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  1. Shryke

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Yup. Race warrior. Called it.
  2. Shryke

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    I think they are fishing for a test case that Kennedy likes.
  3. Shryke

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    I've seen the non-major media covering this a lot. The IG report tries really hard to softball it but the evidence presented is damning. The FBI staged a soft-coup to keep Clinton from power. The FBI is not fully accountable to the DOJ but also and above that to a fraternity of former agents who have both access to classified information and use that power to organize for political ends.
  4. Shryke

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    As usual though, especially because a core Conservative principle is projection, the argument itself is very revealing about the thoughts and motives of the author. Specifically their obsessive concern with religious, racial and cultural dominance. Got a race warrior all up in here.
  5. Because people demand change eventually. The more things are bad for them, the more they demand it. And certian things in Ontario (see - power) have been pretty bad lately. So basically people turned to the "anyone but the Liberals" option. Which for a lot of Ontario is the PC party because they hate the NDP because for some reason Bob Rae is satan.
  6. Nah, he's thinking "I'm dealing with a fucking rube. This might be even easier then I thought!" He's gonna have a one on one meeting with the guy, no handlers. And Trump cares only about his own ego, his own pocketbook and his image in the press. Kim can easily wrangle at least Trump publicly saying he's gonna give real concessions to North Korea in exchange for empty words, some bribes and a few "good" photo ops.
  7. Also, your latest update on how current US immigration is a crime against humanity, from Trump right on down to the lowliest jackbooted racist thug in border services: https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2018/06/09/borderseparations/Z95z4eFZjyfqCLG9pyHjAO/story.html
  8. Kind of. Trump is a cause and symptom in that Trump basically exploited the division between the base and the Republican establishment to steal the nomination out from under the party's control. (PS - this is why primaries like the US has can be very dangerous) Just regarding foreign policy and US hegemony, Trump's antics are in line with standard US populist rhetoric, especially on the right. But that has always been at odds with what the interest groups who usually actually direct US foreign policy want. Because of that previously this was never really an issue. But now the GOP has elected themselves a populist who's views are the same as their base's and put him in a position where the party establishment and/or Congress has no control over him. So he's pushing the populist vision of american foreign policy. Who's inevitable result, if it continues long enough unchecked, is the destruction of american hegemony.
  9. When it comes to international economic policy, Trump doesn't really have a policy agenda so much as a driving series of personal failings and beliefs. In no particular order: - Corruption and graft. Trump is all about making money by abusing his position. - Protectionism and dominance. Trump doesn't understand mutually beneficial relationships or alliances. Or trade. He thinks only in terms of winners and losers and thinks of the US as being the god-king natio of the world that should get anything it wants cause if not we will destroy you. So if the US is in his mind not getting 100% of the benefits of a deal, they are getting screwed and he's mad about it. - Authoritarianism. Trump believes in the idea of both himself and america as wielding absolute power and crushing those that stand in his way and he admires other world leaders that he perceives as doing that and is jealous of them. - Flattery. Trump loves flattery. This is the other big reason he loves authoritarians. They know how to put on the pomp and circumstances and crush any hint of dissent. - Russia.Trump is deep in bed with the Russians and easily influenced. - Lack of self control. Trump just says shit because he's an idiot who can't control himself or stop himself from bullshitting and lying all the time. What this all leads to is what we are seeing now with economic policy and the like: Trump attacking allies because he thinks that trade deals are bad for the US because the US might possibly be not benefiting on every level and because the other nations aren't servile enough. Trump starting trade wars over this because he thinks trade wars are easy to win. Trump talking up Russia. Etc, etc.
  10. BTW, Senator Merkley finally got in to that ICE facility to see the Trump Admin's current favourite crime against humanity: Children separated from their parents and then caged like animals.
  11. They had some great tweets this morning about deporting "MS-13 animals" (cause they are still pushing that lie) and about how many deportations they've done and all that shit. And of course they are still separating children from their parents. It's pretty obvious at this point that the economic argument is bullshit. Trump's biggest appeal is on the immigration issue and for the right in america the immigration issue is wholly and solely about the infliction of brutality and suffering on The Other.
  12. This was the only result you were gonna see. The real election was winning the PC leadership race. The Liberals had gotten long in the tooth and people wanted "change". And it ain't gonna be the NDP because far too many people in Ontario still hold on to their unexplainable and utterly irrational white hot burning hatred for Bob Rae.
  13. I don't think that's more likely at all. One of McConnell's chief goals is packing the federal courts.
  14. The fact that Civil Rights struggles of the 20th century apparently passed you like a ship in the night kind of explains a lot honestly.
  15. It makes sense once you understand that it's not about change vs not-change, it's about "benefiting white men" vs "benefiting other people, potentially at the expense of white men". Trump will shake things up by making american great (read - white) again. That's good. Obama will shake things up by changing things towards more equality or more liberal or something. That's bad.