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  1. Robyn isn't dumb. Hopefully they will continue to underestimate him.
  2. Arya's act is like an aria. She's a solo operator. It will be for revenge over the killing of her favorite brother if she blows up the capital city of Westeros. She ignores orders from the faceless men when it is in conflict with her personal goals of what she thinks is justice. It will be a very personal decision made in anger. She appears calm on the outside but there is a storm of hate going on inside.
  3. A few will make an appearance but most of them will not. George is preparing to bring the story into its conclusion. There is not enough chapters left to introduce every unseen character. Most will remain unseen.
  4. I hope the four still are alive so Dany can reward them for their loyal service.
  5. Help is needed and very soon. He's out numbered by the free folk. Here's to hoping Thorne comes back in time to save the day. They will have to repair the social and political rift with the Boltons.
  6. Robert seems to think it's foolish to face the Dothraki in battle. The lords of Westeros would hide behind their castle walls and pray to their gods that the Dothraki get bored and call off the siege. Khal Drogo's khalasar on its own could not take Westeros. But put several of the larger khalasars together and they can do it. The whole kingdom does not have to fall all at once. Each of the kingdoms will fall eventually.
  7. I do wonder if things would have ended differently if Samwell and Aemon were still at the wall. They might be able to stop Jon from sending Mance on such an illegal mission. Sending Mance to steal Arya away was an in-direct attack on House Bolton.
  8. This desire of their for payback is what makes Jon and Arya harmful. They're serious about it. Arya has the means to do great harm.
  9. I am convinced that these Starks are already on their way to becoming very dark. It's my prediction for them. How their fans react to them as they continue on this dark path is their choice.
  10. The dragons signify a rebirth. They are the light of the world. I do not think they will all die. One or two may die, but not all three. Enough to bring the species back into the world to balance the threat posed by the white walkers and the direwolves.
  11. Above is a quote from A Clash of Kings, a Jon point of view chapter. It seems to me that the Starks are meant to become a pack again. But take careful note, sister instead of sisters. I believe the Starks will come together again as direwolves after their human deaths. They will each feel incomplete until they become a pack again. Why sister instead of the plural form? Because Sansa will not become a part of this pack. She lost her direwolf, and her soul. The part of Sansa which joined her to the wolves is gone. The tree was Bran. Jon is no stranger to the smell of dead people. But there was something upsetting about this. This is not the smell of leftover dinner here. No, it means something sinister and evil. And Bran loves it. I think Bran will go dark and become one of the villains in the story. Many people will die because of Bran. The quote above has a literal meaning. The Starks, in the form of direwolves, will come back to the ruins of Winterfell after their human deaths. I see dark paths and dark endings for Jon, Arya, and Bran.
  12. It is an interesting proposal but her identity is one of the few who have been proven many times. There is little wiggle room for an alternate identity. She is definitely the Child of Three. Mother of Dragons, check. Khaleesi, check. Daenerys Stormborn, check. Azor Ahai, check. Sister of Prince Viserys, check. Why would she have these visions of her ancestors, Rhaegar, Aerys, Viserys, if she is not who she is.
  13. It is a woman unknown to Daenerys. But a real woman she was. These little guys are not seen in Westeros. The person is important to the story. Littlefinger and Sansa will have to escape to Braavos if his plans go awry. Sansa is that naked woman in the near future. Cersei, Arianne, Margaery, and Val are not coming to Essos. The woman has to be Sansa or Gillie. Gillie is on her way to the Bay with Marwyn.
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