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  1. As predicted, filling precincts with nazis paid off to the scum at the top of the republican party. Now you only have dictatorship or civil war. Don't say you weren't warned folks and good luck.
  2. Blue dogs gonna blue dog. Don't expect those traitors to resist even a little bit to the hardening fascism.
  3. Imagine supporting Bloomberg 'I'm a racist republican billionaire' for anything much less against the well deserved punishment billionaires deserve.
  4. 'fundamental humanist bullshit' yet another nazi for my ignore list
  5. She's always slow, it's why i recommend reading her shorts first. Concentrated KJ Parker is the best intro drug.
  6. I presume you've read Tim Powers? In Tigana one of the 'villains' gets a spotlight. A little too much of it for some readers actuallly *coughsympatheticmindrapistcough* Tigana is nice book to test a reader about his stance on nacionalism (especialy ironic considering it's based on pre-(re)unification Italy)
  7. Of course it does (haven't read it).
  8. I thought that Ysabel one was the weakest; but haven't read the latest (don't particularly care about China)
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