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  1. I presume you've read Tim Powers? In Tigana one of the 'villains' gets a spotlight. A little too much of it for some readers actuallly *coughsympatheticmindrapistcough* Tigana is nice book to test a reader about his stance on nacionalism (especialy ironic considering it's based on pre-(re)unification Italy)
  2. Of course it does (haven't read it).
  3. I thought that Ysabel one was the weakest; but haven't read the latest (don't particularly care about China)
  4. Sarantanium is also like that.
  5. Read Sarantium. Warning : Larger than life characters.
  6. Well those iberian muslims doctors were pretty radical/innovative in their approaches. It could have happened. Of course the silly bugger would probably die afterwards.
  7. I can happily say that Ysabel didn't remind me of Fionovar at all, except for some characters THAT SHOULD HAVE KEPT THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. And a certain boar. But I associate that with the Sarantine books. Repeat after me... there is no Fionovar Tapestry.
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