Jon legitimacy foreshadowing ?

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23 hours ago, Mikkel said:

It IS a cliche (and a whole family of loosely related tropes over on tvtropes), but that does not mean it's wrong to use it. Cliches and tropes are not inherently bad, even if labeling something a cliche often carries with it a certain level of implied criticism.

I'm a show watcher (as well as a book one) and after watching the recent episode it indeed seems as if they gone through with the 'true king' cliche. 

18 hours ago, Arya Targaryen said:


They had separate chambers, it is definitely mentioed in the books - and they had a loving marriage. Cat's chamber was the warmest of all, and Ned always had to open the window because he was hot there. 

It might be different in the show, though.

Ah yes, sorry. I didn't pick up that mention of Cats own chambers. The show certainly do not seem to go that way though, so it makes it confusing if you need to compare it to real life history or anything.

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On 8/9/2017 at 1:02 PM, purple-eyes said:

No actually I will be happy to see it if they propose there is a secret annulment of his first marriage and a secret second marriage to Lyanna. 


Because this will make Rhaegar an even bigger jerk than he is right now. 

He secretly divorced and abandoned his sickly wife right after she almost died to give him a son. 

He made his two young children bastards by annuling his marriage and even gave his name to his new son. 

And he left his exwife and bastard children under the control of Mad king. Should not he send his ex-wife and bastards back to her home? 

He did not even bother to announce this annulment, otherwise Tywin/Robert/or any of his enemies would not need to hurt any of them. 

He led a Dornish army of his exwife's house to fight for his new wife. 

He chose to become enemy with his brother in law in stead of trying to make peace with them (Lyanna is now future queen of Westeros, is not she?) 


Well, there you go!

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