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  1. Hizdahr was very suspicious. A girl from the west would find the dish disgusting but Hizdahr' people relish the stuff. He did not eat a single locust. Hizdahr is under the protection of the Harpy.
  2. The student who can pick apples with arrows is who impressed me.
  3. Because love is the death of duty and honor.
  4. The Magister would know whether the king can get a girl pregnant or not. Viserys was unable to produce. He is unfortunately already crowned and by all the laws, the king of Westeros. The Dothraki will win the kingdom for him and an heir will be suitably presented to succeed. Daenerys meanwhile becomes khaleesi and births the Stallion Who Will Mount The World. The one being who will unite all of the khalasars into one mighty people to rule the near East. The plan went awry when Viserys, Drogo, and Rhaego were killed. They got something better in return though. Daenerys and her three dragons were reborn.
  5. Renly was a knight of summer sort of person. He could rule during a time of plenty and prosperity but he himself will not be able to build upon what he inherited. Robert left the kingdom in poor economic state. I doubt if Renly was up to the task of rebuilding.
  6. The girl in grey is Karstark. The one who made a fool out of Jon Snow. He though the girl was his sister and betrayed the night's watch for her benefit. Why is Marwyn making the long journey to meet Dany? He was and still is loyal to the Targaryens. Daenerys is the person who should rule Westeros. He wants to convince her to take back her father's throne and make it hers.
  7. Arya's act is like an aria. She's a solo operator. It will be for revenge over the killing of her favorite brother if she blows up the capital city of Westeros. She ignores orders from the faceless men when it is in conflict with her personal goals of what she thinks is justice. It will be a very personal decision made in anger. She appears calm on the outside but there is a storm of hate going on inside.
  8. I do wonder if things would have ended differently if Samwell and Aemon were still at the wall. They might be able to stop Jon from sending Mance on such an illegal mission. Sending Mance to steal Arya away was an in-direct attack on House Bolton.
  9. Almost all of his work before this one was science fiction. The thousand-worlds stories in particular. Why should this one be any different. Were his thousand-worlds stories commercially successful?
  10. I don't know where to begin. Those are a lot of very good conclusions. I want at least a few chapters in Asshai. I know GRRM already announced there won't be any. But he also said he has the right to change his mind and I hope he has. Ghost Grass is like an invasive weed that kills competing vegetation. We don't have a real world equivalent that glows but running bamboo is said to be able to out-compete other plants. GRRM used the real world examples of blind cave fishes and bioluminescent animals . Asshai have both glowing plants and fish that have no eyes. They either came from the ocean depths or from a land where the sun doesn't shine. The builders of the city would not choose this place. Asshai was a promising location during its construction. Something very bad happened here. Something brought that grass to destroy the ecosystem. Shadow is the Long Night. Dany will have to wait until the end of the Long Night before she can return to Westeros. I don't know if these fishes are deformed. They looked different from ordinary fish because they evolved in darkness. Shadowbinders are not immune to poison, though Mel survived Cressen's drug. The fish may look weird and their flesh may taste bad but probably not poisonous. The GG, according to the Dothraki, kill other grasses. So no cattle farming option. Even goats need grass. The slayer of lies. She is Azor Ahai. Stannis is not.
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