turned the entire game with Rafa, I believe he mentally is unstoppable. Rafa was his "big, bad wolf" and now he has overcome that.

I honestly think that Murray will be 1st to probably September, October, perhaps finishing the year as 1. And honestly, I hate it. He is showing nothing. Yes, it is just a start of the season, but we are already 3 months in and he didn't make his mark. Novak is also lost in woods. God only knows what's going on there... But, I have to say that this gives us far more interesting season than we could have ever hoped for.


Agreed. I think Dimitrov, Raonic and Nishikori still have shots at a slam, particularly with the season developing as it is, but this season may be their last opportunity before they become ''the lost generation'', or so to say. To be honest, Kyrgios is by all accounts a pretty decent guy in person, and is not at all the cunt you may reasonable expect from his onstage antics. Plus, he really seems to be getting his head in the game.

I really hope. Of the "new generation", Dimitrov, Raonic and Zverev are my favorites. I felt bad for Dimitrov when he lost AO semis but that just showed how much they have to work...

2 hours ago, baxus said:

Don't forget Djokovic's wife. She's to blame for EVERYTHING!!!* ;) 

*If you listen to an average Djokovic fan from Serbia, that is.

What is the ranking of blame

1. Pepe Imaz

2. Wife

3. Veganism

4. Amethyst around neck

5. Secret plot between ATP, Illuminati, Voldemort and Sauron so Roger would be the first

I think that covers it all :D 

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Murray will really have to show this year that he can hold that no. 1 spot , because last year he became no.1 in a year when Djokovic broke down, Federer was out, Nadal was out..

Still, he has raised his game and I think for the entirety of the year, he will be fully in the mix with Federer and Djokovic.

It's just been a poor start for him this year. Same for Djoker but then in the case of Djokovic this has been going on for a year now.

He still has the excellent flexibility and brings everything back, but he struggles to make a difference in the rallies, lacks power shots. For me, Stan still rounds out the top 5. Maybe Nadal isn't really top 5 material anymore and someone else will step in.

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