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  1. So list your top five predictions to die in the next book. Aeron Robin Arryn Sansa Barristan Bowen
  2. The Transporter

    For the record... and posterity!

  3. The Transporter

    The iron bank will go bankrupt

    Many of the depositors were slave owners. Many of these will die when the slaves rebel in Volantis. The Iron Bank will just transfer these to its own accounts.
  4. The Transporter

    Penny's Gift

    There is grand and well, there is GRAND. The Sealord is not going to give a dragon egg to actors. They are too valuable. That's silly. This is more like it. Professional service for each of them. That is why she was embarrassed to reveal it.
  5. The Transporter

    Kraznys mo Naklos - Charming Villain

    The good servant anticipates. I hope this puts to bed the "Missandei is a psychic" idea. She never caught on to Dany's well-played game. I know she has golden eyes but that's not proof of being psychic. Different book. Different story.
  6. The Transporter

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    There are clues pointing to Aegon having Targaryen blood. He is Aegon Mopatis if the father is the magister. He will be a Blackfyre on his mother's side. That would put him very far down the line of succession for the throne.
  7. The Transporter

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    George may never reveal the truth but I am confident that King Aerys disinherited Rhaegar. Rhaegar's last words before leaving King's Landing showed his intentions to call a Great Council. No heir in his right mind would have done something like that. If you are the heir to the throne, the very last thing you want is to put the vote before a Great Council. Damn, you are already the heir! Why chance it? They might decide against you! This tells me that King Aerys told Rhaegar that he chose Viserys to be his successor. Rhaegar wanted to try to overturn this decision. He died, and never got to give it the old college try. Viserys was the heir and he became King Viserys III with Princess Daenerys as his heir. Maybe Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna. Maybe she ran away on her own. What mattered here is the fact that Rhaegar sheltered her. A short letter from her, even by her likely poor grammar, to say she ran away on her own might have prevented Brandon from attempting to murder the royal family. A responsible person would have made her write that letter. Rhaegar did not. I would have disinherited that blonde idiot too. Say there is a chance of R+L=J being true. Aerys and for sure Varys, would have been on to this. You are Aerys. You suspect the Starks and the Baratheons of plotting against you. The first move you would make is to disinherit your idiot son for causing this mess. Most important of all, you do not want the grandchild of your enemy to inherit your kingdom.
  8. The Transporter

    Begin with an End: An Ignorance of Ice and Fire

    I see very little, if any, similarities between Waymar Royce and Daenerys Targaryen. Waymar is not level-headed. He was a proud young man who probably never had to earn anything in his life. He expected to command more seasoned men. A position he never earned. Daenerys, on the other hand, earned her command. Her leadership abilities are proven time and again. She was able to lead her khalasar to the safety of Vaes Tolorro. Waymar Royce probably had never led any warm body before that ranging. This is a fourteen year old girl compared to a boy who was likely a few years older. The biggest difference between the two. Daenerys knew what she was doing. So confident was she that she walked into that fire. She had ancient knowledge with regards to the hatching of dragons. Knowledge that the other Targaryens have forgotten or never known. Waymar Royce and his confidence came from arrogance, not knowledge.
  9. Steffon and his lady blew the allowance from Aerys. Leave their rowdy boys behind for some alone time and have a second honeymoon on Aerys' dime. They toured the best eating establishments. Bought expensive jewels. Caught a play or two in Braavos. Got into some pillow time with the pros in Lys. It was good. Let that mopey dope of a prince find his own wife.
  10. The Transporter

    Most melancholic and "Human" moments in ASOIAF?

    Heavy with humanity. Alright then. Daenerys and Drogo wedding day. When he gave her the silver mare. Sandor Clegane defending the gates from the Baratheon forces. He freaked out because of the fire. Cersei's nude walk of shame.
  11. The Transporter

    If Danny truly wants a Targaryan dynasty!

    Anybody who got on the wrong side of a mean witch like MMD is going to have a poor track record of carrying off a successful birth. It would not surprise me if we are going to witness the swan song of the Starks and the Targaryens. IE, these are the last generation of those two noble houses. So if Daenerys is barren and all of the Starks die, yeah, this could be the last generation. Some of the Starks can live a second life in their wolves but so far as a human family, yeah, this is the end of the line for the peanut headed northerners.
  12. The Transporter

    Most melancholic and "Human" moments in ASOIAF?

    Unrequited love made for a lot of weepy literature over the centuries.
  13. The Transporter

    Name the Parents

    Pick the parents from among the given choices. Pick who you think the parent is and not who you want the parent to be. The Fathers 1. Aegon a) Rhaegar Targaryen b) Jon Connington c) Ilyrio Mopatis d) An unknown man 2. Daenerys a) Aerys II b) Bonifer Hasty c) Rhaegar Targaryen d) An unknown man 3. Tyrion a) Tywin Lannister b) Aerys II c) An unknown man 4. Jon a) Mance Rayder b) Rhaegar Targaryen c) Eddard Stark d) Brandon Stark e) Howland Reed 5. Darkstar a) Doran Martell b) Oberyn Martell c) Aerys II d) An unknown Dayne The Mothers 1. Aegon a) Elia Martell b) Serra c) Ashara Dayne d) Lyanna Stark e) Septa Lemore 2. Daenerys a) Rhaella Targaryen b) Lyanna Stark c) Ashara Dayne d) An unknown woman 3. Tyrion a) Joanna Lannister c) Rhaella Targaryen d) Genna Lannister e) An unknown woman 4. Jon a) Lyanna Stark b) Ashara Dayne c) Wylla the fisherwoman d) Wylla the maid
  14. The Transporter

    Dyanastic Rule. Khal Drogo and Mance Rayder

    There were others besides Drogo who wanted a united Dothraki people. Just look the guest list on Dany's wedding day. There were many members of the ruling classes of Essos among the wedding guests. They were eager to create this bonding between the Targaryens and the Khalasars. A strong Dothraki leader can better keep the tribes organized which make them an interesting people to do business with. It's like desiring a stable government in a foreign country before investing billions in said country. Doing business with one man instead of negotiating separate deals with each khalasar is a better climate for trade as well making the Dothraki better neighbors. The Free Cities wanted this and the DK wanted it to happen. We can even extend this interests across the ocean to Westeros. What if there were many merchants in the Free Cities who were unhappy with Robert Baratheon? The man drove the economy to destruction and borrowed too heavily. That would worry a lot of his business partners. The DK pretty much anointed Rhaego. Unusual for the Dothraki but a clear sign that old customs are about to be broken. The child carried the blood of a Valyrian dragonlord and a Dothraki khal. Which made him a good person from which to build a royal dynasty because you can't get more royal than that.