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  1. Jon was 100% wrong. Janos did not do anything that deserved a death sentence. Time in confinement was the more appropriate sentence. Jon's lack of leadership talent resulted in an unjust sentence.
  2. It's the duty of his office to execute Mance Rayder. Jon was using double-standards and that never ends in justice. There is no way to excuse Jon. He was a crap lord commander.
  3. Jon and Janos were not foes. They are Brothers of the Night's Watch. Both men were stubborn for holding onto the past. But the greater burden is on Jon to make the relationship work because he is the Lord Commander. He should have been thinking about what was best for the N W and the realm instead of what he feels for Janos. There is no way to give Jon a pass. He was wrong. Factor in his refusal to punish Mance Rayder and an injustice really took place. Janos was not a rebel. That bitter label hits closer to Jon. Jon has broken more N W rules. It wasn't Janos who was breaking rules right and left. Which Jon has been doing since he got to the wall.
  4. Jon was not only wrong to murder Janos Slynt, he acted unjustly. The murder of Janos Slynt was very inappropriate. Jon was a failure at the wall because he lacked ethics. I can see why Bowen Marsh felt the need to remove Jon.
  5. Daenerys Targaryen will have the most complete armed forces in the world. The Dothraki will represent the cavalry. They are the best riders in the world. Her Unsullied are the best foot soldiers. A substantial navy will be necessary to bring the armed forces of the Light to Westeros. She will have command of land, sea, and air. They can blockade every city they wish. Westeros is already on its knees. The people can thank the Starks, Baratheons, Lannisters, Martells, and Littlefinger for their misery. The people will turn against their lords.
  6. Dany's childhood was like Egg's. They were both seen as the unlikely and yet they became rulers. She flew under the radar because most assumed her brothers would rule. The crones assumed a son would rule over all of the khalasars. Rhaegar assumed his son will be the promised one. They were mistaken. Dany is the fulfillment of the Azor Ahai prophecy. The return of the dragons from petrified eggs is Martin's version of Arthur pulling a sword from a stone. Dany pulled dragons from stone. Egg himself was an egg that failed to hatch. Rhaegar's Egg (Aegon) also failed to hatch. Dany is a female Aegon. To quote Tyrion "she is Aegon the Conqueror with tits." She walked into the fire and the dragons came back out with her. Aegon V and Rhaegar failed. Dany succeeded because she is AA. Arthur was the only one who can pull the sword, Dany was the only one who can bring back the dragons from stone.
  7. Doreah's words were soon proven true. The poor woman died soon after the birth of the dragons but at least she had the privilege and the honor of being there for the miracle. She lived long enough to see her Khaleesi become Azor Ahai.
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