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  1. Lord of Brewtown

    Your biggest what if?

    Two what if's I find intriguing that others have mentioned: What if Ned had sent Loras along with Beric to arrest Her Gregor? and.. What if Steffon Baratheon hadn't died at sea? However, for me the biggest is: What if Robb had sent Cat to negotiate with Stannis instead of Renly?
  2. Lord of Brewtown

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    I gave it a 5. It just didn't feel very fulfilling to me. A lot of years of buildup for a pretty formulaic/predictible ending. As others said, I thought the darkness/not being able to see a lot of battle scenes and pacing were negatives. Big problems with the plot - that nobody would have thought about all the dead people in the crypts, or the need to burn the 'friendly' dead if possible. I would have expected several rings/layers of fire, or oil type traps outside of Winterfell. As others said - where did Bran go exactly? Were the crows supposed to make us think he was scouting or luring the Night King in? In reality, if the army of the dead had any brains, they would be laying siege to Winterfell and starving them out or waiting for fuel for fire to run out. For show/entertainment purposes, I can let some of those go - but all? On top of all of this, really only minor characters died - all the main ones survived (not that I wanted to see anyone die - but, what made the great up to this point was the unpredictability. What I could see of some of the battle scenes were good. I rather liked the Theon/Ironborn scenes in the Godswood. However, I don't think this was better than Blackwater or Castle Black, or even last year's Jaime vs Dany tilt.
  3. Lord of Brewtown

    Ranking the houses power in each region

    Not too late, it's a fictional league, & I'm still setting up/re-organizing to get the fictional names generated to the correct teams (example don't want Bolton's on Winterfell unless they have high greed or low loyalty character traits, or are 'rookies' = squiring or a ward). I did end up replacing Greenstone with the Rainwood Blue Storm (House Wylde seems to have more historical mentions), and Pinkmaiden with the Harrenhal Bats (I'm picking a starting point with team owners from roughly the 220-230 AC period, and House Lothston held Harrenhal for a pretty good stretch). I'm sticking with Seaguard in the Isles because I like the rivalry concept vs those teams, and once I get past House Drumm, the other houses are either a bit too small and/or don't have a compelling name combo. What I can really still use are suggestions for some names: specifically Ironoaks (House Waynwood). Black Wheels is kind of meh. I almost replaced them with the Old Anchor Mud Hooks for name alone, but House Melcolm has had zero mentions in the books. Am open to better names for Redfort (Highlanders), Heart's Home (Deceivers), Gulltown (Flames), Rills (Outriders), and Starpike (Orange Cloaks) as well. 'Insert color here" Cloaks may have to be my fallback similar to White Sox/Red Sox in MLB here if I can't come up with something better.
  4. Lord of Brewtown

    Joffrey becomes King unopposed, what does his reign look like?

    So, the question here - with Robert, Stannis, Renly, Jon Arryn, Varys, and Littlefinger dead, and Eddard & the Starks now happy to stay in the North - is does Tywin do something to delay Joffrey's age of majority, believing he can shape or mold him, or even attempt to bypass him somehow (accident, or send him to the Citadel). Because, Joffrey's reign is most likely another Maegor the Cruel, and I think Tywin would see that and realize the perilous position it puts House Lannister in. In theory, Tywin could try to appoint a small council loyal to him, and make Joffrey more of a puppet, try to keep him happy/occupied with things that he can't screw up too much. The problem is, that Joff is too much of a wild card, and would eventually either issue an order that screws things up or get pissed at another important Lord for no good reason. And no matter how loyal the small council/court is to Tywin, someone will see an opportunity by following Joff's commands instead. I think Tywin finds a way where Joff eliminates himself. It may be as simple as allowing Joff to play the part of champion in a trial by combat, or lead an ill-fated mission against a rebellion of some kind with minimal Kingsguard support - or the support of those who would easily look the other way or be slow to act (Blount, Trant, Moore). Then Tywin gets Tommen on the throne, who he can mold as desired.
  5. Lord of Brewtown

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Arya: "Tom Boy" by Bettie Serveert "From where I stand, I can see, they've got the upper hand on me. Reminds me of this world at last, simply changes much too fast for me. And when they call out, will I hear them? And when they fall out, will I see them? This yellow light, on the crowd, and colors way too loud to see, Reveal their drive, we could change it, try to rearrange it. They call me a tom boy, and I let them Cause only a tom boy, could forget them, and simply change it They call me a tom boy, and I love it Cause only a tom boy, could stand above it, by simply changing"
  6. Lord of Brewtown

    Minor/offscreen characters you want to see more of

    Disagree. For me, the breadth of characters and minor houses is part of what makes the story great. I would like to see more of many of the characters others have listed: Jason Mallister, Edric Dayne, Rolland Storm, Forley Prester, Shella Whent, Barbrey Dustin, Andrew Estermont, Aurane Waters, Mya Stone
  7. Lord of Brewtown

    What is the dumbest house Sigil/ coat of arms.

    Agreed. I think my arms would be House Flint of Widow's Watch's eyes quartered or halved and leering at the Piper dancing maiden. Heraldry I find boring/lacking: House Peake, all the houses with a plane Pall, Chevron, etc (Coldwater, Tollett, Blacktyde, Sparr, Hardyng, Moreland). Also, the hands of Allyrion and Flint of Flint's Finger are pretty lame.
  8. Lord of Brewtown

    The Family Traditions of House Bolton (Theory)

    I don't buy into the 1 heir theory. I think it's as simple as Roose thought he had a promising heir, so just wasn't very interested in re-marrying, or was holding out on another marriage until it could prove more advantageous to him. For all we know, he could have other bastards he doesn't know about or acknowledge.
  9. Lord of Brewtown

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    For me, House Mallister. They occupy an interesting position between the Freys and the Ironborn, and although of Andal ancestry, almost seem more Northern. Others I'd like to see more of are House Dondarrion and House Dayne. In the North, House Cerwyn - how old are they? And in the Vale, House Melcolm. Like the arms, and why is Old Anchor pretty much the only stronghold shown on the known map of Westeros whose family has yet to make an appearance in any of the books? Are they lesser lords? Once great lords who have had lands taken away? Are they just notoriously reclusive/peaceful?
  10. Lord of Brewtown

    House Dondarrion?

    Do we know that his banner men were with Renly? I don't remember his banners being seen or mentioned with Renly (though I could have missed it). I thought I remember Davos saying that Blackhaven wouldn't move to Stannis with Beric being gone/away. The implication I always assumed was that House Dondarrion pretty much sat out the WO5K. We really don't know if he has brothers or uncles who are running things, or a castellan, or even if his wife to be (a Dayne) might be influencing things.
  11. Lord of Brewtown

    Best fighters in each region

    In Dorne, I think Daemon Sand and Ser Gerold Dayne can probably match up with/be included in a top 10 list of anyone left alive after ADWD. I also think Ser Archibald Yronwood and Areo Hotah are formidable. Jason Mallister should be included along with Brynden Tully amongst river lords. Mallister seems to have a good tourny rep and backed that up with impressive showings on the Trident and the Greyjoy rebellion in true combat situations. However, both may be a little old to be truly elite after ADWD (especially Brynden). I think some of the people listed we don't really have proof for. Randyll Tarly for instance - he's probably one of the finest commanders in Westeros; but, there's no proof that he's someone you'd want to choose in a Trial by Combat. Similarly, I feel like Bronze Yohn is probably not in his prime any more/a little too old to be considered elite. Andrik the Unsmiling is noted as the best in the Isles. Victarion, Ser Herras, and Qarl the Maid are probably the next best. In the Stormlands, Ser Richard Horpe is a candidate.
  12. Lord of Brewtown

    What's Up with House Melcolm?

    While I agree that they were likely retconned/GRRM forgot or changed his mind - that's not entirely what I'm getting at (nor is it as fun). Even in all the other examples that you cite, there is at least 1 minor mention of a character (past or present) or visual of the house's arms (e.g. Igon Vyrwel is the Captain of Guards at Highgarden, Benedict Broom MAA at Casterly Rock, House Serret colors seen at Battle of the Green Fork and Maidenpool, Hersy at Tyrions trial at the Eyrie). So really, even with changes or oversights by GRRM, the Melcolm's seem to be somewhat unique in their complete lack of any mention, yet still having their House Seat appear on sanctioned maps. They are a 'blank slate' to write about for GRRM/and us to speculate on. And of course, GRRM can always write them back in (though maybe he won't). So, when (or if) he does, what do you think their role would be? I'd rule out being a newer house, based on the arms matching the name of their seat, and I'm guessing it's been there a while based on the name. At this point, a role of lesser lord or landed Knight might be more probable since the other major houses have all been mentioned. In that case, being sworn to Runestone seems unlikely, as the houses sworn to them have been frequently mentioned. Vassals of House Waynwood or Hunter could make sense based on the map, or they could be lesser lords sworn to the Arryn's (similar in stature to a House Locke). Or Maybe they were demoted at some point similar to House Swyft. If you were writing for GRRM, or had to guess their ultimate role - what would it be?
  13. Lord of Brewtown

    What's Up with House Melcolm?

    So, as GRRM has written more and more, we' had at least some scraps of information about almost all of the great lords and many minor houses. Is House Melcolm now the most mysterious house in Westeros? They seem to be the only house mentioned left that has a chance at being somewhat powerful that hasn't been mentioned yet (other than Game of Thrones appendix). On published maps, about the only other strongholds shown with as little info is maybe Dyre Den. Almost every other major house or principal bannerman has either had their arms spotted in battle or in scenes, or we know of 1-2 historical family members/knights/lords. The Vale and Dorne probably get less coverage than the other regions; but, we know more of the Dornish houses and even the sigil of Hersy is spotted by Tyrion before his Trial by combat in the Eyrie. So, are they just petty lords? If so, why do they make maps, while some great Lords keeps don't (Stone Hedge, Raventree Hall, or even Ninestars or Newkeep in the Vale)? Are they still around? Are they perhaps fairly new ('Old' Anchor seems to imply a fairly old holdfast...)? That could explain why no mention of them in the Dance or Blackfyre rebellions, or Andal invasion. Are they maybe somewhat of a thorn in the side of the Arryns - like the Boltons, Freys, Reyne's, Florents, Tarbecks? That could explain why they don't send a suitor after Lysa.
  14. Lord of Brewtown

    Ranking the houses power in each region

    Thanks. I always screw up Orkmont/Orkwood. I've gone back and forth on Harrenhal (if I should use/and if so what arms for uniforms). Thought about Hoare for Harrenhal; but, that kind of screws up geography of divisions. Like the Unbroken for Sunspear! I think my last spots were probably Darry, Piper, Estermont, Banefort, Vaith. Any Omitted Houses that you'd replace any of them with (after Harrenhal)?
  15. Lord of Brewtown

    Ranking the houses power in each region

    So, looking for some help here. Creating a fictional OOTP baseball league based on Westeros. Game allows you to change name generation file and cities/countries. 8 divisions of 8 teams - I'm generally looking for the 8 best houses to use from each region - taking some liberties based on names/what works. So, who am I missing, or should I replace with another house (team/owner), or home park? Or move divisions? Team/House/Ballpark: North: 1) Winterfell Direwolves/Stark/Ice Park, 2) Weeping Water Flayers/Bolton/Dreadfort, 3) White Harbor Mermen/Manderly/Fishfoot Yard, 4) Barrowtown Blades/Dustin/Barrow Hall, 5) Last Hearth Giants/Umber/Chainbreaker Park, 6) Karhold Northstars/Karstark/Karlon Field, 7) Deepwood Gauntlets/Glover/Deepwood Motte, 8) Rills Outriders(?)/Ryswell/Blaze Creek Bridge(?) Vale: 1) Eyrie Falcons/Arryn/Moon Door, 2) Runestone Warlocks/Royce/Lamentation Park, 3) Gulltown Flames(?)/Grafton/Fire Tower Park(?), 4) Heart's Home Deceivers/Corbray/Lady Forlorn Field, 5) Longbow Arrows/Hunter/Longbow Hall, 6) Redfort Highlanders/Redfort/Strongstone Park, 7) Strongsong Silver Bells/Belmore/Glacial Flow Park, 8) Ironoaks Black Wheels/Waynwood/??? Trident: 1) Riverrun Trout/Tully/Two Rivers Field, 2) Green Fork Twins/Frey/Ballpark at the Crossing, 3) Blackwood Ravens/Blackwood/Raventree Hall, 4) Stone Hedge Stallions/Bracken/Stone Hedge Field(?), 5) Wayfarer's Rest Lookouts/Vance/???, 6) Maidenpool Sockeyes/Mooton/Jonquil's Tower, 7) Darry Plowmen/Darry/Plowman's Keep, 8) Pinkmaiden Dancers/Piper/??? Iron Isles: 1) Pyke Krakens/Greyjoy/Bloody Keep, 2) Harlaw Reapers/Harlaw/Ten Towers(?), 3) Hammerhorn Blasters/Goodbrother/Hardstone Park, 4) Old Wyk Necromancers/Drumm/Red Rain Park, 5) Seaguard Eagles/Mallister/Booming Tower, 6) Greywater Lizards/Reed/Moat Cailin, 7) Fair Isle Silver Ships/Farman/Faircastle, 8) Orkwood Raiders/Hoare/???? Rock: 1) Lannisport Lions/Lannister/Casterly Rock, 2) Castamere Red Cats/Reyne/The Mineshaft(?), 3) Crakehall Brindled Boars/Crakehall/Fierce Field, 4) Hornvale Unicorns/Brax/???, 5) Golden Tooth Nuggets(?)/Lefford/???, 6) Ashemark Smokejumpers/Marbrand/???, 7) Silverhill Peacocks/Serrett/???, 8) Banefort Hooded Men/Banefort/???? Reach: 1) Highgarden Florists/Gardener/Three Singers Park, 2) Oldtown Beacons/Hightower/Vigilance Park, 3) Arbor Vintners/Redwyne/Ryamsport Field, 4) Old Oak Leafs/Oakheart/Deeproots Park, 5) Goldengrove Rangers/Rowan/Northmarch Park, 6) Horn Hill Huntsmen/Tarly/Heartsbane Park, 7) Brightwater Foxes/Florent/Brightwater Keep, 8) Starpike Orange Cloaks/Peake/???? Stormlands: 1) Storm's End Stags/Durrandon/Godsgrief Park, 2) King's Landing Dragons/Targaryen/The Red Keep, 3) Driftmark Tides/Velaryon/High Tide Park, 4) Tarth Evenstars/Tarth/Evenfall Hall, 5) Blackhaven Lightning/Dondarrion/???, 6) Stonehelm Swans/Swann/Slayne Park, 7) Duskendale Diamonds/Darklyn/Dun Fort, 8) Greenstone Turtles/Estermont/???, Dorne: 1) Sunspear Rebels (Unbrokens?)/Martell/Old Palace, 2) Yronwood Guardians (Royals?)/Yronwood/Boneway Yard, 3) Skyreach Blue Hawks/Fowler/Prince's Pass Park, 4) Starfall Comets/Dayne/Dawn Park, 5) Sandstone Scorpions/Qorgyle/Deep Dunes, 6) Brimstone Blaze/Uller/The Hellholt, 7) Red Dunes Leopards/Vaith/Vaith Field, 8) Nightsong Nightingales/Caron/Singing Towers Others considered/final cuts: Widow's Watch Whitecaps/Flint, Bear Island Cubs/Mormont, White Knife Executioners/Cerwyn, Feastfires Oxen/Prester, Deep Den Badgers/Lydden, Sharp Point Swordfish/Bar Emmon, Cape Wrath Griffins/Connington, Rainwood Blue Storm/Wylde, Blackmont Vultures, Kingsgrave Assassins/Manwoody