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  1. Eddard was high on painkillers when we get his hallucinations of the fight at the tower. A lot of what we know, or think we know, are not reliable. For example, it is possible Ashara did not kill herself. Lyanna did. She slit her wrist rather than go back to Robert. That would explain the bed of blood. It was Lyanna who took her own life. Ashara is alive and hiding somewhere. I believe Lyanna is the mother of Jon Snow. But it doesn't have to mean it was Jon who was born at the tower. Maybe nobody was born at the tower. Leuwin observed that bastards grow up faster than other boys. He's a smart man and suspected Jon is older than Eddard is claiming. He had to come up with an excuse to explain why Jon is farther along than Robb. Jon was born before the tower of joy to Lyanna and some yet unknown father. Probably Brandon himself. The horny man lost his cool and slept with his sister.
  2. Eddard was probably referring to violence in general that were committed against children. I don't think Eddard approved of the Lannisters killing off the Tarbecks and the Reynes. Likely, he probably did not approve of the killing of the entire Darklyn family. But taking a side like that also puts him in a position of hypocrisy because his side of the war also killed innocent children. Rhaegar's family was innocent. The children of the Goodbrookes were innocent. The children of the village that Hoster Tully destroyed were innocent. Let's not say one side had the moral upper hand over the other. That's the problem with Robert's reign. So if they plotted against the Targaryens on the platform that they want to protect the innocent, let's just say they ended up becoming failures. Robert not only tolerated the murder of Rhaegar's family but he forgave the perpetrator. The murderer of an entire village, Hoster Tully, got away with it.
  3. Good Morning Ran. The major problem with the way Jon handled the situation is not only the manner of the punishment. It is the fact that he allowed another man who without any doubt is guilty of more offenses than the man that he killed. The execution of Slynt is very harsh and not the appropriate choice in my opinion. But where justice when off the tracks is when Jon let Mance Rayder off the blocks because of (1) how he felt about the man, he liked Mance Rayder; (2) remembering how Mance Rayder can get in and out of Winterfell, needed him to help get his sister away from Ramsay. Jon committed a great injustice because of his different treatment of two men who committed an offense against the watch. He let the most guilty of them all walk away from any kind of punishment for his own personal benefit. That is very, very wrong.
  4. His thoughts doesn't say he did. We are not privy to a constant stream of Tyrion's thoughts though.
  5. Allardyce

    Am I the only one who really enjoys ADWD?

    It is the best book out of the five. The transition to Essos is fine by me. The more pages devoted to the characters that I like is always going to make the book more enjoyable for me. AFFC was awful because I don't like Sansa, Arya, Jaime, Samwell. A Dance with Dragons had more of its story taking place away from KL and away from the North and that is what I enjoyed about it. It would have been better without the Arya and Jon Snow but maybe there will be some relief for me in the next book if Jon Snow takes the Big Sleep for good.
  6. It isn't everybody who is cut out for fighting. Viserys is not brave. Daenerys and Rhaegar got all of the courage. I guess the God of Courage did not favor Viserys. But it's hard to knock Viserys completely because he was good enough to survive the streets of the Free Cities for years. And Dany is a little girl. It's not cool to teach the princess how to fight.
  7. Allardyce

    Southron Ambitions question/observation

    I don't think they were only anti-Aerys. All they need do is support Rhaegar if that were the case. Coming to Harrenhal does not mean they were pro-Rhaegar. As a matter of fact, it is even possible that the crowning of Lyanna by Rhaegar was an attempt to seduce the key to Rickard's malicious plot. Rhaegar wanted to cockblock the marriage between Lyanna and Robert to break up the conspirators.
  8. Allardyce

    Decline in gravitas among major characters as series progresses

    I have to disagree because those you listed as having gravitas inherited their power. The young ones are having to fight, scheme, and climb themselves to power. The young girl who walked into a burning fire and came out with dragons has a lot of gravitas. She has more gravitas among her freed people than Robert Baratheon ever had on his best day.
  9. Allardyce

    Do you think the night' queen will return?

    Jon is the reincarnation of the NK. Arya or Val is the reincarnation of the Nightqueen.
  10. Allardyce

    Southron Ambitions question/observation

    The Southron Ambitions is looking more like a plot by the Starks to put Robert on the throne. They wanted to take the Targaryens out of the picture. Brandon was going to be Robert's hand and obviously Lyanna will be his queen. Rickard was dreaming big. But the importance of the Targaryens to the story is greater than any plot that Rickard's little heart could have plotted out. The Targaryens survived the Doom of Valyria and they survived Robert's Rebellion.
  11. It absolutely has merit. I can see why Ned would keep this a secret. That makes his marriage to Catelyn a sham and Robb the bastard. To those who say Ned is too honorable. I say, it was war and the rebellion needed the Tullys to cooperate. Ned gave up his wife to marry Brandon's fiancee in order to save the rebellion.
  12. Allardyce

    Daenerys and the number 3

    She is the 3-headed dragon. The leader of House Targaryen. She is the mother of 3 dragons. Her empire will be made up of the Dothraki, the Ghiscari, and the Westerosi.
  13. Allardyce

    Walder Frey versus Stoneheart's Merrymen

    Fine strategy. I like it. The Freys have the numbers to rid themselves of the bwb. Why they haven't done it doesn't make sense
  14. Allardyce

    Azor Ahai is a hero, not a villain

    Women are empowered in this story. The head of the dragon should be Daenerys instead of a man.
  15. Allardyce

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    This is George paying homage to Tolkien. They could have won the battles but that didn't force the sun to come back immediately. Those ancient versions of Azor Ahai lived through their long nights and all the while dreaming of spring. This neatly fits the title of the last book and my own belief that the story will end while the world is covered in darkness and the youngsters dream of spring.