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  1. Lord of Brewtown

    Ranking the houses power in each region

    This is a good explanation, and one I mostly agree with. I say mostly, because I'm still not sure I agree that the Manderly's are more powerful - at least not to a degree to make a hypothetical rebellion a foregone conclusion of success. I think the Stark's/Winterfell also likely benefited from any increased economic activity along the White Knife. For instance, we don't know how long the Cerwyn's have held lands along the White Knife. I think it's very possible that they were granted some lands from house Stark and/or what would otherwise have been House Manderly almost as a buffer/to somewhat check House Manderly having too much power. Undoubtably, House Manderly seems to be extremely influential historically. However, I wonder how vast their direct lands really are. Between the Locke's, Cerwyn's, Hornwoods, Woolfields, Dustin's, and Swamps of the Neck, they may be kind of boxed in. My view of the North: Tier 1A: Stark, Manderly, Dustin, Bolton Tier 1B: Umber, Karstark, Tier 2: Ryder, Hornwood, Cerwyn, Flint of WW Tier 3: Glover, Locke, Tallhart, Slate, Flint of FF, Wull, Woolfield, Tier 4: Reed, Mormont, Holt, Norrey, Burley, Harclay, Knott, Liddle, Flint (Mtns),
  2. Lord of Brewtown

    Ranking the houses power in each region

    Conjecture; but, I would put them on a tier with House Uller. I don't really think of the houses as far as strict rankings; but, more on tiers. For Dorne: Tier 1: Martell, Yronwood, Fowler, Dayne Tier2A: Uller, Qorgyle, Vaith, Gargalen Tier2B: Blackmont, Wyl, Manwoody, Allyrion Tier3: Toland, Jordayne, Ladybright, Wells, Dalt, Santagar, Drinkwater
  3. "Words are Wind" Used by several characters throughout series - I think it kind of fits what you are going for. As an aside - used to play the old version of the card game - tons of fun/met a lot of good people playing, including designers. But, boy, do I loathe the introduction/concept of Agenda's in that game. One of the things that drove me to quit.
  4. Lord of Brewtown

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Thanks. I'd be interested in hearing more. Specifically - that seems like a lot of manpower for House Ryswell. Would you put them more on the level of the Karstarks/Umbers or even Dustins? And when I talk about power/tiers - I'm not specifically isolating that to manpower/military strength as of ASOIAF. I'm looking for general trends since Aegon's Conquest of slightly before. What 'level' of power do they generally have? Even if they don't quite have the military manpower/resources, do they generally seem to have more influence, better marriage pacts, high level positions (military commands, Kingsguard appointments, legendary deeds, etc). Also - you may have listed previously, but where would you put Glover and Tallhart in relation? And who controls/has rights to the Stony Shore? Is it the Tallharts (seems far away from a map perspective; but, they get sent to investigate Ironborn invasion).
  5. Lord of Brewtown

    Redwynes During/After Dance

    I think it's likely that the Redwyne's fleet wasn't nearly as large during the Dance as it is during Robert's rebellion/War of the 5 kings. Power ebbs and flows with generations. Otherwise, you would have expected that the Velaryon's would have rebuilt their fleet by now (or the Graftons/Vale and the North for that matter). It likely takes several factors to build up and maintain a fleet for that long - peace, prosperity, power, and good weather (an unlucky storm could wipe out a good portion of a fleet).
  6. Lord of Brewtown

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    I think their exodus may have even preceded Teague rule in the river lands. Hard to say. I think the bigger question is where exactly was Dunstonbury located? If it lied along the Mander closer to the Sunset sea/Shield Islands, they may very well have been able to sail to safety or not required passage through the Riverlands. Even if they were closer to Tumbleton, they could have fairly easily sought passage at King's Landing (or Duskendale, or Maidenpool). Also, they could have moved in increments. While they likely had to get out/flee, they were likely powerful enough to make others wary. I'm guessing that the Gardeners and Peakes wouldn't necessarily want to risk warfare/losses as long as it was clear that the Manderlys were on their way out.
  7. Lord of Brewtown

    House Staunton

    I'm not sure I'd classify them as a 'major' house. Maybe for the Crownlands, since they don't seem to have the actual population/resources of other regions. Just my opinion, but even in the past, I wouldn't necessarily have classified them as any "greater" than the Mooten's (who actually seem more minor for the Trident Lords) or the Locke's, Flints, Caswell's, Errol's. Also, looking at the map: even though in are in the KL neighborhood, how much did we really hear about Duskendale/Rykker's up until Roose ordered the march on Duskendale? GRRM can't mention every lord. Also, everything is given to us from a POV - those POV characters are human/may forget or omit information, or have different opinion as to what is important or worth mentioning (or even make "factual" mistakes/be misled). I could easily see the Staunton's not really knowing who to support, and trying to stay out of the conflicts. Maybe just send a small contingent of men led by a petty lord or knight to King's Landing while reserving half or more of their strength (and I'm not sure they wouldn't top out at 1,000 troops at best). In that case, I don't think it would be surprising that they are not mentioned, as no Staunton's would have been in high command/trust type positions for anyone, or making up a majority of any forces.
  8. Lord of Brewtown

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    So, looking for thoughts/opinions: who would you view as generally the strongest/most powerful/influential of these Northern Houses: Ryswell, Flint of Widow's Watch, Hornwood, Cerwyn. I view them as generally being a step below the Manderlys, Boltons, Dustins, Umbers and Karstarks. Maybe others have different opinions; but I'd be interested on if anyone thinks 1 of those 4 belongs on another tier, or if they are about equal. Hornwood/Cerwyn don't have as much documented history/may be younger; but, seem to be pretty prominently mentioned in infantry counts/battles - though that may just be because their Lords were younger/in their primes so more apt to be willing to fight and stationed closer to Winterfell so more easily able to marshall levies. Ryswells have a couple of fairly recent favorable marriage ties (Bolton, Dustin). Flint past marriages to Stark (assuming from this branch of Flint).
  9. Lord of Brewtown

    House Staunton

    I am inclined to think that House Staunton is still around - even if they haven't been mentioned. It may just be that they currently have a passive Lord - maybe he's old, or a minor, or the Lady of the house holds power/is widowed. With all of the turmoil during the the War of the 5 Kings and after - it could very well make sense for shrewd Lords to hold back any commitment. Honestly, look at the Hightower's - there really isn't much mention of them Marching with the Tyrells/Renly at all. Or it could be a play similar to Walder Frey during Robert's rebellion.
  10. Lord of Brewtown

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    Agree with this. Regarding power of the houses: maybe I'm misreading some people's opinions, but I think its important to stress how that can change substantially from generation to generation, being dependent upon: military capacity, finances/money, marriages/other relationships & titles. Note that titles, military commands/appointments and marriage ties are all heavily dependent on the age of the Lord (and/or children), and some military appointments can be dependent on ability/skill - which may build up house reputation and carry over for a generation or 2. At the time just before their banishment, I think the Manderly's and Peakes were probably the 2 preeminent powers in the Reach. The Gardeners were suffering from lack of leadership. While the Hightower's are traditionally easily the #2 power, they also seem to traditionally be a bit standoffish (Dance of Dragons notwithstanding). I'm guessing that during this period, the Hightowers really weren't "flexing" their power much, and the Manderlys and Peakes stepped into the void, and were able to build up their power/influence to the point where they were approaching or exceeding the levels of Hightower (maybe even approaching from a military perspective - at least close enough to be wary of even if not on the same level). What I'd really like to know - the exact map locations of Dunstonbury and Starpike. Howe close to each other are they? The Peake's are mentioned as Marcher lords - does this put them in the Dornish Marches close to Horn Hill or Nightsong? Are they further North? Where along the Mander is Dunstonbury? Is it in the Northern Reach (past Bitterbridge?), nearer to the Sunset Sea/Shields, or somewhere in between?
  11. Lord of Brewtown

    Castle Darry Location

    That makes sense. However, I wonder how far north their lands extend? We really don't know much about who controls most of the Riverlands that run alongside the Kingsroad and border the Vale - do we?
  12. Lord of Brewtown

    Mistakes in the Books

    The mistakes really don't bother me so much - especially since the chapters have always been written from a POV character. I just view it as that character misremembering a fact or forgetting a name, etc. After all, it's not like any of us know everything or remember all details perfectly, and we've probably all heard friends, family, coworkers say something wrong/mis-state something but still understood what they were trying to convey. So, yes - as someone who loves the world, family trees, etc of Westerns, I'd love all that to be consistent and error-free; but, I don't think it's that big of a deal.
  13. Lord of Brewtown

    Discussing the Successor Shows

    Not sure if there's another thread with possible ideas. I would like to see series around: The great and tragic friendship of Ser Desmond Mcallister and Lord Loron Greyjoy: Not many constraints around this compared to some ideas. Pros: Could potentially be a much shorter series, no dragons (budget wise). Cons: Might require water locations (budget) The Peake/Manderly Feud, Exile of House Manderly and Emigration to the North: Again, not tied down based on current material. Can span multiple years depending on when the show starts. Fans of current show get to see some older Tyrells, and introduced to Gardeners. I don't really see any cons to this. Age of Heroes: Something with Bran the Builder, Garth Greenhand, Lann the Clever and/or Durran Godsgrief. Cons: maybe too far flung to incorporate all of them together? Blackwood/Bracken Feud: Maybe something on this feud. Pros are that you can choose any of several time periods from the story, and it may not require lavish sets/budget. Nymeria/Rhoyne: I think this might be better if it started with them about to land in Dorne. Maybe with a flashback in episode 1 or 2 of of the defeat of Garin, and some other flashbacks of the journey to Dorne (flashbacks could be kind of Highlander style). Then focus on how she allies with Mors Martell and takes over Dorne. Andal Invasion: Focusing on the Vale probably works best here. This might be too war/battle themed budget wise to work. However, could work if focusing on the politics of the first men eventually banding together, and then the Andals being forced to do the same.
  14. Lord of Brewtown

    How would you rate episode 601?

    This is becoming a huge problem as they stray more from the books. Characters' personalities and motivations are completely different than in previous episodes out of nowhere. It would be one thing if the characters developed slowly or were triggered. But, they just change. It's like a comic book or bad soap. Stannis was a great general, but gets routed by psycho Ramsey. The Sand Snakes get revenge for Killing a Martell by Killing more Martells? The fleet in Meeren was burned why exactly? As good as the show was the first few seasons, it has been mediocre at best the last 11 episodes.
  15. Lord of Brewtown

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    Cersei/High Septon, and Jon's departure scene worked. Everything else was OK to bad. The attack on Sam/Gilly seemed unnecessary to me, and the Ramsey/Sansa scene's this week certainly only reinforced that last week's episode didn't need to have been portrayed that way. Sand Snake scenes weren't as bad as the previous ones (though that's not saying much). Mereen/Jorah/Tyrion scenes were just OK. I give this episode a 4. First five episodes of this season were all better. Not as horrible as last week; but, in general this has been a good show, and this episode really was sub-par compared to all the others.