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  1. It was murder for the sake of satisfying his desire for revenge. Jon was wrong to do it.
  2. Ridiculous Theory: Sansa will become a skilled player of the game: Sansa is not heading in this direction. Sansa doesn’t have the smarts. All her hopes are on finding somebody who can take her places. She will follow him on the way up and come crashing down when he does. From Joff to Sandor, then to LF. Sansa and LF will crash together.
  3. The free folk are a threat to the Starks and every feudal lord. The free folk have strong beliefs and they will chip away at authority. It’s not something that can be allowed to spread in Westeros. Ned and Robb will push them back out.
  4. Rhaegar misunderstood a lot of things. He’s the poster man for misreading prophecies. He was not good at it if he missed something as fundamental as the gender neutrality in his own ancestor’s language.
  5. Technically, yes. But the public ignore it because it was a: a fair fight, b: war, c: no one calls Robert kinslayer to his face, d: it was a duel of honor.
  6. It was a foretelling of the battle of the trident. Robert’s war hammer caved in Rhaegar’s armor. It’s just like the direwolf and the stag at beginning. The Baratheons bring trouble.
  7. He’s bitter about his predicament. It’s not an excuse to do it. He needs a moral authority figure to spank him. He likes Hodor but it is sad because his need make him abuse his big friend. He hasn’t killed and it will be upsetting if he forces Hodor to kill an innocent victim.
  8. Mine? I am not believing so. Bran is not as controversial but it will encourage a deep dive into his personality. He’s the Annikin equivalent.
  9. Fairest of them all is an opinion colored by personal preference but it is not completely subjective. I love slender blondes. So for me, the fairest of them all is Dany. Another man might prefer a more rugged, tough looking woman. Fairest for him will be Val and Asha.
  10. I will give this a break and say Lyanna was perhaps pretty. She was not on Cersei’s level though.
  11. We will. All of the story characters get bashed from time to time. Arya has a lot about her to dislike. I don’t have a positive opinion of Arya, Jaime, Sansa, and Jon. There will be times when I will express that opinion. I am preparing to write a criticism of Bran and Stannis at the moment.
  12. It was not morally nor legally justified. But then Arya is mad. Too much grief broke her mind. Arya could murder half of Westeros and Jon would still love and protect her. Those two were destined for each other. I don't like them.
  13. Age. Mature dragons. Help from two sister-wives. All in all, Dany will have more resources at her disposal when she arrives to take Westeros back. Aegon's Dragonstone simply did not have the resources to support a large army. Dany has the whole of Essos to draw resources from. And really, dragons do not have to be large to be effective. Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal will have had plenty of experience in battle by the time they reach Westeros. Vhagar and Meraxes may have been larger but those two rarely saw battle. Dany's 3 will get plenty of battle experience as they make their way to Westeros. Aegon's troops were not battle-hardened. Dany's legions will be battle-hardened and battle-proven. Her land forces will be greatly superior to Aegon's. The most important advantage for Dany is destiny. Dany is Azor Ahai. She has destiny on her side. Aegon was just the man who started the great Targaryen Dynasty in Westeros.
  14. Q got killed because somebody in his party tried to hurt the dragons with a crossbow. It was not random. Q's party attacked the dragons with crossbows and the dragons retaliated. Q did something very stupid in his eagerness to please Doran and acquire a dragon for Dorne. He danced with the dragons and got barbecued. Viserion showed that even bricks will crumble from enough heat.
  15. What Arya did to Dareon and the Insurance seller was immoral, evil. They were unprovoked murders. Calling it “questionable” is making light of it. While they were acts of unprovoked violence and murder, iArya’s insanity means she may not be held accountable. But somebody still needs to stop her. Arya is not redeemable. She’s lost.
  16. Yes. It is for this reason that people should not make promises easily. It should require thoughtful consideration. I have to think about the first instance of this idea. Ned was bound to obey his king. He was ordered to take the life of the wolf even though he knew it was not guilty. Ned had choices. He could rebel. An echo of Jon Arryn. He chose to obey. Honor and morality do conflict when your king is not interested in pursuing true justice. Honor and morality do not have to conflict. But they sometimes do when people fail. Robert put Ned in that position. Lady paid the price. The death of the wolf reverberates through Game of Thrones. The stag caused the death of the wolf.
  17. There are situations in which a person is required to honor an oath even when coerced. Marriage is such. It is also enforceable. The Watch gives pardons in exchange for total loyalty. A man like Dareon who was forced to join, or else, is expected to be bitter. It is not just but he is still required to remain faithful to watch. This is philosophical and beyond the topic but ask yourself how much choice we really have in life. A lot of it has already been decided for us but we are expected to make the best of it.
  18. For me, the magic moment came when Drogon came to his mother’s rescue in Daznak’s Pit.
  19. A lot of the characters will come across as hypocrites. We are privy to their thoughts and they see the world in such a way where they are right. They think about morals and ethics but when those are challenged by the heart, many follow their feelings. The result is almost always their failure. Robb was the worst rule breaker on his side. He killed Karstark while letting Cat unpunished. His double-standards made him bad at ruling.
  20. Real life quotes regarding honor are many. Gentlemen’s honor. Honor among thieves. Just to name two. But what does honor actually mean in Essos and Westeros? Honor among equals seems to be the kind being observed and adhered to. Roose Bolton promised not to skin the homeless men if they worked to rebuild the castle. They did as he requested and he hanged them. The Westerosi will see this as cruel but not dishonorable. Roose is a nobleman. A gentleman’s agreement did not exist. A man like Bronn is not expected nor held to the standard of honor. Daario, Saladhor, Belwas are not expected to follow an honor code. Janos was raised to nobility and the rules changed for him. He is expected to honor his word. Davos was “knighted” with the title of ser. Is Davos expected to follow an honor code? The Brotherhood of the Night’s Watch have their own honor code. Those who say the vows are bound to abide by the code. It matters not where the man came from. All live by the codes. The Kingsguards are the same in this regard. In my opinion, this is another reason why Mance Rayder is very dangerous. He is a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch who doesn’t abide by the codes. The man is a rebel. The people expect something from him in the way of oaths and contracts that bind but he could very easily decide later on to not follow through.
  21. The revenge part can be satisfied later. What will be very hard to avoid are the fines for rebelling. The Frey’s are rich and likely to bear the largest portion of the penalties. Walder and Roose had to win the war for Joffrey.
  22. Criticizing a fictional character is not a crime. There is plenty to dislike about Arya. I
  23. I like the idea of the Hound hunting Arya and stopping her for good. The Hound against the wolf. Arya will become a savage machine so that even the Hound will be disturbed enough to track her down.
  24. The majority will bend their knees to Daenerys. The main Lannister branch will be gone by the time of Dany’s arrival. Euron, Aegon, and the Martells will have weakened themselves. The only families who will oppose are the Baratheons and the Starks. It would be nice to have another field of fire and cook the Starks and the Baratheons. Medium rare would do.
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