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  1. Yeah, most fans wouldn’t want Sterling to start I don’t think, but his movement was good. It was a good enough performance, shades of Italy at first but couldn’t keep up that energy.
  2. Trippier is in for set piece skill, I thought.
  3. Have to say, the BBC’s Harry Kane highlight reel from this season was very impressive.
  4. I don’t see how their trauma is going to be lessened by playing the game the next day. They’re going to remember that for the rest of their lives. So at that point the question is whether it’s unfair to the teams in terms of the competition, whether their ability to play is compromised and surely they are better suited to judge that than a mental health professional, or certainly than a tournament organiser who is realistically the only other person going to make the decision.
  5. It could have been played tomorrow, that was the choice they were given. I don’t see why you would take away that choice from those directly involved. Denmark would have known they might be shaky continuing but decided to play on anyway.
  6. Remember the days when we weren’t sure if Lukaku was world class.
  7. Why so? That seems more disrespectful than the other way. They’re not children.
  8. Yep, I’ve spent most of the second half scrolling. Russia initially looked like they might be interested again but Belgium just took it in their stride including the blocking and manhandling of their players on the ball. Hazard on now, so interesting to have a look at how he does.
  9. They should have been guided by the players, which apparently they were. At a short tournament with teams flying between venues, you want to limit delays as much as possible.
  10. Russia looking more and more toothless the more the half goes on. Although they are the first team that looks like they might make full use of the five substitute rule.
  11. Ah, right. Lucky for Belgium. The game is a lot more even than I expected, even with the home advantage. edit - ok, not that even
  12. So how was that not offside? Missed the explanation.
  13. That was horrific. Latest news seems to be that he’s alive. Images of him awake on stretcher with oxygen mask on.
  14. Well that score line flattered Wales. Theirs was a better goal though. Shame Gavranović can’t seem to stay onside because he looked handy.
  15. Italy looked great, genuinely looking better and better as it went on and not slowing down throughout the game. Turkey we’re poor, but difficult to say how bad when they were so outplayed.
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