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  1. House Targaryen is the most famous family in the world. They are held in high esteem for their achievements and their family line. They are the heirs to the lands which once belonged to the Freehold as well as the continent of Westeros. The calendar is measured from the time Aegon landed. The most valuable currency is the Golden Dragon. They built the capital city of King's Landing. Yeah, I'd say they are the greatest family to have ever come along on Earthos.
  2. Viserys agreed to the marriage in exchange for Khal Drogo's help in taking back his kingdom from the usurper. Khal Drogo's help can only be in military terms. It was a formal exchange of gifts where both men are fully expected to honor. So yeah, Drogo knew by marrying the Princess, what his obligations to the king of Westeros would be, military force to take the throne from Robert. Now, unless they were gonna teleport themselves to Westeros, yeah, the Dothraki will cross the seas.
  3. Allardyce

    If Ashara =Lemore, what's the sequence of events?

    I think it's safe to say Lyanna is the mother of Jon Snow. Brandon, I suspect, is the father. Jon is much older. Lyanna had a second baby bastard at the TOJ and that one did not live.
  4. Allardyce

    Obnoxious POV's

    Sansa Stark is really obnoxious to me. It was work getting through those chapters. Brienne from Tarth is an okay person but her chapters do not interests me. Her tomboy like gender confusion annoyed me. Arya Stark Jon Snow Mellissandre
  5. There is a slight chance. I would like for Daenerys and her allies to travel to Asshai for an interesting adventure. I enjoy her chapters as well as those of Barristan and Tyrion.
  6. Probably Renly but I honestly do not like the Baratheons. Stannis is much worse than Aerys in the burning department. I don't like him. He wants to restore the Starks. Robert was an awful king who bankrupted the kingdom.
  7. Allardyce

    Dany's three betrayals

    The visions in the House of the Undying ties the lies, betrayals, rides, and executions together. I look forward to the traitors getting slow roasted.
  8. Allardyce

    Creepiest part

    You mean the red comet? It is the herald of the rebirth of Azor Ahai. Daenerys was reborn on that day and woke the dragons from stone. The Doom was a cataclysm. The fourteen volcanoes erupting. One volcano can be bad enough. Numerous going off simultaneously is a disaster.
  9. Allardyce

    Will Dany burn Essos on the way to Westeros?

    I doubt it. She is the main protagonists in this story. The hero. She is not going in that direction. The ones going on the evil path are the Starks. The ice is the antagonists in the story. It is what the living will have to fight to preserve life in the west. So anyway, back to the question. It is not necessary for Daenerys to act alone. Remember, she is already worshiped by the R'hllorians. The slaves will act on their own to win their own freedom. Mhysa is the catalyst and the inspiration for the slaves to believe they can do it. The numbers are on their side. They have the means. All they need is the will power.
  10. It was a remarkable achievement and brought a lot of benefit to the people. But three hundred years is a long time to maintain rule for that long of a period over those people. Culture was part of the problem but there are also the lords who wanted to be kings of the land back again.
  11. That was not the question. It is obvious to me that you are trying to change the question. The question already created a scenario in which Viserys already has sellswords. And I call bull$h!t on your claim that the Lannisters, Starks, will overpower any combination. That is just plain silly to say. Absurd. If that offends you, well, then you're offended. The question, as posted, did not place a limit on the size of the mercenary army. Essos is a much bigger landmass and there will be no shortage of able-bodied fighting men. The question implied a "what if" scenario. Had the question said, "Will the reach support Viserys if he had landed with 5K sellswords?" the answer will be different.
  12. The question, as presented, says Viserys will land with a sellsword army. Now, obviously, if he arrives with 50 sellswords, his campaign will end at the beach. But say he arrives with 100K sellswords. It's game over for the Baratheons, Lannisters, and Starks. The realm do not hate the Targaryens.
  13. That would depend on the size of the sellsword army. Say Viserys lands with enough sellswords to defeat Robert. Absolutely the Tyrells would support him. The Reach, Dorne, Balon Greyjoy, and many others. As a matter of fact, if Viserys had arrived with an overwhelming force, the Lannistes and the Baratheons would find themselves peeing their pants because they will be alone.
  14. Allardyce

    Dany's three betrayals

    The prophecy of the Undying Ones as well as the fate of those who commits treason. Mirri, Eddard, Jon Snow, all who betrayed the ruler dies. The traitors are given to the flames and it pays for a needed miracle. I think you are wrong in your interpretation. That might be your wish but it is not likely to happen.