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  1. Because people demand change eventually. The more things are bad for them, the more they demand it. And certian things in Ontario (see - power) have been pretty bad lately. So basically people turned to the "anyone but the Liberals" option. Which for a lot of Ontario is the PC party because they hate the NDP because for some reason Bob Rae is satan.
  2. This was the only result you were gonna see. The real election was winning the PC leadership race. The Liberals had gotten long in the tooth and people wanted "change". And it ain't gonna be the NDP because far too many people in Ontario still hold on to their unexplainable and utterly irrational white hot burning hatred for Bob Rae.
  3. Shryke

    Feminism -- A continuing discussion

    PUAs are absolutely misogynistic as fuck and their entire schtick is "we'll get you laid" while they teach you to dehumanize women. And making a horrible website is more then enough. It's how people get involved in this shit. You create a community and you bring people into it and then you teach them how to view the world, both overtly and through social pressure. It's why and how the PUAs are very much part of this whole sphere. They teach men the same kind of worldview and sometimes lead them into crazier corners of the whole movement.
  4. Shryke

    Feminism -- A continuing discussion

    The thing with Incel types, especially if you were paying attention to them years ago back when r/Incel was still a thing and they mostly weren't noticed unless you were reading shit about the "Men's Rights" movement (ie - basically the alt-right's misogyny wing), is that yeah, they are mostly kinda sadsack types. Especially at the start. They are guys who, while they probably have some sexist ideas already to one degree to another, are mostly just lonely or feel inadequate because they can't live up to how they perceive their life should be. And so like a ton of people out there, they find an online community that speaks to those needs and takes them in. The problem is that said groups in this case turn real nasty and most importantly here, serve as a vector for radicalization. They take these lonely bastards in and they help slowly shape their ideology and it can go anywhere from just regular old horrible sexism to terrorist violence. And of course if Incel isn't your preferred flavour, there's several other options for being indoctrinated into some real nasty misogyny. All of them have or had Reddits too! PS - the guy in Toronto seems to have very likely been targeting women at this point
  5. They are easy to confuse so just remember: Rob Ford was the crack addict, Doug Ford is the crack dealer.
  6. Shryke

    So, Toys R Us Closing...

    I agree with both your posts. I'm not in favour of protecting TRU here or retail in general. I'm just saying we need to be honest about the role played by the leveraged buyout here, how that effects the outcome of this (especially who gets paid and who gets fucked) and how the collapse itself impacts a LOT of people's lives in very negative ways that didn't necessarily have to happen to this extent without the intervention of the financial industry. And that this situation reflects a larger issue with how the american economy (and other economies too to greater and lesser extents) is operating on a larger scale. Basically, this situation didn't need to go down this way if at all and as it does I don't see one crappy retail chain going down, I see a whole lot of working class losers and a small number of very rich winners. Also, zero nostalgia for TRU from me. We never really shopped there when I was young. Been in there more times as a parent getting baby stuff then I ever was in as a kid. Hopefully the buyout of TRU Canada goes through, the stores are useful up here.
  7. Shryke

    So, Toys R Us Closing...

    Less and not all at once in an economy where retail is struggling. Your original post wanted to make this about "one crappy retail chain". But it's not. It's about a TON of people losing their jobs all at once. And all because the financial sector has been busting out retail stores for profit at the expense of working class people. But hey, I'm sure it's easier to just pretend this is only about Amazon and that no one will suffer because of it.
  8. Shryke

    So, Toys R Us Closing...

    Have you read the rest of the thread? Of course the people busting the place out are not gonna admit they are what killed the store.
  9. Shryke

    So, Toys R Us Closing...

    No, it's 33,000 people without jobs.
  10. Shryke

    So, Toys R Us Closing...

    Not really. Toys R Us was still doing fairly solid afaik. Turning a profit, they had something like 20% of the toy market. There's no reason they should have gone under. Except, you know, Bain Capital. Who snapped up TRU in a leveraged buyout like 12 years back or something in that range and loaded like 5 billion dollars worth of extra debt onto the company, the servicing of which basically ate their profits. Romney's buddy Dave Brandon was also running the place, which is always bad news since his specialty is running things into the ground. TRU was certainly impacted by Amazon but what killed the company was Romney-style financial industry fuckery. They bought the place on loan, ran up the stores credit and now they gonna loot the place. It's a bust out but it's legal.
  11. Yeah, the thing you always heard about Rob Ford was that he was popular in his district because he was very good at giving people the impression he cared and was doing something for them. So no matter what stupid shit he got up to, they still backed him. I don't see this shit working for his brother at the provincial level though. He's gonna have to rely on the other Ford special of appealing to idiot conservatives.
  12. The Canadian right-wing has been in a long slow slide towards being just like the american right-wing in kind, just less awful in degree. Alot of them really want to be Republicans for some reason.
  13. And he still has a good chance of winning because the Liberals have shit a lot of beds and voters are morons. It's too bad the NDP are just ... not even a factor as of now. Goddamn fucking idiots. And yet, the same as always with these people.
  14. AFAIK domestic violence has a huge correlation with these shootings.